Programme booklet [ PDF, 0.85 MB ] - Fraunhofer



Programme booklet [ PDF, 0.85 MB ] - Fraunhofer
8th European
Wood-Based Panel Symposium
8. Europäisches
8ème Symposium Européen du
Panneau à Base de Bois
How to find the MARITIM AIRPORT hotel:
By car: Coming from the West or East direction leave the
A2 at the exit Hanover-Langenhagen (44) in the direction
of the airport. Follow the signposting to the airport. From
the North direction at the interchange "Hannover-Nord"
change from the A7 to the A352 signposted Dortmund.
At the junction Hanover airport (3) leave the A352 in the
direction of the airport. Then follow the signposting to
the airport.
Hannover / Germany
10 - 12 October 2012
By train: Leave the train at Hanover central station and
take the interurban train No. 5 direction Airport ("Langenhagen Flughafen") up to the last stop.
EPF European Panel Federation
WKI Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research
FEROPA European Federation of
Fibreboard Manufacturers
iVTH International Association for Technical Issues
related to Wood
By plane: The hotel is located directly vis à vis the airport
Hanover-Langenhagen within walking distance (approximately 3 minutes).
supported by
Sasol Wax
and other Industrial Partners
Organiser / Veranstalter /
Comité organisateur
Wood-based panels are versatile products with excellent
environmental credentials. In recent years, the pressure to
develop environmentally friendly technologies and products and to generate sustainable energy has increased,
creating new demands for the valuable resource, wood.
Fraunhofer-Institut für Holzforschung
Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut - WKI
Bienroder Weg 54 E
38108 Braunschweig
: +49 (0)531 2155-212
: +49 (0)531 2155-200
[email protected]
This European Wood-based Panels Symposium addresses
these and many other urgent issues that are important to
the industry. The Symposium traditionally brings together
suppliers, manufacturers, researchers, and educators to
provide a forum where experience and knowledge can be
exchanged. The scientific programme reflects the current
state of knowledge in materials, technologies, standards,
and product use, and it is our aim that it will spark numerous discussions, even beyond the realm of the programme itself.
European Panel Federation (EPF)
24, rue Montoyer box 20
1000 Brussels
: +32 (0)2 556 25 89
: +32 (0)2 287 08 75
[email protected]
We would like to welcome you to the city of Hannover
and we wish you a successful conference.
Kris Wijnendaele
Secretary General of EPF
Bohumil Kasal
Director of WKI
10th October 2012
Kris Wijnendaele, EPF
Bohumil Kasal, WKI
7:30 pm Welcome Party by iVTH, EPF and industrial
Begrüßungsempfang durch iVTH, EPF und
Réception de bienvenue offerte par l'iVTH, l'EPF
et les partenaires industriels.
11th October 2012
11th October 2012
9.00 am - 12.35 am
1.50 pm - 5.30 pm
Kris Wijnendaele, EPF:
Welcome and opening
Robert Famers, Andritz Fiedler:
Energy and cost efficient production of fibers for the
production of MDF through developments of refinerplate technology.
Ladislaus Döry, President of EPF:
Current situation of the European wood-based panel
Thomas Leissing, Egger:
European debt crises, global warming, shortage of
raw materials, ageing of the population: Risks or
opportunities for the wood-based panel industries?
Vicente-Leoz Argüelles, European Commission:
Consequences of the implementation of the EU
construction products regulation for the placing on the
market of wood-based panels for use in construction
compared to the CPD.
Peter Wehrheim, European Commission:
Climate benefits of harvested wood products and its
inclusion in the EU's climate policy.
Alfred Teischinger, BOKU:
Wood and natural fibre-based light weight panels:
opportunities and limitation.
Claus Seemann, Pfleiderer:
Added-value material for changing market demands.
Stephan Weinkötz, BASF:
Lightweight panels with Kaurit Light - latest
Kai Greten, GreCon:
Optimize forming - How much material can be saved?
First experience from production lines.
 Lunch Break
Lars Almkvist, Metso Paper:
Reduced energy consumption and mat density
Birgit Östman, SP Wood Technology:
Fire protection ability of wood based panels.
Klaus Oberdorf, EWS:
Systematic research leads to new generation of spark
extinguishing systems with increased efficiency.
Marie-Lise Roux, FCBA:
Particle boards for furniture industry: what features
to meet costumer expectations in a moving
environmental, safe and regulatory context?
Volker Thole, Fraunhofer WKI:
Geometry of the OSB core layer strands as influencing
Thomas Peter, Dieffenbacher System Automation:
Flexible process for high-quality finishing of woodbased panels with Dieffenbacher large format digital
Niklaus Polt, Habasit:
Atex certificate for Habasit forming belts, new high
release forming belt.
 Wilhelm Klauditz Award Ceremony
6:30 pm Departure of the busses
7:00 pm Sasol Wax Evening Reception
12th October 2012
12th October 2012
9.00 am - 1.30 pm
Tunga Salthammer, Fraunhofer WKI:
Indoor air guidelines - the good, the bad and the ugly.
Phil Hope, Formacare:
Formaldehyde in the European Regulatory Arena.
