The Perfect Lesson Plan Format (vers



The Perfect Lesson Plan Format (vers
Instructor: Mlle Chatagner
Date: 10/29/2012 and 10/30/2012 (Day of Teaching) Monday and Tuesday
Title of the lesson:
Les jours de la semaine et les mois de l’année.
(Leçon 4-B – Pages 60 à 63)
I. Preliminary Planning
Objective(s) of the lesson:
LWBBAT . . . -
Tell and ask for the date.
Tell and ask for birthdays.
GLCE/HSCE best served:
(no more than 2 or 3)
1.1.N.RW.h Exchange information in writing in the target
language on familiar topics such as personal interests, memorable
experiences, school activities, and family life
1.2.N.L.b Understand interpersonal communication on topics of
personal interest such as preferences, family life, friends, leisure
and school activities, and everyday occurrences
Focus question:
Key vocabulary/concepts:
Time required:
Materials needed:
4.1.N.b Identify basic differences and similarities in grammatical
structures between one’s own language and the target
Quel jour/mois est-ce ?
C’est quand ton anniversaire ?
1 hour 40 minutes
- Paper and pen
- Textbook
- Classzone Flashcards for the hour.
- PowerPoint instruction for calendar activity.
- Writing activity.
II. The Lesson Itself*
Lesson launch (aka the hook or
accessing prior knowledge):
How the lesson’s objective(s) will
be shared with the students:
Learning activities (step-by-step):
Flashcards with hour vocab.
I will tell them and they will be on the board.
1) Speak French (5 minutes) (l’heure, les mois, les jours. Le
2) Hook (10 minutes)
3) Go over the vocab one more time (15 minutes)
4) Book activities with a partner (15 minutes) (ECRIRE act 1
page 61 et PARLER act 3 page 61, act 5 page 63 and act 6
page 63)
5) Exit slips (5 minutes) (What day is it? Today is …)
6) Speak French (5 minutes)
7) What to remember when you tell the date (day first, le.
Etc) (5 minutes)
8) Hook (asks students to tell me their birthday when I take
attendance) (10 minutes)
9) Calendar Project + Writing activity ( 25 minutes)
Checking for understanding:
(formative assessment)
Guided practice/extension:
At the end of the lesson, how will
what was learned be summarized
for the class?
Post-lesson reflections and ideas
for next steps:
10) Summarize learning – classroom discussion (5 minutes)
Exit slips + Have them come check with me to see if the date they
wrote on their paper is right.
Classroom Discussions

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