Vacation Plans


Vacation Plans
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Vacation Plans: Airplane, Train and Bus Travel
( 2010)
Before I go on vacation, I always plan my trip.
For starters, I usually take a look at travel guide books or go online and review possible destinations.
Then, I check the costs involved in travelling to that particular place.
If I'm going by plane, then I have to compare prices on airfare for different airlines.
If I'm travelling by train, then I have to look into train passes or tickets. I also need to locate hotel
accommodations. Fortunately, I don't mind staying at cheap hotels or even a youth hostel.
Finally, I try to budget money for meals and other sightseeing expenses. If I plan carefully, I usually have
a good time.
1. I plan my trip
j’organise, je prépare
2. for starters
pour commencer, tout d’abord
3. to take a look at
jeter un coup d’oeil
4. I check
je vérifie
5. airfare
le prix du billet d’avion
6. to look into
examiner, étudier
7. hotel accommodations
logement, séjour à l’hotel
8. I don’t mind staying
ça ne me derange pas de rester
9. a youth hostel
auberge de jeunesse
10. sightseeing expenses
dépenses liées aux activités touristiques

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