Curriculum Vitae - Sébastien Chauvin



Curriculum Vitae - Sébastien Chauvin
Curriculum Vitae
Sébastien CHAUVIN
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Amsterdam
[email protected]
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Personal website with publications:
Academic positions
2014-: Tenured Assistant Professor (Promoted to UD1), University of Amsterdam. Researcher at the Amsterdam Institute
for Social Science Research (AISSR), Program Group on Political Sociology: Power, Place and
2010-2014: Tenured Assistant Professor (UD 2), University of Amsterdam.
2008-2010: Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent 2), University of Amsterdam.
courses taught:
- graduate: Dynamics of International Migration and Integration; World Cities; Research
Methodology; Qualitative Research Designs; Sexuality, Race and Class Entangled; Labor Market
- undergraduate: Advanced Social Theory.
2011-: Academic advisor, MISOCO Erasmus Mundus Program.
2010-: Track coordinator, Migration and Ethnic Studies Master program.
2008 (Spring semester): guest lecturer at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris. “Race, Ethnicity, and Class: U.S. Society,
19th-20th centuries” (with Nicolas Barreyre). Introductory course for advanced graduate students at the Ecole Normale
Lecturer in sociology at the University Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne.
courses taught (undergraduate): Social Stratification and the Uses of Statistics; Studying social and
spatial trajectories: the Uses of In-Depth Interviews.
Visiting lecturer, University of Chicago, Department of Anthropology and Center for Gender Studies.
courses taught (undergraduate): “Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu”; “History of Queer Life and Politics in
20th-Century Europe”; “Queer and Feminist Theory in post-1945 France”.
22 Nov. 2007 Ph.D. in Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
Dissertation title : Intérim industriel et mobilisations de journaliers à Chicago.
Mention très honorable avec les félicitations du jury à l’unanimité (Highest Honor).
Dissertation committee: Christian BAUDELOT (chair), Nancy GREEN, Danièle LINHART, Alain MORICE, Serge
Funded doctoral research fellow, Centre Maurice Halbwachs, CNRS-ENS-EHESS.
M.A. in social science from the EHESS.
M.A. thesis (DEA): Humor and Humorists in France. Outline of a Sociological Approach of Humor
Professionals and Humor Publics. Committee: Christian Baudelot, Gérard Mauger.
2001- 2002
Secondary M.A. thesis : ‘The Body Is No Commodity’: the Status of Sex Work in the French AntiGlobalization Movement. Committee: Eric Fassin, Michel Feher.
French national agrégation in Economic and Social Science (rank: 11).
Full-year visiting graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, department of sociology.
Maîtrise in general sociology, University of Paris V – René Descartes. Thesis under the supervision of Pr.
François de Singly : Genesis and Paradoxes of an African American Gay Identity. Ethnographic Study of
Sexual Minority and Transgender Youth at a Community Center in Oakland, California.
Licence in general sociology, University of Paris V – René Descartes.
Full scholarship student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure-Ulm (Paris).
Admission at entrance competition exams to the ENS-Ulm (rank: 15) and to the ENS-Cachan (rank: 1)
Hypokhâgne and khâgne B/L (Preparation to ENS exams), Lycée Henri IV, Paris.
2011 Le Monde-Sciences Po Prize for best book in Human Resource to Les agences de la précarité.
2008 EHESS Prize for best PhD dissertation.
June 2015: Visiting Scholar, Max Planck - Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies
January-May 2015: Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, UCLA.
December 2014: Visiting Lecturer, Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management, Rabat, Morocco.
May 2014: Visiting Scholar, Bergen International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit (IMER), University
of Bergen, Norway.
October 2011: (with Martina Avanza and Daniel Cefaï) Visiting Lecturer on ethnographic methods, Department
of Political Science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
2003-3006: Visiting Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Center for Gender Studies, University of Chicago.
2000-2001: Visiting Graduate Student, Department of Sociology, University of California-Berkeley.
Sébastien Chauvin, Les agences de la précarité: Journaliers à Chicago, Paris: Editions du Seuil, 2010.
