Gerald Martin Aubertin Mary Emma (Price) Aubertin



Gerald Martin Aubertin Mary Emma (Price) Aubertin
Paternal Ancestors
Prepared by Their Parents:
Gerald Martin Aubertin
Mary Emma (Price) Aubertin
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
March 2007
by sections
S e c t i o n 1
Comments & Caveats
Filles a Marier (Marriageable Girls)
Filles du Roi (Daughters of the King)
Variant Surname Spellings
Dit Names (Aliases)
Hyphenated Surnames
Ancestral Occupations
Long-lived Ancestors
Reasons for Multiple Marriages
Prolific Ancestresses
Multiple Marriages
S e c t i o n 3
Individuals in the Aubertin Lineage
Section 4
Ancestor Number, Individual's Name, & Source of Information
Section 5
Index of Lineage Numbers, Names, & Ancestor Chart Locations
for the Ancestors of David Michael Aubertin
Section 6
Ancestor Charts
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Comprehensive Reference List for Aubertin Biographical Pages
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Supporting Documents
This document is an abbreviated summary of the known ancestors of DAVID MICHAEL
It is comprised of 106 Ancestral Charts pages representing 838 direct, paternal ancestors; a list of
Variant Surname Spellings known to exist in the lineage; a list of the "Filles a Marier" (i.e.,
Marriageable Girls) who became part of the lineage; a list of Multiple Marriages occurring within
the lineage; a summary of Individuals in the Aubertin Lineage by family groups; a list of
Ancestor Number, Individual's Name, & Sources of Information; and an Index of Lineage
Numbers, Names & Ancestor Chart Locations.
A great deal of time & effort has been expended in an attempt to verify the accuracy of the data
presented. Even so, the possibility of one or more data entries being in error can not be ruled out.
When possible, different sources of the information/data have been compared. Where
discrepancies existed, the data most consistent with known data were included in this data base.
We have been fortunate to be able to extend the lineage as far back as indicated, mainly due to the
extensive records preserved by the Catholic Church, & French Archives.
Users of these data (and any genealogy data) should do so with some reservation. The data may or
may not be germane to one's lineage even though names & dates appear to fit. It is a known fact
that our ancestors often had very large families, not infrequently with more than one spouse; given
names were often repeated within a family & between nearby families; changes in family names (as
aliases, dit names, AKA (Also Known AS), phonetic pronunciations/spellings, by personal choice,
etc.) occurred all too often; dates are often "approximate" due to reliance on faulty memory; &
some data have never been checked for consistency & logic (i.e., it is highly unlikely that an
individual was born after he/she died -- was married before being born or after death -- had
children before being born or long after death). All of these situations, & many others have been
encountered in various genealogy documents.
One problem, specific to this lineage, involving an erroneous translation/interpretation of a key
ancestral document regarding the parentage of Nicolas Bertin(Hobertin)(Aubertin) & the place of
birth of Jean-Baptiste Bertin(Hobertin)(Aubertin) must be mentioned.
Numerous genealogists have been using an erroneous interpretation of LDS "Microfilm 1226989.
Registres paroissiaux, 1612-1792. Eglise catholique. Paroisse d'Avesnes-sur-Helpe (Nord)" to prove
that Jean-Baptiste Hobertin(Bertin)(Aubertin), son of Nicolas Bertin and Claire Janot, came from
Grand Fay (Grand-Fayt, Nord), parish St.-Michel, diocese of Cambrai, France.
The above microfilm contains the Act of Marriage, for the date of 26 September 1669, for
Antoine Estienne, son of Martin Estienne of (Mambournie), and Marie Magdaleine Bertin,
daughter of Marcq Bertin. This latter name has been misinterpreted as Martal! Among the
witnesses to the marriage was Nicolas Estienne, brother of the groom. No mention was made of
Nicolas Bertin. There is nothing to suggest any connection between Marie Bertin, her father Marcq
Bertin, and Nicolas Bertin! Gilles Pepin of Boucherville, Quebec and a certified expert on old
French writings have concurred that there was no connection between this 1669 Act of Marriage and
Nicolas Bertin.
Dictionnaire genealogique des families du Quebec des origines a 1730, by Rene Jette, published by
Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1983, on page 27 states:
"AUBERTIN, Jean (Nicolas & Claire JOANNETTE) de St.-Michel du Grand-Fayt, ar. Avesnessur-Helpe, archev. Cambrai (Nord)...."
