ASIAN ART IN BRUSSELS announces exhibitors and program for



ASIAN ART IN BRUSSELS announces exhibitors and program for
 ASIAN ART IN BRUSSELS announces exhibitors and program for the 2015 edition ASIAN ART IN BRUSSELS (AAB) is delighted to announce the launch of its 2015 edition, which will be held
in Brussels from 10 to 14 June 2015 in conjunction with two other important fairs and cultural events,
Brussels Ancient Art Fair (BAAF) and Brussels non European Art Fair (BRUNEAF). The 3 Fairs together are composed by approximately 80 established international antique dealers and create
a unique event in the world of art fairs making Brussels a key destination for art enthusiasts in June. AAB will present 17 leading international specialists in the arts of India, Himalaya, Central Asia, Southeast
Asia, China and Japan, who will offer their finest works of art on view and for sale. We are pleased to
welcome 3 new exhibitors specialized in the field of Japanese paintings and graphics : Ibasho (Antwerp),
Hotei (Leiden) and Oranda Jin (‘s Hertogenbosch), who will join our well established group of dealers
exhibiting in conveniently located galleries in the Sablon area. Dealers returning to Asian Art in Brussels include: Himalayan, Indian and Southeast Asian art : Astamangala (Amsterdam), Buddhist Art (Berlin), Carlo Cristi (Italy), Karim Grusenmeyer (Brussels),
Famarte (Knokke-Heist), Martin Doustar (Paris and Brussels), Michael Woerner (Hong Kong and Bangkok). Chinese art : Gisèle Croës (Brussels), Galerie Lamy (Brussels), Duchange et Riché (Brussels and London), Jacques How
Choong (Brussels), Wei Asian Arts (Brussels). Japanese art : Hotei (Leiden), Ibasho (Antwerp), Kitsune Japanese Art (Brussels), Kyoto Gallery (Brussels), Oranda Jin ('sHertogenbosch) A strictly organized vetting by a panel of international specialists and the compulsory ART LOSS REGISTER
certification of all offered works of art will assure the public and collectors of authenticity, quality, and
provenance. Such high standard is quite unique and highly appreciated by the visitors. Dates: Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 June 2015 th
Wednesday 10/06:
Thursday 11/06:
Friday 12/06:
Saturday 13/06:
Sunday 14/06:
3 pm – 9 pm 11 am – 8 pm 11 am – 7 pm 11 am – 7 pm 11 am – 5 pm Venue: art galleries in the Sablon area (detailed list below) Contact: [email protected] EVENTS 2015 The Art Fairs AAB and BAAF are happy to announce the third edition of
"ArtConnoisseurs - a rendez-vous with Art, Knowledge and Beauty" which will be
organised in collaboration with the Royal Museums of Art and History.
The Concept: ArtConnoisseurs is a cultural programme taking place simultaneously to the
fairs which are held each June at the Sablon in Brussels. Since the last 3 years, in order to
add the pleasure of knowledge to the events of the fairs, ArtConnoisseurs has received
over 30 speakers of international standing in the field of Archaeology, ancient and Asian
art. Many videos of the conferences are available on the websites of ArtConnoisseurs and
ArtConnoisseurs is organised by Asian Art in Brussels (AAB), Brussels Ancient Art Fair
(BAAF), Brussels International Art Promotion and Logistics (BIAPAL) and the Institut Belge
des Hautes Etudes Chinoises (IBHEC)
Friday 12 June from 5 to 7 pm. Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire (Musée du
On Friday the 12th of June, the Cinquantenaire Museum will host a series of lectures on
Asian Art and Archaeology given by the museum's specialists and by invited international
scholars. As every year, the lectures will be filmed and made available online on the
websites of ArtConnoisseurs (, Asian Art in Brussels
(, and Brussels Ancient Art Fair ( At this
occasion, the museum will exceptionally open its reserves and offer private guided tours
conducted by its curators. A fundraising party will also be held after the lectures to benefit
various projects of the museum.
Information and tickets: [email protected] -
How to reach the Museum:
bus 27 goes from Sablon to the Museum (bus stop Gaulois) in about 20 minutes.
Hidden Treasures from the Floating World
The Collection of Japanese Prints in the Royal Museums of Art and History,
By Nathalie Vandeperre, Curator Far-Eastern Department (China, Japan,
Korea) - Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH), Brussels
Ukiyo-e prints were among the very first objects the RMAH
acquired for its Japanese section, with the purchase of 267
prints at Bing’s in Paris in 1889. The most important acquisition
no doubt was Edmond Michotte’s collection in 1905, that
counted over 4600 prints. After the exhibition of the Michotte
collection in 1911, the print collection grew but remained
hidden in the storages until the 1970’s when it was
rediscovered by the American specialists Roger Keyes and
Jack Hillier. They identified unique Sharaku prints and found a
selection of Harunobu prints in an impeccable state of
conservation, among many others.
With the restauration works of the Museum of Japanese Art in
2013, the prints returned to the storages. This lecture will
introduce the highlights of the ukiyo-e collection, one of the
treasures of the RMAH.
