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Hansen Project Management
Strategic Project Delivery Services
Hansen Project Management is composed of professionals who are highly experienced in all
aspects of the capital construction process. We provide our clients with owner representation
from program and project inception to completion, while balancing out cost, schedule and
quality to successfully meet requirements and expectations. Our service offerings include capital
program management, construction project management from an owner representation
perspective, contract compliance and cost recovery, contract claims analysis, litigation support,
dispute advisory services, program and project controls assessment and development, and trouble
project recovery.
Our diversified team is made up of individuals with degrees in architecture, engineering and
construction management and experience in the public and private sectors as construction project
managers, owner representatives, real estate managers, facilities managers and big four
construction advisory services.
We have the ability to provide our services to a wide range of industries sectors including tenant
improvement, commercial, real estate development, healthcare, retail, higher education, nuclear,
utilities, and local, state and federal governments.
Capital Construction Program Management
Hansen Project Management can help organizations develop and
implement comprehensive capital construction programs to meet
long term objectives. We listen to the needs of the organization
to help develop an overall program strategy while paying close
attention to cost, quality and schedule requirements. Once the
program strategy is approved, we proceed with implementation
by: •
Identifying internal and external roles and responsibilities
Developing and implementing policies and procedures
Procurement Management
Financial Budgeting, Management, and Reporting
Schedule Development, Management, and Reporting
Quality Management
Project Closeout
Recommending delivery methods and contracting structures
Procuring and negotiating contracts
Providing overall program and project construction
administration and reporting
Construction Project Management
Hansen Project Management provides comprehensive
construction project management services from an owner’s
viewpoint, resulting in the required planning and control to
complete a quality project on time and within budget. We work
closely with the owners we represent to develop the project plan.
Experience in knowing the value of the plan lies in its
implementation for successful execution, we work to keep the
project on schedule and within budget through the control
function which is as important as, if not more important than, the
initial plan. The following services are provided as part of our
Construction Project Management package:
Strategic Project Planning, Development, and Coordination
− Budget and schedule development
− Project site identification
− Due diligence review
− Space programming
− Lease review and negotiation assistance
− Project consultant procurement, contract development
and negotiation
ƒ Environmental Planners
ƒ Architects
ƒ Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers
ƒ Structural Engineers
ƒ Acoustical Consultants
ƒ IT Consultants
ƒ Security Consultants
ƒ Commissioning Agents
ƒ Others as required
Design Coordination and Oversight
− Budgeting and schedule management and reporting
− Value Engineering
Construction Procurement
− Procurement management
− Contract development
− Bid negotiation
Construction Administration
− Contract Compliance
− Weekly meetings
− Construction observation
− Field directive review and negotiation
− Change order review and negotiation
− Application for payment review
− Project budgeting, schedule and quality management
− Project budgeting, schedule and quality progress
Project Closeout
− Punch list
− Final Contact deliverables including as-builts,
warrantees, and release of liens
− Final application for payment review
Contract Compliance and Cost Recovery
Our contract compliance services help ensure the delivery of
contract requirements in accordance with the agreed upon terms
and conditions. Review types include architectural, engineering,
consultant and construction. We tailor this service to meet the
requirements of the organization, whether it is a onetime review
or ongoing monitoring and reporting. The objectives of this
service are:
Identification of contractual requirements and
Verification of deliverables in accordance with contract
terms and conditions
Verification of execution of contract amendments and
changes in accordance with Contract terms and
Verification payment in accordance with contract terms
and conditions
Verification of schedule adherence
Identification of contractual related risks
Identification and recovery of overbillings,
Identification of organizational monitor and control
Identification of contract language weaknesses for
correction in future contracts
Additionally, if material issues are identified in terms of the
overall delivery of the contract, we can provide contract claims
analysis, dispute resolution and litigation support services.
These services can range from the simple negotiation of a
settlement to assisting in assembling and documentation of the
claim and providing industry expert testimony.
Program and Project Controls Assessment, Development and
Having adequate policies, procedures and controls in place when delivering a capital
construction program and project is the most important element controlling successful project
delivery in terms of cost, schedule and quality. Without the appropriate checks, balances,
reporting and approvals, a capital construction program or project is likely to become a troubled
without warning. This will lead to program or project failure and even, ultimately,
organizational failure.
Hansen Project Management can help an organization assess its existing program and project
controls with the goal of:
Identifying weaknesses, risks, non-compliance with policies, procedures and controls
Determining the probable cause and potential effect of identified weakness, gaps and
non-compliance situations
Recommending solutions to the identified observations
We can also help develop and implement policies, procedures and controls to meet the strategic
needs of your construction program and/or projects. Areas for consideration may include:
Project Identification and Initiation
Design Management
Construction Administration
Financial Management
Risk Identification
Change Management
Payment Processing
Quality Control and Assurance
Project Closeout
Hansen Project Management’s reputation is built on successfully delivering a
quality project on time and budget. We look forward to serving you.

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