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IC3 Complaint
Complaint ID: I1501162135130952
The following information was provided by the victim and may be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory
01/16/2015 21:35:13
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Nicole Guihaume
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50 - 59
9 rue des Perichaux
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[email protected]
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I ignore it
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Information about the Individual/Business that victimized you
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Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz
11 rue du Professeur Leroux
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[email protected]
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Other (Specify)Conceived 9/11, MH370, MH17, Charlie...false flag
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I filed a complaint against Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz two days ago: I1501141810228982 and chose as motive:
Deception, active participation to harassment. If it existed, it is in fact far from being the worse, and I must say that
since two days, I am astonished. I sent my complaint in a huge number of mails in the context already exposed. If I
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can only send and not receive in the mail box I use, my phone and another mail appear on each complaint. Not a
word was said. I sent my emails with the assertion that Malarewicz is the evil mind who conceived
9/11...MH370...Charlie hebdo...the water made with human feces. I then thought it was not correct to write it in mails
and not in the complaint. Went to the conclusion that the one I filed was not accurate.
I recall I already filed more than 200 IC3 complaints, began December 31, 2013, in the context of search of CEO
Microsoft did after Steve Ballmer resignation which occurred two days after this note appeared on line:
I exposed in it the best I could the situation of harassment I face, and the way Bill Gates managed to help me by
persons active behind my computer. He is in fact the first one targeted by the Rothschild family since June 12, 1990.
The level of insanity deployed is incredible and to face it took me years. I understand few by few, precise I am tired,
make mistakes, apologize for them. I consider an urgency exist, and do not understand how it is possible that, my
situation being known, I send what I send to Interpol without observing a change. I warned all December long on Bill
Gates assassination, as I knew it was targeted. I had a very hard time, could not understand how I could be the only
one in such a situation I could act to oppose it, though it was obviously known and waited by all the jewish
community. The situation I face has consequences on me for I am severely targeted, false testimonies were asked and
obtained against me, and I am warned with insistance by the persons I named. I shall now say the connection to
evoke their help.
The existence of this connection, which is an adaptation and a protection opposed to another one which is
destructive, exposes me to informations which concern the whole world and are very dangerous. I recall I warned a
huge number of times on a nuclear incident which was negociated at Indian Point, the Plant near New York. A second
Fukushima. If I can receive precise information by the use of each single file opened on my computer, among other
means, it is much than hard to evaluate the urgency and what happens exactly at the moment a sign occurs.
Nevertheless, I can testify that from December 25 to very recently it seemed in the making. I ignore now how things
are for I filed a complaint against Arielle de Rothschild, sent it with the first one against Malarewicz for they both
participated in the writing of Et la confiance, bordel? and it was clear that the priority was to send these complaints,
what I did. 15000 persons received them for example at the University of Washington: http://www.washington.edu/.
It is impossible to send such mails and to observe that more are waited without wondering on the way we shall go
through the actual situation, and the involvement of Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz appears to me as requiring an
investigation. He acted towards me in such a way it is obvious that he did not wish that I recover after my
tuberculosis. I exposed it in my first complaint. He seems to have given informations on me in relation with Bill Gates
to professionals to whom I asked help and made people as well as I confused. He acted in a context of harassment,
and I went to him knowing he had a huge expertise.
I recall that the harassment led to 9/11 which was a revenge plot done by the Rothschild. The aim was to obtain a
second inquiry after the first one, and WTC7 collapse was done to be used as a motive. No plane hit it. Its collapse
occurred exactly the way controlled demolition make buildings fall. Such a calculation, all the steps being forecast,
requires a precise knowledge, as well as the other false flags planned such as MH370, though it went awry, or Charlie
hebdo which is for the while a success. It is easy to understand, the media being, as the politics, controlled by the
Rothschild family. Concerning 9/11, the association of engineers and architects for 911 truth,
http://www.ae911truth.org/ seems to have been calculated from the very beginning and August 1, Richard Gage
appeared on Cspan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zY9HfwzGPg, what can indicate the plan was to obtain the
second inquiry in 2015. Everything was calculated and to evoke the involvement of Israel which is much than
documented, for example here: http://vimeo.com/42349298 was impossible on many websites pretending that they
wanted the file to be reopened. The aim was from day one to pretend that the US attacked the US. The difficulties I
met with the website I opened August 28 to present the complaints filed correspond to this context. I chose to name
the domain http://911-a-rothschild-coup-using-microsoft.com/. This led me to Malarewicz, as already exposed, for
Amen, the plateform where it was, closed it illegally, and sent me a lawyer, Cyril Fabre who works with Raphael Picot
d-Aligny d-Assignies. I immediately remembered that Malarewicz sent me in 1999 to Hubert Picot d-Aligny
d-Assignies who did not help me as he should have done.
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The harassment I denounce was conceived to be known, as was the assassination of Christophe de Margerie. 9/11
can be considered the same way, as a false flag conceived with the determination to prove a control and a power to
which no one could oppose a thing. Persons in the know had all the indications required to know that it was a
Rothschild false flag. The obvious key is given by the power required. They are the only ones to have it. Concerning
the harassment, things changed since 2013 after my request behind the ECHR was rejected February 14, 2012. I spent
months by my mother in Montpellier, as she asked for my help and observed I was much than targeted. It is the first
time I faced the evidence of false testimonies done in such a way I should never have known that they existed. My
sister pretended that I never worked in my life. As she is a lawyer, such an affirmation, knowing that I complained for
a harassment done by Microsoft had a huge involvement. I only saw it at the Court of Appeal, as my mother was
placed under guardianship. I knew that way I was targeted by illegal means -it is in fact the case for 24 years, but I
faced the writings, in a legal context-. Had to be ready to everything. In fact, this lie could only have been done with
the certainty I would ignore it for it concerns facts and I can prove it false very easily. As soon as I know it.