Suzuki HARUNOBU, inv. JP.598, Michotte collection
Nathalie Vandeperre is curator of the Far-Eastern department (China, Japan, Korea) of
the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH) in Brussels. She heads the Museums
of the Far-East (Chinese Pavilion, Japanese Tower and Museum of Japanese Art) and
their export art collections. She recently curated two important exhibitions: Utamaro: the
twelve hours of the green houses, and other beauties (Museum of Japanese Art, 2012
(she also co-authored the catalogue of the exhibition); and Hokusai: views on Mount Fuji
and other landscapes (Museum of Japanese Art, 2013)
Recent publications: « The King’s dream » and « Collecting the Far-East » in Arts of Asia
nr.200, 2012 ; editor of « Hokusai, coup d’oeil sur les deux rives du fleuve Sumida, suivi
Le fleuve Yodo » by M. Forrer , Editions Hazan, 2012 ; and of « Keisai, le maître du dessin
abrégé. Tous les albums de style ryakuga » by M.Forrer, Editions Hazan, 201
6 pm From India to continental Southeast Asia: the diffusion of Buddhist
by Pierre Baptiste, Senior curator - Southeast Asia, National Museum for
Asian Art – Musée Guimet, Paris
to the study of a selection of Buddhist art objects
preserved in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, it is possible
to explain and illustrate the close links between these images
(Dvâravatî art, Preangkorian Khmer statuary, art of Champa)
and the Indian prototypes that generated them. These
iconographical and stylistic links will be illustrated and studied
thanks to a florilege of masterpieces from Southeast Asia
statuary (c. 6th to 10thcentury).
Bodhisattva Lokeshvara de Tan Long (Soc Trang, Vietnam), fin 7e-­‐8e siècle, grès, musée national des Arts asiatiques -­‐ Guimet MA5063 (photo Thierry Ollivier -­‐ Musée Guimet / RMN)
In charge of the Southeast Asian art department of the Musée Guimet since 1996, Pierre
Baptiste is an art historian and researcher. Teacher at the Faculty of Archaeology of the
Royal University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh (1998-2002) and the Ecole du Louvre, Paris,
he directed the renovation of the Southeast Asian galleries at the Guimet (1996-2001).
Author of several essays, and articles devoted to the arts of Cambodia, Vietnam and
Thailand, he participated to the scientific direction of books in this field, such as Missions
archéologiques françaises au Vietnam – 1903-1904, 2005 ; Catalogue des collections
khmères du musée Guimet, 2008. He curated exhibitions on several aspects of the arts of
Southeast Asia, such as : Trésors d’art du Vietnam - La statuaire du Champa, 2004;
Dvâravatî : Aux sources du Bouddhisme en Thaïlande, 2009. He organised an exhibition
on Louis Delaporte and the so-called rediscovery of Angkor (Angkor Naissance d’un Mythe
– Louis Delaporte et le Cambodge, 2013) and recently curated an exhibition with Vietnam
on the iconography of the Dragon (L’Envol du Dragon – Art royal du Vietnam).
7 pm Crafting Chinese Buddhist Sculpture: Case Studies from the Metropolitan
Museum of Art
by Denise Patry Leidy, Curator (Chinese sculpture and decorative arts),
Department of Asian Art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
From an early Buddha cast using the distinctively Chinese piecemold technique to a late seventh-century mandala, one of the
earliest known examples of this type, to wooden bodhisattvas with
hidden mirrors, scientific examination has yielded new information
regarding the dating, meaning, and function of many of the
Chinese Buddhist sculptures in the collection of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. This presentation will both introduce new material
regarding some of the most famous masterpieces in the collection
and explore the ways in which this information broadens our
understanding of the practice of Buddhism in China.
Buddha Vairocana
Tang dynasty, late 7 – early 8 century
Gilt arsenical leaded bronze: lost wax cast
H. 7 7/8 in. (20 cm) Rogers Fund, 1943 (43.24.3)
© The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Denise Patry Leidy has a PHD in Art History of the Columbia University of New York.
Curator since 1995 in the Department of Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
(Chinese sculpture and Decorative Arts), she is responsible for extensive collections of
sculpture, lacquer, ceramics and other decorative arts including bi-annual rotations of
lacquers and textiles in The Florence and Herbert Irving Galleries for Chinese Decorative
Arts. Recent projects include « Silla : Korea’s Golden Kingdom » (with Soyoung Lee) and
the development of a « Treasure Room » for the third floor decorative arts galleries.
Author of many books, essays, exhibition catalogues and brochures and gallery
guides about Chinese, Korean and Central Asian Art, curator of major exhibitions in
the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums, she is a very active international
lecturer and collaborates at research projects and scholarly activities in her speciality :
the Buddhist art of Asia.
