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Bulletin August 2012
Centre Communautaire des Femmes Sud-Asiatiques
Inside this issue:
Refugee healthcare
Member’s corner
Summer camp
South Asian Youth /
Jeunes Sud asiatiques
Annonces / Job post
Centre update
Healthy Eating
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Continuons la mobilisation!
Dans les dernières semaines, Jason Kenny a été mis
sur la défensive par l'étendue de la mobilisation.
Dans les médias, il ressort
"immigrants illégaux" pour
défendre ses coupures.
Récemment, les conservateurs ont reculé sur l'application des coupures aux
réfugiés parrainés par le
gouvernement. Au Québec, Yves Bolduc a annoncé que le Ministère de la
Santé et des Services Sociaux s'engagerait à couvrir
les soins de santé pour les
personnes ayant perdu leur
couverture sous le PFSI, en
plus de garantir l’accès aux
médicaments. Il est important de montrer l'ampleur
de la mobilisation pour
faire annuler les coupures
Coupures en santé pour
les réfugiéEs : La pression monte. Continuons
la mobilisation!
Le ministre Kenney est sur
la défensive. Au Québec, le
ministre Bolduc annonce
que l’assurance-maladie du
Québec compensera pour
les coupures au PFSI!
Prenez deux minutes pour
ajouter votre photo sur le
site web en soutien à la
campagne “Nous ne coopèrerons pas”: http://
Le Collectif Justice Santé
est un regroupement de
militantEs qui travaillent
dans le domaine de la santé et qui s’est formé en juillet 2012 à Montréal. Nous
réclamons l’accès aux soins
de santé et la justice pour
Pour plus d’information:
[email protected]
Twitter: @JusticeSante
Site web: http://
Facebook: https://
Il est important de maintenir la pression en montrant
l'ampleur de la mobilisation contre les coupures et
la Loi d'exclusion des réfugiés.
Member’s Corner
Members! Please join us
for a movie social on Sunday Aug. 26th at 2PM.
Come to the centre, see
some old faces and talk to
some new faces! Title of
the film to be announced.
A shout-out to HEIDI MEHTA, the first Youth Program
SAWCC and a former
member of the SAWCC
Executive Council (Youth
Rep). She has been recently awarded a Master's
in Social Work. Heidi had
gone to Toronto several
years ago to take up this
program. She thanks all
who supported and encouraged her. Congratulations
Heidi and we hope to see
you soon!
Page 2
Centre Communautaire des Femmes Sud-Asiatiques
Summer camp
(by camp counselor Eanjalin Kamaleswaran)
Since the beginning of our journey,
both the campers and I have had a
blast. Between yelling, playing, crying, and caring, we have come to
learn so much about each other. At
first it only took a few minutes to understand the deep bond these kids
shared with each other and the unity
that past summer camps had brought
amongst them. Many activities like
painting, baking and portrait making
were planned with the single selfish
goal of trying to enter this special
bond they shared. But it was through
our routine activities such as going to
Park Lafontaine or Piscine Baldwin that
this truly began to happen. Before I
knew it, the group was off to bigger
trips like the Montreal Science Center,
the Cavalry and Mont-Royal as well as
an international dragon boat festival
(MIDBRF) and the Aquatic Complex at
Parc Jean-Drapeau. At this point it is
only right to thank our lovely volunteers who show up without regret
each and every single week to accompany us on our various trips and activities. Without these beautiful smiling faces, summer camp could not
happen. Summer camp 2012 is something special and I cannot wait to see
what it has yet to bring me.
South Asian Youth (SAY) / Jeunes sud-asiatiques (JSA)
This month SAY continued its AntiStreet Harassment Campaign in ParcEx with a day of poster-making at the
Sir William Hingston Centre. In collaboration with the Autonomous &
Independent Women project, we invited mothers and daughters to participate in an artistic expression workshop in the morning. In the afternoon,
we opened the poster-making to everyone in the community. Many, including children and elders, participated
and created their own artistic expres-
continue engaging with the community to create a safer neighbourhood
for us all. J’
sion in response to their love for a
safer Parc-Ex, while many stopped to
chat about the issue of harassment. It
was an inspiring day and we hope to
Announcements / Annonces
Conférences : « Des raisons
de s'indigner, y'en a ! » au
CEDA (2515 rue Delisle)
Cet été, la CLASSE vous invite à des
discussions sur la loi C-31, le Plan Nord,
et la solidarité et luttes internationales
le 1er août à 19h.
Veuillez visiter http://
calendrier/conferences/ pour plus d’information.
Now Hiring!
We are looking for a daycare worker to take care
of children whose mothers are enrolled in morn-
ing French and English classes, beginning September 24th.