Academic reviews: Transatlantica (English), Cuadernos de Relaciones Laborales (Spanish),
Contretemps, La vie des idées, Sociologie du travail, Sociologie, Critique Internationale, La Quinzaine Littéraire
Press reviews: Le Monde, Alternatives Economiques, L’Humanité.
Pierre Barron, Anne Bory, Sébastien Chauvin, Nicolas Jounin, Lucie Tourette, On bosse ici, on reste ici ! La grève
des sans-papiers : une aventure inédite. Paris: La Découverte, 2011.
Academic reviews: IRESMO, La vie des idées, Nouvelle Revue du Travail, Le Mouvement Social,
Press reviews: Alternatives Economiques, Médiapart,
Laure Bereni, Sébastien Chauvin, Alexandre Jaunait, and Anne Revillard, Introduction aux études sur le genre.
Brussels: De Boeck. 2nd edition. 2012.
Press reviews : Témoignage Chrétien
Laure Bereni, Sébastien Chauvin, Alexandre Jaunait, and Anne Revillard, Introduction aux gender studies.
Brussels: De Boeck, November 2008.
Academic reviews: Recherches feministes, Revue française de sociologie, Cahiers du genre, Travail genre et société,
Press :
Sébastien Chauvin and Arnaud Lerch, Sociologie de l’homosexualité. Paris: La découverte, 2013.
Academic reviews : Liens socio, Genre et classes populaires, La vie des idées, Genre, sexualité et société, Travail,
genre et sociétés
Press reviews: Libération, Alternatives Economiques, Médiapart, Revue du projet
Indian edition: S. Chauvin and Arnaud Lerch, The sociology of homosexuality, Calcutta: Sampark, 2015.
Special Issue Coordination:
(with Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and Albert Kraler), “Migrant Legality and Employment in Europe”, special issue
of International Migration, 51(6), 2013.
(with Alexandre Jaunait and Frédérique Matonti) “Consentement sexuel”, special issue of Raisons Politiques, 46,
May 2012.
(with Laure Bereni, Alex Jaunait, Anne Revillard), Annual special review issues on gender, Revue française de
science politique, 60(3) 2011, 61(5) 2012, 63(2) 2013, and 64(5), 2014.
(with Josette Trat and Patrick Simon) “Genre, classe, ethnicité: appartenances, identities, identifications.”
Special issue of Contretemps 7, 2007.
(with B. Cousin), “Globalizing forms of elite sociability: varieties of cosmopolitanism in Paris social clubs.” Ethnic
and Racial Studies 37(12): 2209-2225.
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, N. Jounin and L. Tourette), “Derrière le sans-papier, le travailleurs ? Genèse et usages
de la catégorie de ‘travailleurs sans papiers’ en France”, Genèses, 94, 2014, 114-139.
(with O. Sezneva), “Has Capitalism Gone Virtual? Content Containment and the Obsolescence of the
Commodity.” Critical Historical Studies 1(1), 2014, 125-150.
(with B. Garcés-Mascareñas), “Becoming Less Illegal: Deservingness Frames and Undocumented Migrant
Incorporation.” Sociology Compass, 8(4),2014, 422–432
(with B. Garcés-Mascareñas and A. Kraler), “Employment and Migrant Deservingness”, International Migration,
51(6), 2013, 80-85.
(with B. Garcés-Mascareñas and A. Kraler) “Working for Legality: Employment and Migrant Regularization in
Europe”, International Migration, 51(6), 2013, 118-131.
 Czesh version ( Prací za legalitou pobytu: Zaměstnání a regularizace migrantů v Evropě.
(with B. Garcés-Mascareñas), “Beyond Informal Citizenship: the New Moral Economy of Migrant Illegality.”
International Political Sociology 6 (3), 2012, 241-259.
(with A. Jaunait) “Representing the Intersection in France and America: Theories of Intersectionality Meet Social
Science.” Revue Française de Science Politique (English-language edition), 62(1), 2012, 5-20.
(with A. Jaunait) “Représenter l’intersection: les théories de l’intersectionnalité à l’épreuve des sciences
sociales”, Revue française de science politique, 62(1), 2012, 5-20.
(with B. Cousin) “L’entre-soi élitaire à Saint-Barthélemy (Antilles)”, Ethnologie française, 42(2), 2012, 335-345.