EVENTS 2015 Exhibition: Fight Pray Love
The exhibition: Fight – Pray – Love will focus on Moghul and Sikh arms and armours from an important
private European collection. A catalogue will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition and a lecture will
be held by the renown specialist Robert Elgood. The exhibition focus on the role of weaponry in acts of workship and rituals; its sacred role in the quotidian
world and in religious ceremonies and the techniques; the design and decoration symbolism intervening in its
manufacture, and on the wider role this material and metaphysical phenomenon has had to play. The exhibition will be held in an exceptional “Art Nouveau” building from the Belgian architect Victor Horta in
1894. Venue: Hôtel Frison, Rue Lebeau 37 (1000 Bruxelles) Lecture Date:
Saturday 13 June 5pm Hôtel Frison, Rue Lebeau 37 (1000 Bruxelles) “North Indian Weapons and Warriors” by Robert Elgood Muslims and Hindus had differing attitudes to arms and their place in the social structure but both delighted
in producing the most magnificent arms possible. For Hindus warriors these were spiritually charged objects
which the Goddess was persuaded to enter every year in the Durga Puja festival to make them efficacious..
For Muslims arms were part of religious duty but also about prestige and political power which was passed
from the ruler to privileged subjects in the khilat system where by accepting gifts of personal items they
became 'limbs' of the ruler, personifying his authority. This lecture will discuss a rich and varied selection of
objects chosen for their beauty and for what they tell us about the people who owned them, how they
thought and behaved. Robert Elgood has a BA in Islamic History from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London
University; and a DPHIL from Oxford University in Indian Anthropology. He was consultant in Indian and
Islamic arms at Sotheby's London in the 1980s and Research Fellow, Eastern European, Islamic and Asian
Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection 2006 - 2012.
List of exhibitors Astamangala / Sjoerd De Vries Keizergracht 574 1017 EM Amsterdam The Netherlands T: +31 20 6234402 F: +31 20 6234402 M: +31 621 546 317 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue des Minimes 52 Buddhist Art Berlin, Germany By Appointment T: +49 173 656 1260 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue des Minimes 61 Carlo Cristi / Asian Arts Company 12 Rue de Plancenoit B-1401 Baulers (Nivelles) Belgium T: +39 0332966114 F: +39 0332966114
M: +39 335 593 37 32 [email protected] Exhibition address: Galerie Champaka, rue Ernest
Allard 27 Gisèle Croës Avenue Emile Duray 44 B-1050 Brussels Belgium T: +322 511 82 16 F: +322 514 04 19 [email protected] Exhibition address: Avenue Emile Duray 44 Martin Doustar / Ancient & Tribal Art Paris - Brussels T: +33 687293074 F: +322 416 63 43 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue des Minimes 61 Duchange et Riché Rue Ernest Allard 45 B-1000-Brussels-Belgium T: +322 512 42 18 M: +32 479 833 703 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue Ernest Allard 45 Famarte / Farah Massart Duindistelstraat 16 B – 8300 Knokke M: +32495 289 100 [email protected] Exhibition address: Galerie Lamy, Rue Ernest Allard
32 Karim Grusenmeyer Rue Lebeau 14 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T: +322 514 03 37 F: +329 223 39 37 M: +32 475 475 729 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue Lebeau 14 Hotei Japanese Prints Rapenburg 19 23111 GE Leiden The Netherlands [email protected] Exhibition address: Galerie Laurentin, rue Ernest
Allard 43 Jacques How Choong Rue des Minimes 19 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T: +33 6 2296 9583 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue des Minimes 19 Ibasho
Japanese fine art photography Tolstraat 67 B-2000 Antwerp Belgium T: +32 (0) 3 216 20 28 M: +32 (0) 473 139 328 (Annemarie Zethof)
M : +32(0) 473 139 329 (Martin Van Pieterson) [email protected] Exhibition address: Galerie Laurentin, Rue Ernest
Allard 43 Kitsune / Arie Vos Rue des Minimes 55 B-1000 Brussels Belgium M: +32 476 87 85 69 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue des Minimes 55 Kyoto Gallery / Tony Cammaert Rue Ernest Allard 20 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T: +32 71 703 701 F: +32 71 703 702 M: +32 475 448 356 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue Ernest Allard 20 Galerie Lamy / Georges Lamy Rue Ernest Allard 32 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T: +322 502 12 05 M: +32 475 604 053 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue Ernest Allard 32 Oranda Jin/Jon de Jong Kalverstraat 28 5223 AD ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands T: +31 73 6218951 M: +31 6 347 4444 2 [email protected] Exhibition address : Galerie Antoine Laurentin, Rue
Ernest Allard 43 Wei Asian Arts / Howard Wei Rue Van Moer 5 B-1000 Brussels Belgium T: +322 503 58 35 M: +32 485 960 695 [email protected] Exhibition address: Rue Van Moer 5 Michael Woerner Hong Kong - Bangkok T: +49 172 660 45 22 M: +852 9874 1061 [email protected] Exhibition address: Architect’s House, Rue Ernest
Allard 21 Thematic exhibition: Dong Son - Six Bronze Age
Masterpieces from Southeast Asia 

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