Dominique Coutrot, UIPP:
Formaldehyde situation in Europe: a French view Solutions for the future.
Emission of formaldehyde: requirements and regulation
in Russia and in the EU - Asian customs alliance.
Johann Moser, Stefan Weilhartner, Dynea Austria:
Formaldehyde Emission: Extension of limits.
Georges Francis, Advachem:
A novel additive for wood panels. 1=3 fire retardant,
formaldehyde catcher and hardener.
Tino Schulz, ihd Dresden:
Plywood and plywood moldings made ​​of thermally
modified veneers.
Erik Vangronsveld, Huntsman:
MDI Resin: EU classification; reach impact; worker and
consumer exposure - perception versus facts.
Elena Tikhonova, FCBA:
Fibreboard layering: analysis of the opportunity.
Benedetto Pizzo, CNR-IVALSA:
New shear strength methods to evaluate the bonding
quality of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels.
Peter Meinlschmidt, Fraunhofer WKI:
Testing of innovative detection mehods on recovered
wood for particleboard production.
Bohumil Kasal, Fraunhofer WKI:
Closing remarks.
 Lunch Buffet / Packed Lunch
Subject to change without prior notice.
Registration and Confirmation
Anmeldung und Bestätigung
Please use the enclosed registration form (one form for
each delegate). Registrations will be confirmed in writing
including the invoice.
Für Ihre Anmeldung verwenden Sie bitte den beigefügten
Anmeldevordruck. Benutzen Sie bitte für jeden Teilnehmer ein Formular. Nach Eingang Ihres Formulars erhalten
Sie umgehend eine Anmeldebestätigung sowie unsere
Deadline for registration is 15th September 2012.
Anmeldeschluss ist der 15. September 2012.
Cancellations have to be confirmed in writing. Seminar
costs for cancellation until 30th September 2012 (date of
postmark) will be refunded, minus € 100,- for administrative effort. After this date no refunds will be given.
Abmeldungen müssen schriftlich erfolgen. Bei Rücknahme
der Anmeldung bis zum 30. September 2012 (Datum des
Poststempels) erfolgt eine Rückerstattung der Teilnehmergebühr abzüglich 100,- Euro für Verwaltungskosten. Bei
einer späteren Stornierung ist eine Rückerstattung nicht
mehr möglich.
Seminar fees
Students (with certificate of inscription)......€ 300.--
Studenten (mit Ausweis).............................€ 300,--
Scientists, members of universities and
industry representatives from EPF and iVTH.€ 490.--
Wissenschaftler, Universitätsangehörige
und Industrievertreter aus EPF und iVTH.....€ 490,--
Other participants......................................€ 590.--
Sonstige Teilnehmer...................................€ 590,--
The seminar fee includes:
Die Teilnahmegebühren beinhalten:
Attendance at lectures
Teilnahme an den Fachvorträgen
Conference proceedings
Lunch on both days
Mittagessen an beiden Tagen
Coffee during the lecture breaks
Kaffee in den Vortragspausen
Welcome Party on 10 October 2012
Begrüßungsparty am 10. Oktober 2012
Evening Reception on 11 October 2012
Abendempfang am 11. Oktober 2012
Inscription et confirmation
Tagungsort / Meeting venue / Lieu du symposium
Prière d’utiliser le bulletin d’inscription en annexe (un
bulletin par participant). Dès réception de votre formulaire
d' inscription, nous vous ferons parvenir la confirmation
accompagnée de la facture.
Flughafenstraße 5
30669 Hannover
Phone: +49 (0)511 9737-0
Fax: +49 (0)511 9737-591
[email protected]
La date limite des inscriptions est fixée au
15 septembre 2012.
Les annulations se feront par écrit. En cas d’annulation
avant le 30 septembre 2012 (le cachet de la poste faisant
foi), les droits d’inscription seront remboursés, déduction faite de 100 EUR pour frais de dossiers. Après cette
date, aucun remboursement ne sera effectué.
We recommend the MARITIM AIRPORT Hotel for your
accommodations. For reservation, please use the enclosed
leaflet of the MARITIM AIRPORT Hotel.
Deadline for hotel reservation is 28th September
Droits d'inscription
Etudiants....................................................€ 300,--
Scientifiques, membres des
universités et membres des EPF et iVTH......€ 490,--
Autres........................................................€ 590,--
Les droits d’inscription comprennent:
La participation aux exposés
Les documents du symposium
Le déjeuner des deux jours
Les pauses café entre les sessions
La réception de bienvenue du 10 octobre 2010
La réception en soirée du 11 octobre 2010
Wir empfehlen das MARITIM AIRPORT Hotel. Für Ihre
Hotelanmeldung benutzen Sie bitte das beigefügte
Formular des MARITIM AIRPORT Hotels.
Anmeldeschluss für Ihre Hotelanmeldung ist der
28. September 2012.
Nous vous recommandons l‘hôtel MARITIM AIRPORT pour
vos réservations. Pour votre réservation d‘hôtel, prière
d‘utiliser le formulaire de l‘hôtel MARITIM AIRPORT
La date limite des réservations est fixée au
28 septembre 2012.