The Response to “Obsession”


The Response to “Obsession”
A film by
Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
The Response to “Obsession”
Special Jury Award
‘Obsession’ is a superbly made documentary that should propel every American into action.
For those people who don't understand the threat posed by Radical Islam, and especially for
those people who do understand the threat – ‘Obsession’ demonstrates in the clearest
possible terms that we must stand up and defend our way of life. ‘Obsession’ is a landmark
film that impacts in a way that speeches, books and editorials are just not breaking through
to a nation in denial.
Mary Matalin
Former Assistant to the President,
Counselor to Vice President
& Political Strategist and Commentator
The Response to “Obsession”
‘Obsession’ is one of the most powerful, expertly crafted and undeniably important films I've
seen this year. This courageous, utterly gripping exposé deserves the attention of every
American -- and merits serious consideration for the Academy Award for Best Feature
Length Documentary.
Michael Medved
Nationally syndicated radio host,
film critic, and "Eye on Entertainment"
This is the film the enemy doesn't want you to see. ‘Obsession’ lays bare the true nature of
the threat from radical Islam, and the true intentions of those who embrace it: expansion of
their heinous ideology by the sword. This film takes an unblinking look at their past, current,
and even more frightening, future actions. For your security and the security of the country,
‘Obsession’ is a must-see.
Monica Crowley
MSNBC Anchor and Host of the Monica
Crowley Show", Westwood One Radio
Viewing this documentary should hereafter be considered a prerequisite for participating in
the debate about the national security challenges we face, and what must be done to address
The full dimensions of that War for the Free World are laid bare in ‘Obsession’ from an
extraordinary array of sources.
Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
President of the Center for Security Policy
and a columnist for The Washington Times
[Obsession] shocked the audience with its carefully constructed, objective, and fact-based
examination of radical Islam today.
“Powerful” would be an understatement in describing the impact of this film.
Drew Mcweeny
’Obsession’, is one of the most riveting films I have seen about the roots of the struggle the
civilized world now faces.
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Nationally syndicated columnist.
Also editor in chief of The American Spectator
and an adjunct scholar at the Hudson Institute
The Response to “Obsession”
[Obsession] is a brilliant assemblage of archival footage of radical Islamic barbarities
perpetrated across the globe… ‘Obsession’ is indeed a wake up message to a sleeping
American public cowed by fear and menace by radical Islamists in our midst. And yes, the
film is distressing that such hate, incitement and barbarity flourishes in the 21st century. But
the film rouses the American public into concerted action then it will have served a vital and
important purpose.
Jerry Gordon
Former U.S. Military Intelligence officer and Middle
East Affairs analyst for American Congress for Truth
Those who think it's possible to negotiate with terrorists will have their worldview shaken,
and those who think they understand the enemy will learn something new about how deeply
true hatred can run. The sold out 800-seat auditorium was almost completely silent during
the film, except for the occasional disbelieving gasp or saddened murmur.
Joe Mariani
Guardian WatchBlog, American Daily,,,
The Conservative Voice,
‘Obsession’ is both scary and riveting! Each and every one of us should feel obligated to
show ‘Obsession’ to as many people as we can. ‘Obsession’ should serve as a wake-up call
to the free world to confront the threat now, before it is too late.
Joel Surnow
Executive Producer “24”
‘Obsession’ is required viewing for everyone. Especially for people who have tried to
understate or ignore the threat of Radical Islam to our national security, ‘Obsession’ shows
how real and present the danger is.
Howard Gordon
Executive Producer “24”
The United States is at war with a virulent form of Islamic fundamentalism. Al Qaeda,
Hezbollah and regimes like those in Teheran and Damascus that support them are
determined to establish a global Islamic caliphate by the end of this century. ‘Obsession’ is
revealing in its insights into the nature of the enemy and the threat it poses to the West and
to Judeo-Christian liberal values. An absolute must see for anyone who values freedom.
Earl H Tilford
Professor of History, Grove City College
Former Director of Research, US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute
The Response to “Obsession”
‘Obsession’ is a thoughtful, hard-hitting, powerful assessment and summary of Global
Jihadist ideology/strategy/tactics. The commentary of a former terrorist and a daughter of a
suicide bomber is riveting. If one already understands the Global Jihad, ‘Obsession’ affirms
and confirms understanding. If one is beginning to learn about the Global Jihad, ‘Obsession’
captures the key concepts in a high quality documentary format.
Michael J. Cohn, Ed.D.
Honorary Lt. Colonel of the Indiana State Police

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