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(with B. Cousin) “La dimension symbolique du capital social: les grands cercles et Rotary clubs de Milan” Sociétés
Contemporaines, 77, 2010, 111-138.
“Waiting for Papers: The Bridled Incorporation of Undocumented Migrants in the United States,” Politix English
Edition 87(2), 2009/2014, 47-69.
“En attendant les papiers : l’affiliation bridée des migrants irréguliers aux États-Unis,” Politix 87(2), 2009, 47-69.
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, A. Fall, N. Jounin and L. Tourette), “Travailleurs sans papiers : La précarité interdite.”
Les Mondes du Travail, 7, 2009, 63-74.
“Le worker center et ses spectres. Les conditions d'une mobilisation collective des travailleurs précaires à
Chicago,” Sociologies Pratiques, 15, 2007, 41-54.
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mouvements homosexuels au 20ème siècle,” L’homme et la société, 158, 2005, 111-130.
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, N. Jounin and L. Tourette) “Les travailleurs sans papiers, de la précarité à la grève”,
Revue du Projet, May 2012.
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, N. Jounin and L. Tourette) ”Les travailleurs sans papiers réinventent la grève”, Les
Temps Nouveaux 1, August 2010.
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précarité”, Plein Droit 84, mars 2010, pp. 33-36.
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travailleur immigré.” Pp. 111-117 in Baptiste Giraud (ed.), “Les métamorphoses de la grève”, Problèmes
politiques et sociaux, n°969, Paris: La Documentation française, février 2010.
“La précarité et sa crise : les travailleurs agricoles en Californie,” Plein Droit, 78, 2008 : 39-52.
(with Mathieu Bonzom) “Les sans-papiers dans les rues étatsuniennes: retour sur le mouvement immigré du
printemps 2006 ”, La Vie des Idées, 19, 2007, p. 67-79.
“ ‘Il faut défendre la communauté’ : ethnographie d’un community meeting de travailleurs journaliers à
Chicago”, ContreTemps, 19, 2007, p. 59-69.
(with Baptiste Coulmont) “Les origines du mariage”, Vacarme, 27, 2004, p. 77-79.
“L’abolitionnisme est-il capitaliste ? Questions sur le discours anti-marchandisation appliqué au travail sexuel”,
ProChoix, 24, 2003, p. 87-115.
“Pour une critique bienveillante de la notion de minorité”, ContreTemps, 7, 2003, p. 10-27.
Contributions to edited volumes
“Bounded Mobilizations: Informal Unionism and Secondary Shaming Amongst Migrant Temp Workers in
Chicago.” Chapter 2 in Globalization, Space and the Power of Labor: The Re-Organization Of Work Under NeoLiberalism & Globalizing Resistance. Edited by Rob Lambert and Andy Herod. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar,
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, S. Chauvin, N. Jounin, L. Tourette [ASPLAN]). 2014. “Gagner des droits sans changer le
droit ? La pratique syndicale du droit dans le cadre du mouvement de régularisation des salariés sans papiers. ”
Pp. 145-157 in Pratiques syndicales du droit, France XXe-XXIe siècles. Edited by André Narritsens and Michel
Pigenet. Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes.
(with P. Barron, A. Bory, S. Chauvin, N. Jounin, L. Tourette [ASPLAN]). 2013. “La huelga de los trabajadores sinpapeles en Francia: el asalariado encastrado revelado por sus movilizaciones.” Pp. 223-240 in Crisis y
precariedad vital. Trabajo, prácticas sociales y modos de vida en Francia y España. Edited by Benjamín Tejerina,
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À qui profitent les règles ? Paris: Karthala, 2011.
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États-Unis”, in Sophie Béroud et Paul Bouffartigue (eds.), Pp. 253-270 in Précarisation du travail et action
collective, Paris: La Dispute, 2009.
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l’extension des droits pour les plus précaires ? ” Connaissance de l’emploi, Centre d’Études de l’Emploi, 83, April
Book Reviews
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Invited Talks
13 November 2014, “Les agences de la précarité: journaliers à Chicago,” University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Western Switzerland, Lausanne.
