Le The Wilvy 2016-2


Le The Wilvy 2016-2
Vol. 4, Issue 2
Daily Horoscope by
Fortune Telling Kait…
Cancer: Jupiter is orbiting in your
favour this week. You will find yourself
reflecting the light of a million stars!
Ne soyez pas gêner de vous expresser!
Leo: Vous aurez quelques obstacles
émotionnelles cette semaine. Par
contre, les lunes de Venus vous guident
dans la bonne direction. Go with the
celestial flow.
Virgo: Something unexpected will
occur on one of your instructionals.
Don’t let this surprise take you the
wrong way, une étoile veillera sur
July 3, 2016
L’Aventure Canadien
Le premier juillet Wilvaken a célébré le 149e anniversaire du
Canada. Tout le monde s’est habillé en rouge et blanc et nous
sommes tous partis dans la forêt voyageur pour un aventure
canadien. Il y avait plusieurs stations incluant le face painting,
la chasse au castor, le canot voyageur, la construction des
cabanes, l’art plastique naturel et un collation de bannock!
L’aventure s’est terminé avec un grand jeu du chasse au drapeau
dans la forêt. C’était une journée aux couleurs du Canada!
Libra: L’énergie celestial deviens de
plus en plus fort en faveur de vous.
Appreciate Andromeda’s alignment
and accept the gifts sent from above.
Scorpio: Take this weeks venus
alignment as an opportunity to find
love. Vous serez surpris a chaque
Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to interact
with those who intimidate you. The
current planetary configuration will
give you the confidence to do so.
Capricorn: Les crapauds chantent pour
vous. Vous allez les accompagné.
Aquarius: The Big Dipper is going to
be really big tonight. Check it out.
Pisces: You will find love in a hopeless
place this week. N’oubliez pas de
remercier Pluto pour votre bonheur.
Aries: Remember; even the stars will
appear on your darkest nights.
Taurus: You will need your friends
close by this week. Remember that
Mercury may always fall short of its
proper alignment and create turbulence.
Tread carefully.
Gemini: This week you will feel #blessed.
Assurez vous de remercier les étoiles
filantes que Andromeda vous a envoyez.
Sean’s Shower
“If a pregnant woman goes
swimming…is she a human
Editors In Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence
Cohen’s Corner
During Thursdays EP Will Kuperburg was scheduled on sand
castle building. However it became so much more than just a
scheduled activity. The sand castle that was built with the help
of Zakee, Will, Joshua, Alex and many more because the work
of art as Lara described is “the best sand castle I’ve ever seen
at camp.” It can still be seen in its
weathered state
windsurf beach
and swim
beach. It is still
quite hard to
miss as it lies
about 2m long,
1m wide and
almost 1m high.
Vol. 4, Issue 2
July 3, 2016
Naomi’s Words of the Week!
Word Bank!!!!!
canada day -slip n’ slide
lake — arbre
paddle — voile
mastigouche — camp
tuck — sweden
india — pinnacle
Birthdays!! Les Fêtes!!
July 2nd - Pippa!
July 9th - Lily!
Joyeux Anniversaire les filles!
Dear Arthème…
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Arthème’s soul is black…
But it’s pink too!
Love, Sweden
Over Heard at
“I like camp more than the aquarium.”- Henri
“I got broads in Atlanta…” - Everyone who pets Panda
Editors In Chief: Kait & Alicia & Laurence

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