December was a terrific month and some other false testimonies were asked to obtain from Bill Gates that he
accused me, what failed as soon as I described it in complaints I sent December 24. We are now after this period. He
was imposed a video on this stupid story of water issued from human feces. This is once more done to disqualify him
publicly, to push him outside the company he co-founded. Another aspect concerns the way the complaints I filed
will be followed and Charlie attack as well as the threat of a second Fukushima are done to silence. It changes
nothing to the fact I exposed Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz for the more than strange behavior he had towards me
and exposed I thought he had the expertise required to conceive the false flags this world faced since 9/11. This has
to be investigated. I guess it is the duty of Interpol, and maybe the FBI could refer it. I confirm it is much than hard
for me to understand the fact that Bill Gates is not asked to testify for the informations I receive via my computer
come from him. He faced death. He is an American citizen. Was not protected by his country as the Rothschild family
decided to kill him. I can testify. I did it in each complaint, each mail. I wait for a change. 24 years of my life were
damaged. I guess the FBI would not let me file these complaints if they proved non accurate. I recall I send them as
soon as filed. Nine persons received them regularly: Bill Gates, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, Mireille
Ballestrazzi, Ginni Rometty, Jim McNerney, Elizabeth Warren, Olivier de Margerie. I now add the team of Mars
Analogies for I think they could help: http://www.marsanalogies.com/qui-sommes-nous-2/
I wait for a change.
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Please indicate any medium used by the individual/business in the course of the incident.
Bulletin board
Chat room
In person
Internet messaging
Web site
Please indicate the initial means of contact with the individual/business that victimized you.
In person
Was this initial means of contact unsolicited/uninvited?
What was your relationship with the individual/business you are complaining about prior to the incident you are
no prior relationship
Did you conduct any research on the individual/business prior to the incident?
How much time has passed since you determined you were victimized?
6 months or more
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Contact Information
Are there witnesses or other victims to this crime?
Bill Gates has surely proofs of everything done to harass me, he is the witness and the victim number one.
The harassment led to 911, the wars after, the patriot act...MH370, MH17...Charlie hebdo. The number of victims is
huge. The whole world impacted.
Have you reported this crime to any law enforcement or government agencies?
Better Business Bureau
Consumer protection agency
Individual/business that victimized you
Police/other law enforcement
Private attorney
Provide the specific name of each organization, contact name, contact phone number, email address, date reported,
and report number (if known).
The last complaints I filed behind the IC3 are:
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They are on line with the first ones on scribd:
Supplemental Information
----------------------------------------------- 03/23/2015 10:58:47 -------------------------------------------------If a person represents a danger right now, it is Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz, as the evil mind behind the crimes
perpetrated. After I filed this complaint, I had hard time, understandable for I face alone a much than unormal
situation. I receive signs via my computer. I know that they are accurate most of time. But things went that far that it
required from me quite solid nerves. I never know precisely what happens, but receive warnings.
Since March 17, I filed 30 complaints against arab leaders, and sent them by mails. If I was wrong, it is obvious that I
would have been stopped. I am not, and I have years of experience of the connection on my computer. I trust it,
follow all the indications sent as soon as I understand them, verify everything. My mistakes are due to the fact that
two connections exist, opposed each one other.
Today, things worsen and they do because persons used never to appear are exposed. Malarewicz is in this case, and
I guess that he can become dangerous for he has two very different visages which he experienced separatedly. He is
an appreciated psychotherapist, councelor, writer. This visage is the one I knew in 1996. His other visage is criminal.
He uses his knowledge to conceive false flags attacks which kill by thousands, as well as crashes. I went to this
conclusion due to the way he acted towards me, in the context of harassment exposed, and to the knowledge
required to conceive 9/11 for example, once admitted that it was a false flag done from day one to indict America in
a second time, reason why WTC7 collapsed so obviously at free speed.
We are at a cross road. After I filed this complaint, I guess he pretended that I was mad, what was easy, he has
credentials, he wrote many books, I am an unknown isoated one. Nevertheless this complaint exists, I sent it to him,
he did not say a single word. I guess if it was a manifestation of mental problems I had, he would have contacted my
own doctor and asked something to be done. He did not. This exposes precisely the danger. He now knows his name
is associated for persons who received my mails and trust me, to 9/11 and I sent these 30 complaints. He has to be
contained. I guess he even represents a danger for the Rothschilds themselves for he has no experience of
difficulties. He only observed other ones facing them. They now face a choice. Either he or them, but I feel the
certainty that the interests are not shared.
Each person in a position to act in an aim of peace is welcome. Time of wars and false flags ended. Malarewicz lost
his job.
----------------------------------------------- 03/25/2015 06:46:23 -------------------------------------------------Page 7 of 8
I guess the evil brain prepared the A320 crash when I completed this complaint and fear another attack to be in the
making for I am hacked since I try to complete it right now. I guess his mail and phones should be listened at, this
man is more than dangerous.
----------------------------------------------- 03/25/2015 06:46:23 -------------------------------------------------I guess the evil brain prepared the A320 crash when I completed this complaint and fear another attack to be in the
making for I am hacked since I try to complete it right now. I guess his mail and phones should be listened at, this
man is more than dangerous.
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