9 October 2014: “Too Precarious for Legality? Undocumented migrants, temporary staffing agencies, and labor
rights organizing in France and the United States”, roundtable on Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights in the 21st
century, with Ruth Milkman (CUNY) and Valery Alzaga (Change to Win), Institute for Migration and Ethnic
Studies, Amsterdam.
1 October 2014 : “Avons-nous toujours eu un ‘genre’ ? Histoire de la sexualité et genèse du genre.” Keynote,
‘Politique et sexualité’ conference, University of Amiens, France.
20 May 2014 : “Les théories de l’intersectionnalité à l’épreuve des sciences sociales.” University of Applied
Sciences Western Switzerland, Geneva.
16 May 2014: “Etre un bon sans-papiers: régularisation et construction du mérite des migrants irréguliers en
Europe et aux Etats-Unis.” Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, Germany.
13 May 2014: “Becoming less illegal: deservingness frames and undocumented migrant incorporation.” PROVIR,
University of Bergen, Norway.
12 May 2014, “Sans-papiers into workers: how historic strikes changed the public face of undocumented
migrants in France”, IMER, University of Bergen, Norway.
1 May 2014: “Becoming less illegal: deservingness frames and undocumented migrant incorporation.” COMPAS,
University of Oxford, UK.
9 April 2014: (with O.Sezneva) – “Le capitalisme est-il devenu virtuel ? La substance du contenant et
l’obsolescence de la marchandise.” seminar on contemporary critical thought, EHESS, Paris.
8 April 2014: (with B. Cousin) – “Entre-soi élitaire et rapports de classes à Saint-Barthélemy” University of Lille 3
and University of the French West Indies and Guiana, seminar on Dynamiques sociales et politiques en Outremer, EHESS, Paris and Schœlcher-Martinique.
28 January 2014: (with Bruno Cousin) “Globalization, Elite Sociability, and the Future of Social Class.” Global
Studies Program, University of California-Riverside.
28 January 2014: (with Olga Sezneva) “Has Capitalism Gone Virtual? Content Containment and the Obsolescence
of the Commodity.” Global Studies Program, University of California-Riverside.
6 May 2013: “Sur la route de Washington: travailleurs journaliers, clivages ethniques et ‘community organizing’
aux Etats-Unis,” University of Lille 1, France.
16 April 2013: “Working for Legality: Employment and the Regularization of Undocumented Migrants in
Europe,” Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague.
26 March 2013 : (with Bruno Cousin), “Islanders, Immigrants and Millionaires: the Dynamics of Upper-Class
segregation in St. Barts, French West Indies,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University.
11 March 2013 : (with Arnaud Lerch) : ‘La sociologie de l’homosexualité’, EHESS, Paris.
23 February 2013: “We work here, we stay here! Sans-papier workers striking for legalization in France”, talk at
conference “Deportation, Detention, Drowning in La Mer Mortelle: Critical Perspectives on the Irregularization
of Migration”, Amsterdam Center for Globalization Studies, Amsterdam.
21 January 2013 : “Les agences de la précarité : journaliers à Chicago.” Lycée Henri IV, Paris.
18 October 2012: “Five Propositions for a Theory of Precarious Employment”. Conference on the Theory and
Practice of Human Rights, University of Illinois at Chicago.
31 May 2012: “Urban space, hiring rituals, and the segmentation of precarity: multiple employers and worker
loyalty in Chicago day labor.” “Taking Bourdieu to Town” Research Seminar, The University of York, UK.
5 March 2012: “Journaliers à l’usine”, Printemps des SHS, MESHS, Lille, France.
3 March 2012: “Une précarité à la loupe: le travail journalier à Chicago et ses leçons pour l’Europe”, Centre de
Sociologie des Organisations, Sciences-Po, Paris, France.
7 April 2011 : “Les agences de la précarité: journaliers à Chicago.” Jérôme Bourdieu seminar, Paris School of
Economics, Paris.
23 March 2011: “L’ethnographie du néolibéralisme comme critique matérialiste : le travail journalier à Chicago”,
GAP seminar in political science & the sociology of ideas, University of Paris 10 – Nanterre – La Défense, France.
