APRIL 2010


APRIL 2010
APRIL 2010
Monthly Business Tips and Team Celebrations for “Naughty Nymphettes” Team!
Are You Making These Selling
Mistakes? - Part 1
If you’re in business for
yourself, you’re selling
something. You may want
customers to buy your
product, or new people to
join your team, or other
companies to join you in a
strategic alliance.
Are you making any of
the top 3 mistakes I see in
selling? Try this true/false
1. Anyone will be interested
in what I offer and they’ll
want to buy it. True or
2. If I just get the chance
to explain the benefits,
people will be convinced
and buy it. True or false?
3. If I could just learn the
right words, I could
persuade prospects to
accept my offer (.e.g.,
buy my product/service
or join my team). True or
Did you answer True to
any of them? These are all
The sooner you let go of
these beliefs, and replace
them with the following
approach, the easier and
more successful your sales
will become.
Let’s start with 1.) Anyone
will be interested in my
product/service and want to
Sit down in a quiet spot,
close your eyes, and
By Marcy Stahl, Direct Sales Coach
visualize your ideal client.
She (or he) may be a real
buy it. I’ve seen this attitude etc. So the price someone
person you’ve worked
with products and services pays may be huge: staying
with recently AND you
ranging from skin care to
stuck in the same job
really enjoyed working
insurance to technology.
instead of advancing, giving
with her. Or, she may be a
be really clear on are why
Take skin care products as
people come to you (what’s combination of real people.
the right life partner and
an example. People who
their problem) and how
having a family, etc.
Reflect on what her pain
are interested in skin care
that problem affects their
is - what is bothering her?
products either care about When you find someone
life. There are typically
How does that affect her
their skin’s appearance
with a skin problem, who’s
multiple layers to how the daily life? Or her big picture
or have a skin condition.
aware that it affects their
problem affects their life - goals? How does it affect
People who don’t care
self-image and is holding
make sure you get to the
her relationships and the
about their appearance
them back, do you think
bottom of it. For example: people around her? Is there
and also have no existing
you will need to persuade
lack of money means less
another layer of effects
skin problems - they are not them that skin care is a
time with the family which underneath that?
going to buy your product. good idea? NO!
means being a bad mom.
Keep fine-tuning these
When you find someone
When you start speaking
details, then start
To improve your selling,
with great skin who has
to a mom in that situation, COMMUNICATING this to
you need to get very clear used soap on their face for
you will get to one level of your prospects. Your ability
on who your ideal clients their entire life, do you think
connection with her when to connect will instantly
are. There are several
you will need to persuade
you talk about money. You and dramatically increase!
dimensions to that, which is them that skin care is a
will arrive at MUCH DEEPER
© 2010 Marcy Stahl
why I devote an entire step good idea? YES! Because
level of connection when
Marcy Stahl motivates women
in the 8-step process I use they don’t have a problem.
entrepreneurs to move from having only
you talk about how to
a trickle of clients to an abundant full
with clients to this.
They are not feeling any
spend more time with her
flow of more clients, more money, and
decision-making power. If you’re
The two most important
family. Because then you
ready to empower yourself AND boost
things to learn about your Will it be easier for you to
are addressing her deepest your business, if you want to share YOUR
with more people, schedule your
ideal client are: What’s
sell skin care products to
desire. Will she be receptive passion
free 30-minute Marcy Stahl Success
Session by clicking here www.
their pain? And, What’s
the first group of people,
to what you’re saying?
the price they’re paying
who have pain? Absolutely! Most likely yes!
for living with that pain? You cannot sell to
Study your ideal clients
“Sales are
The pain associated with a people who don’t have a carefully; make sure you
contingent upon
skin condition may be poor problem, who don’t have know in depth what their
self-image. That manifests pain. (One exception:
issues and concerns are.
the attitude of
itself in many deep and
when you’re selling fun.)
That’s the first step that sets
the salesman powerful ways: becoming I cannot emphasize this
the foundation for a new
more shy and reserved,
strongly enough. No pain =
not the attitude
approach to selling. In the
not speaking up at work,
no customer.
next newsletter, I’ll continue of the prospect.”
not entering into personal The first step in improving
the article with the next
relationships, not buying
W. Clement Stone
your selling is to write up
two steps.
the right clothes or makeup,
Dana Corey, Spicy Princess
Managing National Director
P: 503-789-5606  [email protected]
www.TheSpicyPrincess.com  groups.yahoo.com/group/NaughtyNymphettes/
your ideal client. You can
write this as a profile of one
person who’s representative
of your typical client, or
you can list bullet points
that characterize a group of
APRIL 2010
Congratulations to
the following “Naughty
Nymphettes” who had a
GRAND Month in March
and sold $1,000+ in PV!
Welcome to
the Team!
