SEVILLA - ITMB MAP (9783829730792)


SEVILLA - ITMB MAP (9783829730792)
Aux Quatre Points Cardinaux
551, rue Ontario Est,
Montréal QC
H2L 1N8
Tel.: 514 843-8116
Toll free: 1 888 843-8116
Fax: 514 843-9644
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SEVILLA - ITMB MAP (9783829730792)
Product description
SCALE 1:15,000
Laminated map
The optimum holiday maps for exploring, sight-seeing, shopping and much more. The handy, pocket
format is easy to use and carry on your trip. The laminated finish means the map is waterproof,
durable and tear-resistant. The detailed scale shows even the smallest streets and it includes an
extensive street index.
Price : $8.95
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