The same reference to Grand Fay, parish St.-Michel, diocese of Cambrai, France was cited in
"R.P. Archange Godbout's Nos Ancetres au XVIIe Siecle, Dictionnaire Genealogique et BioBibliographique des Families Canadiennes. Extract of the Archivist of the Province of Quebec,
Canada, for 1953-1955. Livraison I."
J.-Arthur Leboeuf, emeritus member of the Societe Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise, in his
"Complement au Dictionnaire Genealogique Tanguay", published in Montreal in 1957, states that
Jean Hobertin, son of Nicolas and Claire Janot, came from Grand Fay, Paroisse St.-Michel, eveche
de Treves (now Trier, Germany).
It is obvious there is a severe discrepancy between the two sources of information above. Grand
Fayt, diocese of Cambrai, France and Grand Fay, diocese of Treves, France are two entirely separate
places. Due to phonetical pronounciation of the French towns Grand Fayt, Grand Fay, Grand Faye,
Grand Fayet, and Grand Failly, all of which would sound like Grand Fa to an English ear, confusion
has resulted in the genealogy of Jean-Baptiste Hobertin (Aubertin).
Some information which probably clears up the above confusion was found by Jean-Marie Aubertin,
Valenciennes, France and his daughter Isabelle. They visited the archives, for Grand Failly, in Nancy,
France in May, 2001 and found the Acts of Baptism for Jeanne, daughter of Nicolas Bertin and
Clairette Jone (or Jane), baptised 6 February 1662, Grand Failly, France, and for Francois, son of
Nicolas Bertin and Clairette Jonet, baptised 22 January 1671, Grand Failly, France. This would seem
to corroborate the likelihood that Jean-Baptiste, son of Nicolas Bertin and Claire Jonet, born 28
April 1664, was a sibling of Jeanne Bertin and Francois Bertin and that Jean-Baptiste was probably
baptised in Grand Failly, diocese of Treves. The dates are all in the 1660s and the name of the
mother, if pronounced phonetically, would be the same for Jean-Baptiste, Jeanne and Francois
We are deeply indebted to & wish to express our whole -hearted thanks for the assistance
provided by Martin M. Aubertin, father of the senior author; Jean-Marie Aubertin & his daughter
Isabelle (Aubertin) Bonniere of Valenciennces, France; Gilles Pepin of Boucherville, Quebec; the
Catholic Church records; the French Archives; & the Latter Day Saints genealogical archives.
Dr. Gerald Martin Aubertin, PhD, Retired
Dr. Mary Emma (Price) Aubertin, PhD, Retired
Filles a Marier (Marriageable Girls)
According to Peter J. Gagne, author of Before the King's Daughters" The Filles a Marier
1634-1662 (Quintin Publications, 22 Delta Drive, Pawtucket, RI 02860), 262 single women sent by
relatives and religious organizations or enlisting on their own account, made the journey from
France to New France (Quebec, Canada) to become pioneer wives of the colonists. Eighteen of
these women were found to be in this Aubertin lineage. They are as follows:
Achon, Ozanne-Jeanne dite Anne, tn. Tremblay, Pierre, 10/02/1657
Arnu, Marthe, m. Richaume dit Petrus, Pierre, 09/16/1658
Banne, Gillette, m. Chauvin, Marin, 1649
Breton, Marguerite, m. Patenotre, Nicolas, 10/30/1651
Camus, Catherine, m. Gauthier dit Boiverdun, Charles, 08/02/1656
Chefdeville, m. Demers, Andre, 01/07/1654
Crevet, Marie, m. Caron, Robert, 10/25/1637
Fafard, Francoise, m. Meunier, Mathurin, <1627
Forestier, Catherine, m. Menard dit Lafontaine, Jacques, 11/19/1657
Grenier, Francoise,m. Langlois, Noel, 07/25/1634
Le Flot, Michelle, m. Perrot dit Vildaigre, Jacques, 08/31/1654
Lerortge dite Saint-Denis, Jeanne, m. Carreau dit Lafraicheur, Louis, 04/30/1654