15 March 2011: “Sans-Papiers Striking for Legalization: Labor Unions and the Contradictions of French Migration
Policy”, Center for Migration and Diversity, Free University, Amsterdam.
14 March 2011 : “Les agences de la précarité : journaliers à Chicago”, URMIS, University of Paris VII, France.
12 March 2011 : “Les agences de la précarité”, GRIP seminar, École normale supérieure, Paris.
10 March 2011: “Les agences de la précarité: journaliers à Chicago”, CENS seminar, University of Nantes.
2 March 2011 : The “Moral economy of Migrant Illegality”, Amsterdam University College.
24 November 2010: “Une précarité à la loupe: le travail journalier à Chicago,” sociology master, EHESS, Paris.
11 May 2010: Panel on “Migrant illegality” with Joaquín Arango, Nicholas de Genova, Diana Wong, University of
28 April 2010: “Migrant Illegality in France and the United States”, conference at Amsterdam University College,
16 April 2010: “Les agences de la précarité”, séminaire “Culture/cultures”, Université Paris-Ouest-La Défense.
28 January 2010 : “Organiser les journaliers : travailleurs précaires et ‘community organizing’ à Chicago dans les
années 2000”. Centre de recherches historiques de l’université Paris 8 / Musée de Saint-Denis, France.
14 December 2009, “Political Sociology of the Dispatcher in Chicago Day Labor Agences”, Centre de Sociologie
Européenne, EHESS, Paris.
20 November 2009. “Political Sociology of the Dispatcher in Chicago Day Labor Agencies” Observatoire
Sociologique du Changement, Science-Po, Paris.
11 December 2009: “Political Sociology of the Dispatcher in Chicago Day Labor Agencies”, University of
Strasbourg, France.
11 May 2009: “Class, culture and ethnicity in the contested metropolis: a political economy of urban
marginality.” Urban and Cultural Sociology course (Nico Wilterdink and Giselinde Kuipers), department of
sociology and anthropology, University of Amsterdam.
30 April 2009. “Formal Day Labor and Its Discontents in the United States.” RESSAC seminar, Science-Po, Paris.
11 March 2009: “Beyond Informal Citizenship: Undocumented migrants in France and the United States.”
Sociology Seminar, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
22 January 2009: “Between race and class: describing the crisis of a community group in the United States”,
master 2 conference, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
21 January 2009: “The Ethnographer’s race: an ethnographic dilemma.” Didier Fassin seminar, EHESS, Paris.
21 October 2008: “Immigrant and African-American day laborers in the United States: Between Precarious Work
and Contentious Politics.” IMES seminar, University of Amsterdam.
1 October 2008: “Day Labor in the United States: Fieldwork Presentation.” Sociology Seminar, University of
13 May 2008: Mexican migrants, racial identity, and gangs: A Crisis of Reproduction? Comments on Nicholas de
Genova, Master 2 course, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
10 May 2008, “Hiring and Disqualification in Chicago’s light-industrial staffing,” Serge Paugam’s seminar, EHESS,
18 April 2008: “Gay ‘communautarisme’”, Conference on “La rhétorique anti-communautariste” organized by
the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Representative Council of Black Assocations (CRAN), EHESS,
14 April 2008, “Black and Undocumented Hispanic Workers in the U.S.: from the Unskilled Labor Market to the
Politics of Contention,” séminaire “Figures de l’étranger”, Damien de Blic et Jim Cohen, département de science
politique, University of Paris 8.
17 March 2008, Sébastien Chauvin and Nicolas Jounin, “Outsourcing Illegality”, “sociologie des faits
économiques et du travail” seminar, CSE-CSU, EHESS, Paris.
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migrants sans papiers.” Seminar on Political and Moral Sociology, EHESS, Paris.
5 February 2008, “Precariousness Without Contigency? Day Labor in the United States”, séminaire « Salariat et
intermittence. ” Bernard Friot and Patrick Cingolani, Laboratoire des Institutions et Dynamiques Historiques de
l’Economie, University of Paris 10 – Nanterre.
1 February 2008, “Race, Class, and Immigration: Doing Fieldwork among Undocumented Day Laborers in the
United States,” “Nouveaux objets, nouveaux enjeux” seminar, Didier Fassin and Eric Fassin, EHESS, Paris.