• Work schedule: Monday,
Wednesday, and Thursday 912PM for a total of 9 hours per
week, at $10/hr
• End date negotiable
Please submit a CV and a cover letter
to Ghazala ([email protected]) by
Friday, August 31.
Page 3
Centre update
This month SAWCC says goodbye and
goodluck to Keren Tang. Keren held
the position of youth co-coordinator
Since September 2011. She leaves us
to pursue a degree in Public Health at
University of Alberta in Edmonton. On
the other hand, we are happy to announce that long-time SAWCC member/collaborator/supporter Farah
Najah Hussain will be taking on her
position of youth co-coordinator beginning August 1st.
On August 1st, SAWCC will also welcome Kavitha Sivakumar, the new
part-time Tamil community worker.
Also a long-time support of our
women’s organization, Kavitha brings
us her experience as an outreach volunteer who always referred people to
SAWCC services.
A reminder to folks interested in
learning English and French: registration for classes has begun! Please call
Ghazala (ext 104) to arrange for a
placement test (details please see
On July 7th, blessed with beautiful
weather and lake breezes, approximately 100 members and families enjoyed the sunshine, each other’s company, and some delicious food at our
annual picnic, this year taking place at
Lake Magog.
Membership 20122012-2013: call today
to become a member!
Volunteers: If you are interested in
helping out at the Centre, please
contact Homa (ex. 102 or
[email protected]) for a meeting so
we can get to know your skills better!
SAWCC t-shirt and bags are on-sale
at the Centre (10$ ea.)!!
We look forward to working with both
of you!
Healthy Eating / Manger santé—Black Bean Curry
• mustard seeds (1 tbsp)
• cumin seeds (2 tbsp)
• turmeric powder (2 tsp)
• aesofoetida (1/2 tsp or to taste)
• standard Indian curry powder
• ghee
• fresh coriander leaves
• fresh curry leaves
• medium Indian eggplant cubed
• black beans (or any other bean)
about 2 cups cooked
• 1 can of whole tomatoes
• 2 large potatoes chopped or sliced
(depends on preferred chunkiness)
• fresh green chili, sliced lengthwise
• 1 onion (chopped)
• 2 cloves garlic (chopped)
• chopped ginger (to taste)
• juice of one lime
salt to taste
oil for cooking
1. Cook the potatoes in boiling water or a pressure cooker until they
are cooked but still a little hard.
Set aside
2. Dry roast the cumin seeds in a pan
until they are slightly fragrant.
Cool and then grind into a coarse
powder with mortar and pestle or
coffee grinder. Set aside
3. Coat the eggplant cubes with salt
and set aside. This will allow the
bitterness to leave the eggplant
4. Heat a small amount of oil in a
pan, add mustard seeds and wait
until they pop. Reduce heat
5. Add onions, garlic, ginger, chillis,
aesofoetida, and turmeric, and
sautee until onions are slightly soft
(courtesy of Swathi Sekhar)
Add beans, eggplant and potatoes,
mix together well
Add can of tomatoes, squishing
them so that the whole tomatoes are
in small pieces
Bring to a light boil. Add ground
cumin, salt, curry leaves and curry
powder. Let cook on medium heat
for 8-10 minutes or until eggplant
and potatoes are fully cooked and
Add a little ghee, chopped corriander leaves and lime. turn off heat
Serve with hot rice
or chapati!
For more info on
food delivery,
contact More than
Dhal, contact:
[email protected]
The South Asian Women’s Community Centre is a not-for-profit organization
that helps women achieve their full potential in the Québec and Canadian
societies and also helps them become independent.
South Asian Women’s Community centre
South Asian Women’s Community Centre
Centre Communautaire des femmes sud-asiatiques
1035, rue Rachel est, 3ième étage.
Montréal, QC H2J 2J5
Aug. 1—CLASSE conference
(see pg. 2)
Aug. 7—Job orientation info
Aug. 14—Breast cancer awareness info session
Aug. 17—Summer Camp final
Aug. 21—Arts & Crafts: Beaded
Aug. 24—Eid party and
monthly potluck
Aug. 26—Movie social for
members 2PM
Aug. 31—Deadline for job application (see pg. 2)
Phone: 514-528-8812
Fax: 514-528-0896
E-mail: [email protected]
31 years of sisterhood, strength, struggle and success 1981-2012
1 août—conférénce organize
par la CLASSE (pg. 2)
7 août—session d’orientation
14 août—sensibilisation de
cancer du sein
17 août—Spectacle du fin du
camp d’ete
21 août—Arts & métiers: des
boucles d’orielles de perles
24 août—Fete d’Eid et diner
communautaire mensuel
26 août—Soirée de film pour
des members 14h
31 août—date limite pour le
demande d’emploi (pg. 2)
August 2012

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