Lorion, Catherine, m . (4) Desautels dit Lapointe, Pierre, 11/23/1676
Maclin or Maquelain, Marguerite, m. Chicot, Jean, 10/23/1662
Marlin, Anne, m. Cote, Jean, 11/17/1635
Mechin, Jeanne, m. Pepin dit Tranchemontagne, Guillaume, 1645
Mesange, Marie, m. Chabot, Mathurin, 11/17/1661
Pomponnelle, Marie, m. Petit dit Lapre, Nicolas, 08/17/1656
Filles du Roi (Daughters of the King)
The French government later (1663-1673) sent nearly 800 women to Quebec under the
state-sponsored immigration program known as Filles du Roi. These women benefited from a paid
passage and dowry drawn from the King's treasury. Twenty-eight of these women were found in
this Aubertin lineage. They are as follows:
Barre, Catherine, m. Chaille, Mathurin, 01/11/1665
Bellehache, Marie, m. Bourret, Gilles, dit Lepine, contract 09/09/1673
Benoit, Marie, m. Favreau, Pierre, dit Deslauriers, before 1668
Bernard, Jeanne, m. Thuillier, Jacques, dit Desvignets, 04/29/1669
Boivin, Francoise, m. Lemoureux, Louis, 1668
Chauvet, Marie, m. Faye, Pierre, dit Villefagnan, 08/16/1668
Chretien, Madeleine, m. (1) Chicoine, Pierre, 10/20/1670
Clerice, Catherine, m. Lussier, Jacques, 10/12/1671
Colin, Anne, m. Boissonneau, Vincent, dit Saintonge, 10/18/1669
Cure, Francoise, m. Loiseau, Lucas, contract 12/19/1669
De Charmesnil, Francoise, m. Gelinas, Jean, contract 10/17/1667
Deshayes, Marguerite, m. Menard, Pierre, dit Saintonge, 1670 or 1671
Despres, Madeleine, m. Audet, Nicolas, dit Lapointe, 09/15/1670
Ducorps, Jeanne, dite Leduc, m. Masse, Martin, abt. 1670
Guerrier, Bonne, m. (2) Marchand, Charles, 1674 or 1675
Lafleur, Joachine, m. Martin, Pierre, 02/11/1670
Lagou, Anne, m. (2) Dupil, Remi, 01/08/1682
Lefebvre, Marie, m. Marcil, Andre, dit L'Espagnol, 11/16/1671
Lelong, Marie, m. Dumas, Rene, dit Rencontre, 10/12/1671
Martin, Marie, m. Fevrier, Christophe, 11/16/1671
Niel, Madeleine, m. Charles, Etienne, dit Lajeunesse, 10/24/1667
Paulo, Catherine, m. Campeau, Etienne, 11/26/1663
Petit, Jeanne, m. Seguin, Francois, dit Laderoute, 10/31/1672
Piton, Marie, m. Bergevin, Jean, dit Langevin, 11/26/1668
Plouard, Marie-Madeleine, m. Viau, Jacques, dit Lesperance„ 01/21/1670
Servignan, Jeanne, m. Ronceray, Jean, dit LeBreton, 10/13/1665
Vaillant, Marguerite, m. Dania, Jean, 1668
Vitry, Marguerite, m. Dery, Jacques, dit Larose, 10/13/1669
Variant Surname Spellings
The following is a partial list of the variant surname spellings to be found in this Aubertin genealogy.
More often than not these variously spelled surnames are pronounced the same. One needs to be
aware of these variant spellings in a genealogy search.
Aubertin, Hobertin, Bertin
Aupry, Aupri
Bourbeau, Bourbaut (dit Lacourse)
Bourret, Boure, Bouret
Chicoine, Chicouagne
DeCharmenil, Du Mesnil, De Charmesnil, Germeni
DeCors, Ducorps
Desry, Dery
Dolibon, Dolebon
Dufaut, Dufaulx, Duffault, Dufault
Failly, Fayen, Faye
Favreau, Favereau
Frechet, Frichet
Gasnier, Dagnat, Dania, Gagne, Gaigner, Deniau
Gauthier, Goutchey
Gelineau, Gelinaud, Bellemare-Gelina(s), Gelinas dit Bellemere
Guyau, Gouyou, Goyau
Lacoste, Languedoc
Lecompte, Lecomte
Lussier, Lhuissier, Lussye, Luce
Masse, Mace
Pattrenote, Patenote, Patenaude, Patenotre
Perrot, Perrault
Plouart, Plouard
Pratte, Duprat
Richehomme, Richaume, Richaume dit Petrus (Pierre)
Sicot, Sicotte, Chicot, Chiquot
Dit Names (Aliases)
For reasons known and unknown ancestors found in this Aubertin lineage used more than one form
of surname. Sometimes the dit name represented a place of origin in France or Quebec or an
occupation. The following is a partial list of such surnames.
