Obsession Overview


Obsession Overview
A film by HonestReporting.com
Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
Obsession Overview
The West faces a shockingly real threat from radical Islam. Obsession, a new film produced
by Honest Reporting, unveils the depths and dynamics of this raging war, connecting the
dots of many world conflicts to show that there is one global front linking them together.
Obsession then goes further, showing radical Islam’s alarming parallels to Nazism. The
Nazis also brainwashed their youth to hate, were very serious about their stated militant
ambitions to dominate the world, and also chose the Jews as a prime enemy. Both perceived
the Jews as the representative of the moral system they stood against - the basic values of
Western civilization - freedom, equality, and the sanctity of life.
Obsession provides Americans of all backgrounds and persuasions with the facts and
historical perspectives needed to help them understand the global conflict with Radical
Islam. It counters the biased reporting of the news media and fills in the gaps where even
respected news agencies such as the New York Times or CNN fail to fill. Obsession
explores whether the threat to the West ever end if all that’s being taught is hate, and what
will happen if the West does not stand up for its own core values in the face of this threat.
Just as happened before WWII, the West is waking up too slowly. Obsession’s raison d’etre
is to sound the alarm and inspire a grass roots response to stand up for our cherished values.
Obsession: A World Struggle with Morality
Today, WWIII is raging, but few are aware of it.
War has been declared by militant Islam against the West, but much of the West, like
Chamberlain did in his time, tends to discount the threat, choosing instead to appease it.
Aside from 9.11, we are today witnessing violent Islamic insurgencies erupting in Indonesia,
the Philippines and Thailand. Al-Qaeda linked terrorists took hundreds of hostages at a
Moscow theater and a public school in Beslan. There have been subway bombings in
Madrid and Paris. Colin Powell has said the situation in Sudan's Darfur region constitutes
Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
The Nazi link
The film also explores the surprising
parallels between the Islamists and Nazi
Germany. Hitler was a clear thinker who
knew he was battling over the moral
foundations of Western civilization. In his
war with the West, he determined he must
also focus on and destroy the Jews—the
people whom he identified as the source of
those sinister Western values.
Holocaust showed how deeply he believed
in his ideas. But were Hitler and the Nazis
alone in their struggle? Using rarely seen
images, Obsession shows that the powerful
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and many other
Muslims, stood behind the Nazis in their goal.
And what are the radical Islamists of today about? They also express themselves clearly, if
only we choose to listen. Obsession will help us listen. The Islamists are threatening the
basic values of Western civilization. And they also, in going against the West, are aiming at
the Jews. Like WWII, the West is waking up very slowly. And, like WWII, Anti-Semitism
is growing. The Jews are merely the miner's canary. Western civilization should be
Support from the Left
Forces on the left, in the media and academia and the general public—intentionally and
inadvertently—promote Islamist claims against Western excesses and intolerance, while
overlooking far greater instances in societies they defend. Critics cry out against the
humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, while making no mention of the murderous excesses
of Saddam Hussein’s regime. A scandal erupts over the alleged flushing of a Quran down a
toilet, but little is said of Christian persecution throughout the Muslim world. As a bus is
blown up in Jerusalem, Israel is told the ‘apartheid’ wall limiting these attacks is illegal.
As they reframe the struggle, they help
blind the world to the threat before it.
Obsession educates and challenges
audiences on the ‘real story’—using well
documented source material—enabling
enhanced debates and discussions from a
more informed perspective. One of the
objectives of this movie is to help the
public to be insightful of past events and
aware of future challenges. Through this,
they will also begin to understand what
kind of societies the radicals will create if
they are successful in their global designs.
Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
From the Team that Made "Relentless"
The new film is being made by the same Producer-Director team who created the acclaimed
Honest Reporting film Relentless: the Struggle for Peace in the Middle East. Politicians,
terrorism experts and academics alike have praised the film and its message.
Natan Sharansky, best-selling author and former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, wrote, “I
strongly recommend the film Relentless to all those concerned with peace in the Middle
East, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues facing Israel and the
Western World today. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about a better future for both
the Palestinians and the Israelis.”
Obsession includes interviews with:
Daniel Pipes,
Walid Shoebat,
Alfons Heck,
Nonie Darwish,
Steve Emerson,
John Loftus,
Robert Wistrich,
Director, Middle East Forum
Former Palestinian Terrorist
Former Hitler Youth Commander
Daughter of Egyptian Fedayeen Leader
Terrorism expert, Creator of Jihad in America
Former U.S. Justice Department Prosecutor
Chair, Sassoon Center for Anti-Semitism
Incorporating rarely seen images and first-hand accounts, Obsession reveals a behind-thescenes look at Islamist politics and culture, and uncovers the cause that is behind the
continued struggle between the Islamists and the rest of the world. The film is a product of
the efforts of a group of people who couldn't stand by while the world ignores the threat to
its values and way of life.
Obsession Clarifies and Presents Stunning Facts
 Schools throughout the West teach their children
about peace and tolerance for people of all
different cultures, including Islamic culture.
Obsession shows that the Islamists are teaching
the exact opposite, instilling fear and hatred into
their population, via the schools, the mosques,
video games, and all other forms of available
 The propaganda has spread to the West, and the
hatred is being taught in mainstream schools and
mosques throughout the U.S. and Europe.
Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
 The Arab hatred of Jewry precedes the creation of the State of Israel. Obsession shows
that the leader of the Palestinian Arabs lived in Germany during WWII, and worked
closely with the Nazis. He met intimately with Hitler on at least one occasion, in which
they discussed the destruction of the Jews. There was even a unit of Muslim Nazis—the
Handzhars—serving in Europe.
 The insurgencies in Iraq, Indonesia, the Philippines, and elsewhere, are not isolated
confrontations, and are much more than the expressions of peoples fighting against
foreign aggressors, or striving for self-determination. They are part of a global front that
seeks to implement Islamic rule globally.
We must be concerned
Much of the Western world today
would like to believe that we have
arrived at an era of heightened moral
refinement, or that militant Islam has
some legitimate grievances that once
solved would bring peace and
But militant Islam, the
world's fastest growing religion,
believes the time has come for its final
violent victory over the Crusader
infidels of the West. Obsession will
help people appreciate that freedom
itself is at stake today.
An erstwhile peaceful religion has been hijacked by extremists who are seeking to transform
our world, with a rate of success that has led one of the world's most prominent Islamic
scholars, Bernard Lewis, to say that Europe “will be Islamic by the end of the century"(Die
Welt). The Jews are merely the miner's canary. Israel is the new Jew. Anti-Semitism is
growing; the obsession with the Jews continues…Western civilization should be concerned.
Relentless, our first film, has educated over a million people and inspired thousands to be
active. We want to accomplish much more with Obsession. Obsession will hopefully
educate millions to stand up for the values they hold dear.
For more information, check out www.obsessionthemovie.com
Contact Information: [email protected]

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