13 December 2007 (with Maud Simonet, Anne Bory, and Thomas Watkin) : “ ‘Community’, ‘Leadership’,
‘Diversity’ : the rhetorics of the U.S. nonprofit and community sector”, séminaire “sociologie du monde
associatif”, Université Paris 10 – Nanterre.
12 December 2007 (with Mathieu Grégoire) : “Wage Labor Between Dependency and Autonomy”, séminaire
“sociologie du travail et vie économique”, Alexandra Bidet, Gwenaële Rot, François Vatin, University of Paris 10Nanterre.
28 November 2007 : “The Mobilization of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants in the United States”, “Immigrés
en luttes” seminar, ENS-LSH, Lyon. Discussant: Sophie Béroud.
5 June 2007: “On the Road to Washington: the Ethnography of a Multiethnic Pilgrimage of Day Laborers in the
United States,” CMH-ETT, Journées de Foljuif, France. Discussant: Stéphane Beaud.
12 April 2007: “Race, Immigration, and Crisis: Day Laborers on a Political Piligrimage to Washington”, French
Sociological Association Section on non-profit organizations (RT35), Iresco, Paris.
6 March 2007: “Social Relations of Time and the Uses of Uncertainty in Chicago Light-Industrial Staffing
Agencies,” séminaire ETT, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
1 February 2007 (morning): “Asymetric Flexibility in Chicago’s Light-Industrial Staffing Agencies”, invited talk,
University of Limoges, France.
1 February 2007 (afternoon): “Scrutinizing Ways of Protesting in the United States: from Saul Alinsky to the Giant
Marches of the Immigrant Rights Movement”, invited talk, University of Limoges, France.
24 May 2006 : “Hiring and Unskilling ‘Unskilled’ Applicants in Two Chicago Day-Labor Agencies: Contribution to a
Theory of Negative Rites of Institutions,” Workshop on the Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean,
University of Chicago.
24 January 2005: “Navigating Regimes of ‘Precarious Employment:’ An Undocumented Trajectory Across
Chicago’s Space of Cheap Immigrant Labor”, Workshop on the Sociology and Cultures of Globalization (Saskia
Sassen), University of Chicago.
12 February 2003: “The Anti-Globalization Movement and Neo-Abolitionism: A Resistible Encounter in the
Feminist Politics of Prostitution”, séminaire “Actualité sexuelle” (Eric Fassin, Michel Feher, and Michel Tort),
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
20 April 2001 : “An Ethnography of Oakland’s Black Working-Class Sexual Minority Youth”, Sexuality Research
Program (Gilbert Herdt), San Francisco State University.
Conference and workshop papers
17 July 2014: “Carnal Framings: Race, Class and Crisis in a Multi-Ethnic Labor Group.” World Congress of
Sociology, ISA, Yokohama, Japan.
16 July 2014: (with B. Cousin): “Globalizing Forms of Elite Sociability: How Social and Service Clubs Foster Varied
Forms of International Experience.” World Congress of Sociology, ISA, Yokohama, Japan.
6 June 2014: (with A. Lerch): “Prostitution, PMA, GPA: de quoi la ‘marchandisation’ est-elle le nom? Généalogie
d’un repoussoir idéologique.“ Causes Sexuelles: Sexualités et Mobilisations Collectives. University of Lausanne,
30 May 2014: “The worker center and its specters: community organizing and the fight for precarious workers in
21st century Chicago.“ The Right to the City in an Age of Austerity, Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris.
25 April 2014: “Becoming less illegal: Deservingness frames and undocumented migrant incorporation”,
workshop on “Transnational Processes in the Modern State”, University of Trier, Germany.
23 April 2014: (with B. Garcés-Mascareñas), “Becoming less illegal: Deservingness frames and the incorporation
of undocumented migrants.” European Social Science History Conference, University of Vienna.
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Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies, Washington D.C.
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for legalization in France (2008-2010)”, Work Employment and Society Conference, University of Warwick, UK.