Aupry dit Laramee
Babin dit Lacroix
Boissonneau dit SaintOnge (St. Onge)
Bougret dit Dufort
Bray dit Labonte, Brais
Champou(t)(x) dit St. Per dit Jolicoeur
Charles dit Lajeunesse
Desautels dit Lapointe
Favreau dit Deslauriers
Fournier dit Prefontaine
Gautier (Gauthier) dit Boisverdun
Gauthier (Gautier) dit St. Germain
Gelineau dit Lachapelle
Gerome dit Lafleur
Goyou dit Lagarde
Guillet dit Lajeunesse
Huet dit Dulude (Le Lude)
Lacoste dit Languedoc
Marsil dit L'espagnol
Menard dit Lafontaine
Meunier dit Lapierre
Piedalue dit Laprairie or Prairie
Pepin dit Laforce
Pepin dit Tranchemontagne
Racicot dit Leveill e
Viau dit Lesperance
Hyphenated Surnames
Some ancestors used hyphenated surnames which meant the same as dit names. Some examples
are listed here. Descendants sometimes chose to use one or the other of the hyphenated names
St. Pierre-Champoux
Ancestral Occupations
Many of the ancestors who emigrated from France to Quebec came as for mer soldiers of France
and militiamen. When they decided to become property owners, they also became farmers,
merchants, and fur traders and continued at other necessary trades. A partial list of occupations
Pierre Babin = chief cook of Gov. Frontenac
Anton Bouton = edge tool maker, blacksmith
James Gauthier = railroad worker
Francois Gelineau = shoemaker
B. Martin = captain of militia
Pierre Pepin dit Laforce = voyageur, coiffeur des bois, captain of militia
Louis Regnier = innkeeper
Boleslaus Wrynskiwicz = shepherd
Long-lived Ancestors
Because of child-bearing difficulties, hostile Iroquois Indians, the harsh living conditions in 17th
century Quebec, a severe earthquake, etc., the average man or woman didn't live more than about
50 or 60 years. However, there were some exceptions. Catherine (Zgrazek) Faberski Ziewart lived
to be 98 years. Jean-Jacques Lehoux lived to be 106 years of age.
Prolific Ancestresses
In the 1600s and 1700s European men and women were very few in Quebec. In order to rapidly
increase the French population in Quebec, the French king offered an enticing amount of money
to families who would have at least 8 children. The amount of money was increased even more to
families who would have at least 16 children. Following is a list of ancestresses who had at
least 7 children, not all of whom however survived to adulthood.
Elizabeth Marchand Duprat - 17 children
Anne Lagoue Dupille - 17 children
Marie Paradis Bauche(r) - 16 children
Marie Archambault Tessier dit Levigne - 16 children
Angelique Roy Regnier - 15 children
Marie-Elizabeth Loiseau LaCoste - 15 children
Marguerite Pattrenote Gelineau - 15 children
Marie Lecompte Dupille - 15 children
Marie-Therese Cote Leclerc - 15 children
Jeanne Marandeau Boilard - 15 children
Catherine Paulo Campeau - 15 children
Therese-Angelique Thuillier Desautels dit Lapointe - 15 children
Catherine Bouteiller Fournier dit Prefontaine - 15 children
Catherine Daubigeon Gagne - 15 children
Euphronsine Pratte Martin - 14 children
Jeanne Campeau Marsil - 14 children
Marie-Louise Goyau Bouteiller - 14 children
Louise Lemire Pepin - 14 children
Marguerite Denoyon Charbonneau - 14 children
Marie Mesange Chabot - 14 children
Marie-Madeleine Racine Simard dit Lombrette - 14 children
Claire Regnier Martin - 13 children
Marie-Claire Bouton Duprat - 13 children
Ursule Simard Tremblay - 13 children
Catherine Menard Riviere - 13 children
Marie-Genevieve Petit Meunier-Lapierre - 13 children
Marie-Francoise Desautels Patenaude - 13 children
Genevieve Bouchard Trembley - 13 children
Marie-Anne Faille Labbe dit Villeneuve - 13 children
Marie Benoit Favreau - 13 children