Congratulations to
the following “Naughty
Nymphettes” for
sponsoring a new team
member (in italics) to their
team in March. We wish
Jennifer Hartman $6,079
your new team members
Sue Anne Williams $3,321
the greatest success!
Dawn Forenzo $2,562
Shauna Ruse
Shauna Ruse $2,502
Beverly Scott
Brenda Dimuro $2,170
Kristal Harvey
Meghann Gipson $2,053
Stephanie Hall
Debra Merry $1,507
Bonnie Colfer $1,302
Danita Worthy
Tracy Nelson $1,248
Katrina Kerley
Stacey Maddox $1,216
Brenda Dimuro
Ginny Harrell $1,185
Meredith Sloan
Stacy Boone $1,106
Laurel Vasquez $1,025
Jennifer Herman
Juli Kisor $1,024
Sharon Hays
Jayna Carlson $1,015
Juli Kisor
Kristin Cambas
Congratulations to
the following “Naughty
Nymphettes” who had a
Shauna Ruse $1,487
Stacey Maddox $1,194
Dawn Forenzo $1,054
Jennifer Hartman
$1,051, $1,004
Dana Corey
Jessica Jones (Flink)
Georgia Sarivalas
Dawn Leland
Molly Smith
Shalaunda Brown
“It’s not knowing
what to do, it’s doing
what you know.”
Victories and Celebrations!
March Kudos
Directors & Their Teams!
Qualified in March
First Line Sales
Look who is
Climbing High!
(without Director’s Sales)
Cori Jurin
Second Line Sales
Third Line Sales
Fourth Line Sales
Shauna Ruse
Managing Director
17 - 1st Line
6 - 2nd Line
4 - 3rd Line
TEAM Sales: $6,364
Certified IBA’s
Only ones eligible to earn
ANY Naughty Nymphette
Incentives, including Poker
Chips and Challenges!
Make it a priority
to get certified!
Sue Anne Williams
Managing Director
11 - 1st Line
1 - 2nd Line
TEAM Sales: $7,160.50
Naya Claasen
Jennifer Hartman
Jayna Carlson
Cori Jurin
Way to go! Will YOU be HERE next month?
The Spicy Princess’ March 2010 Stats:
Personal Sales: $6,156.00
Top Shows: $990.50
9 Pleasure Parties  2 Indv/Online Orders  5 Personal Recruits
IBA 40% Commission: $2,462.40
Mng. Nat. Dir. 10%: $615.60  Personal Bonus 10%: $615.60
Dir. Overrides: $2,187.15  Mgmt. Bonus $500
Total Income $6,380.75
(Earned $3,918.35 more as a Leader!)
Building a TEAM is worth it!
Anthony Robbins
Dates To Remember
Team Challenges
Winners of the March Challenge
•Tuesday, May 4th: New Consultant Training for all
You have to be certified to earn prizes!
NEW Naughty Nymphettes; 6-8:30pm PT. Conference
• Submitted $1,000 - $2,499 in sales
call, confirmation required.
earned: Coochy Caterpillar #13388
•Wednesday, May 5th: Portland area TEAM meeting;
Brenda Dimuro (Cert.), Meghann
6:30PM at Siam Society, 2703 NE Alberta St.
Gipson, Debra Merry, Bonnie Colfer
•Tuesday, May 18th: New Consultant Training for all
(Cert.), Tracy Nelson, Stacey Maddox,
Ginny Harrell, Stacy Boone (Cert.),
NEW Naughty Nymphettes; 6-8:30pm PT. Conference
Laurel Vasquez, Juli Kisor, Jayna
call, confirmation required.
Carlson (Cert.)
•Wednesday, May 26th: Naughty Nymphettes TEAM
• Submitted $2,500 - $3,999 in sales
Conference call 6PM PT, 9PM ET.
earned: Sexual Imagination DVD
Hold multi-host parties to reduce stress for your
party hosts. A multi-host party is when 2-3 hosts
Sue Anne Williams (Cert.), Dawn
pick one location and have one party. Each host
Forenzo, Shauna Ruse (Cert.)
invites their own guests and each host earns
• Submitted $4,000- $7,900 in sales
free products for having their party. They just
earned: Handmaiden G-Spot Thrill
share the “party space” and you only have to
do one business presentation. It’s a win-win for
Jennifer Hartman (Cert.)
April Naughty Nymphette Challenge
Party, Party, Party!
• Submit 4 parties: Receive a Caress
Me Candle
• Submit 6 parties: Receive a Candle
and a Body Mist
• Submit 8 parties: Receive a Candle,
Mist and Waterslide
May Naughty Nymphette Challenge
This month we’re going to have a TEAM
Challenge! If the Naughty Nymphettes
submit a total of 50 parties (each must
be $150), everyone who contributed will
be put into a drawing.
• 1st Prize: Beyond 1 G-Spot
• 2nd Prize:
Rock Chic
• 3rd Prize:
A Lover’s Guide
to Self Pleasuring