Marguerite Carreau Tessier dit Laplante - 13 children
Sophie Falcon Regnier - 12 children
Jeanne Robert Dufaux-Lamarche - 12 children
Claire-Francoise Gautier Hobertin - 12 children
Agnes Chicoine Loiseau - 12 children
Marie-Anne Perrot Normandin - 12 children
Marie-Marguerite Viau Lussier - 12 children
Jeanne Masse Campeau - 12 children
Madeleine Gaigner Goyou Dufault - 12 children
Jeanne-Anne Meunier Favreau - 12 children
Marie-Joseph Desautels Patenote - 12 children
Anne Besnard Bourbaut - 12 children
Marie-Madeleine Niel Charles - 12 children
Marie-Anne Langlois Cote - 12 children Jeanne
Petit Seguin dit Laderoute - 12 children Catherine
Clerice Lussier - 12 children Marie-Charlotte
Etienne Bougret - 12 children Anne Colin
Boissoneau dit St. Onge- 12 children Madeleine
Despres Audet dit Lapointe - 12 children
Ozanne-Jeanne Achon Tremblay - 12 children
Louise Gasnier Bouchard - 12 children
Marie Chefdeville Demers - 12 children
Marie-Joseph Gauthier Loiseau - 11 children
Francoise Boivin Lamoureux - 11 children
Anne Archambault Gervaise - 11 children
Jeanne Beauchamp Gautier - 11 children
Marguerite Breton Patenotre- 11 children
Charlotte-Anne Godin Frechet - 11 children
Jeanne St. Pere dit Delaunay Guillet dit Lajeunesse - 11 children
Jeanne Pasquier Paradis 11 children
Barbe Guyon Paradis - 11 children
Marie-Madeleine Loysel Racine - 11 children
Marie-Catherine Marsil Gelineau - 10 children
Catherine Jerome dit Lafleur Martin - 10 children
Marie-Josephte Laforce-Pepin Aubertin - 10 children
Marie-Louise Lussier Dufault - 10 children
Marie-Madeleine Lamoureux Chiquot - 10 children
Catherine Chiquot Huet dit Dulude - 10 children
Marie-Anne Tessier Gautier dit St. Germain - 10 children
Marie-Jeanne Labbe Racicot dit Leveille - 10 children
Marie-Marguerite Deniau Lacoste dit Languedoc - 10 children
Francoise Seguin Patenotre - 10 children
Marie-Charlotte Bougret Dubuc - 10 children
Francoise Aupry Piedalu - 10 children
Angelique Fournier Dubuc - 10 children
Marie-Jeanne Boissonneau dit Saintonge Gelinas - 10 children
Marthe Frichet Bouton - 10 children
Marie-Marguerite Bauche Leclerc - 10 children
Madeleine Chretien Chicoine - 10 children
Anne-Genevieve Lemire Tessier - 10 children
Marie-Madeleine Charles Petit - 10 children
Marie Sedilot Besnard - 10 children
Marie Piton Bergevin dit Langevin - 10 children
Marie LeBarbier Marsolet de St. Agnan - 10 children
Michelle LeFlot Perrot dit Vildaigre - 10 children
Marie Pomponnelle Petit dit Lepree - 10 children
Marthe Arnue Richaume dit Petrus- 10 children
Marguerite Martin Racine - 10 children
Marguerit e Gagnon Caron - 10 children
Francoise Grenier Langlois - 10 children
Mathurine-Madeleine Robin Guyon - 10 children
Sophronie Gelineau Aubertin - 9 children
Genevieve Normandin Aubertin - 9 children
Etiennette Leclerc Bergeron - 9 children
Marie-Louise Chabot Audet - 9 children
Ursule Pare Simard - 9 children
Madeleine Varennes Caron - 9 children
Barbe Richaume Meunier dit Lapierre - 9 children
Marie Demers Bourhis dit LeBreton - 9 children
Marie-Bonne Guerrier Marchand- 9 children
Marie Bellehache Boure - 9 children
Jeanne Cousin(s) Marandeau- 9 children
Marie Chauvet Failly dit Ville Fagnon - 9 children
Marie Vien Etienne - 9 children
Catherine Lorion Desautels dit Lapointe - 9 children
Marie Lelong Dumas- 9 children
Jeanne Lerouge dit St. Denis Carreau dit Lafraicheur - 9 children
Marie Michel Gasnier - 9 children
Marguerite Langlois Martin - 9 children
Marie Bellemare-Gelina Martin - 8 children
Jeanne-Marguerite Riviere Aubertin - 8 children
Charlotte Bergeron Gelina(s) dit Bellemere - 8 children
Madeleine Richehomme Babin - 8 children
Angelique Chapacou Bouteiller - 8 children
Genevieve Guillet Champou - 8 children
Francoise Simeon Dufault- 8 children
Jeanne DeCors Masse - 8 children
Marie Blanquet Leclerc dit Le Bouteleau(x) - 8 children
Marie Dardeyne Beauchamp dit Le Grand Beauchamp - 8 children
Jeanne Bernard Thuillier dit Desvignets - 8 children
Francoise Lehoux Pare - 8 children
Anne Martin Cote - 8 children
Marguerite Cochon Gagnon- 8 children
Marie-Anne Gervaise Huet - 7 children
Marie-Archange Patenaude Dubuc - 7 children
Marie-Charlotte Piedalu Bray-Labonte - 7 children
Marie-Madeleine Charles (Lajeunesse) Regnier - 7 children
Marie-Marguerite Lefebvre Marsil - 7 children
Marie-Renee Desry Chaille - 7 children
Catherine LeCamus Gautier dit Boisverdun - 7 children
Francoise Cure Loiseau - 7 children
Marie-Jeanne Dodier Normandin - 7 children
Marguerite Deshayes Menard dit Saint-Onge - 7 children
Marie-Vincente Pacaud Chapacou - 7 children
Marie Chauvin dit Lafortune DeNoyon - 7 children
Francoise DeCharmenil Gelinas dit Bellemare - 7 children
Marie Gendre Leclerc- 7 children
Marie Noyron Bourbaut - 7 children
Marguerite Caron Pare - 7 children
Francoise Toureau Archambault - 7 children
Gillette Bonne Chauvin - 7 children
Michelle Pelle Paradis - 7 children
Marie Chevet Caron - 7 children
Multiple Marriages
Because of the loss of a spouse, many men and women in the Aubertin lineage entered into a second
marriage and in some cases a third or fourth marriage. There were usually children who required
two parents for their comfort and support. The following is a list of some ancestors who entered into
more than one marriage.
Jeremie Jovite Aubertin
James Gauthier
Catherine Azrazek
Charles-Joseph Aubertin
Jean Alexander Roy
Jean-Baptiste Marsil
Pierre Louis Regnier
Louis Lacoste dit Languedoc
Daniel-Marie Gelineau
Marie-Catherine Chaille
Ursule Simard
Claire-Francoise Gautier dit Boisverdun
Jean Chiquot, II
Urbain Gervaise, II
Marie-Anne Perrot
Alexandre Lacoste
Marie-Marguerite Menard
Marie-Marguerite Viau
Angelique Chapacou
Guillaume Goyou
Madeleine Gaigner
Leger Bray
Julien Piedalue
Francoise Aupry
Marie-Renee Desry
Jean Duprat
Elisabeth Marchand
Genevieve Guillet
Francois-Gilles Boure
Jeanne Marandeau
Marie-Louise Chabot
Henri Regnier
Marie-Madeleine Nauleau
Anne Lagoue
Antoine Lecompte
Marguerite Maclin
Anne Archambault
Anne-Genevieve Lemire
Marie-Jeanne Dodier
Louis Petit
Marie-Anne Failly
Francoise Simeon
Jacques Lussier
Jacques Viau dit Lesperance
Jean-Pierre Gaigner
Olivier Charbonneau
Marie-Marguerite Gamier
Marie Chauvin dit Lafortune
Barbe Richaume
Marie Demers
Marie Gendre
Marie-Bonne Guerriere
Charlotte-Anne Godin
Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse
Elie Bourbaut
Marie Sedilot
Marguerite Carreau
Jean Marandeau
Marguerite Caron
Noel Langlois dit Traversy, II
Marie Plichon
Marie LeBarbier
Jacques Archambault
Sainte-Jeanne Paulin
Gillette Bonne
Philippe Etienne
Marie Vien
Pierre Desautels dit Lapointe
C a t h e r i n e L o r i o n Rene
Dumas dit Rencontre
Antoine Fournier dit Prefontaine
Etienne Gelinas
Marie Esther Ramage
Marie-Noemie-Madeleine Coutseau
Louis Sedilot dit Montreil
Marie Tessier
Marie Michel
Pierre Simard dit Lombrette
Adrien Blanquet dit Lafougere
Noel Langlois
Marguerite Rosee
Perrine Meunier
Louise Brodeur
Philippe Bougret
Marie DeNot dit LaMartiniere
Mathurin Lorion
Joseph Gelinas
Emery dit Mery Pasquier
Renee Guillocheau
Jean Jacques Lehoux
Ozanne Soullet
M a r g u e r i t e La n g l o i s
Marie Chevet
Christophe Gagne
Jean Cochon
Antoine Simard