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temporary staffing agencies in France and the United States.” 20th international conference of Europeanists,
26 June 2013: (with B. Garcés-Mascareñas), “Civic Performance in the Moral Economy of Migrant Illegality”, 20th
international conference of Europeanists, Amsterdam.
21 June 2013: (with Gabriella Alberti) “Challenges of ‘temporary migrant labour to union organizing: evidence
from the US, the UK and France”, International Labor and Employment Relations Association – Europe,
23 March 2013: “Globalizing Forms of Elite Sociability: Varieties of Cosmopolitanism in Social and Service Clubs.”
Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting, Boston.
23 February 2013: “‘We work here, we stay here! Sans-papiers workers striking for legalization in France”,
Deportation, Detention, Drowning in La Mer Mortelle: Critical Perspectives on the Irregularization of Migration”,
Amsterdam Center for Globalization Studies.
18 August 2012: (with B. Cousin) “The Truly Advantaged: Global Upper-class Segregation in St. Barts (FWI).”
American Sociological Association Meeting, Denver.
6 March 2012: (with A. Bory) “Gagner des droits sans changer la loi ? La pratique syndicale et associative du
droit dans le mouvement des travailleurs sans-papiers”, “Syndicats et associations à l’ombre du droit”
conference, CNAM, Paris.
8 December 2011: Sébastien Chauvin, “Employment Grey Zones and the Political Economy of the
Undocumented Closet.” Kick-Off Conference for the Grey Zone – ZOGRIS project, University of Paris-Dauphine.
3 December 2011: (with Olga Sezneva), “Value, the Intellect, and Commodity Obsolescence” Critical Historical
Studies Conference, University of Chicago.
11 December 2011: (with B. Garcés-Mascareñas and Albert Kraler), “Employment, Legality, Mobility &
Citizenship In Contemporary Europe.” IMISCOE 8th Annual Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
9 July 2011: (with B. Cousin) “The Truly Advantaged: St. Barts and the Making of the Global Upper Class”,
International Sociological Association RC21 Conference, Amsterdam.
6 July 2011: Sébastien Chauvin, Anne Bory, “Le droit par la grève : droit au séjour et droit de grève comme
enjeux du mouvement des travailleurs sans papiers.” Bi-Annual Meeting of the French Sociological Association,
University of Grenoble, France.
13 June 2011: Bruno Cousin and Sébastien Chauvin, “Insularity and Upper-Class Self-Segregation in St. Barts”,
Current Research on Elite Distinction, University of Oxford, UK.
4 June 2011: “Creating Rights without Changing Laws? Labor Unions and Undocumented Migrants Striking for
Legalization in France”, Law and Society Association Meeting, San Francisco.
11 May 2011: “Gagner des droits sans changer le droit ? La pratique syndicale du droit dans le cadre du
mouvement de régularisation des salariés sans papiers”, Centre d’Histoire sociale du XXème siècle, Montreuil.
13 January 2011: (with B. Cousin) “Upper-class self-segregation in Saint Barthélemy”, National conference on
the sociology of the upper class, University of Paris IX-Dauphine.
4 June 2010: “Au-delà de la ‘citoyenneté informelle’ : la mise à l’épreuve civique des travailleurs sans-papiers
aux États-Unis”, Colloque Exile, Immigration and Labor in the United States en l’honneur de Catherine Collomp,
Université Paris 7.
25-27 June 2009: “The Political Ethnography of Critical Processes: Describing Disruption in a Multiethnic Labor
Group”, Ethnografeast IV Conference, Leiden University.
20-21 June 2009: “Beyond Informal Citizenship: Undocumented Immigrants, Precarious Work and Civil Rights in
France and the United States.” Nations, Immigrations et identités, une perspective transatlantique. France,
Grande-Bretagne, Etats-Unis. International conference at the Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille III.
17 April 2009: “La violence dans le travail journalier.” Association Française de Sociologie congress, Université
Paris 7.
13 March 2009: (with N. Jounin) “Towards a New Model of Employment Precariousness.” Institut Européen du
Salariat conference, University of Paris 10-Nanterre-La Défense.
19 January 2009: “The Biopolitics of Time in Chicago Day Labor Agencies.” Work Precarioussness in the Americas
conference, University of Paris-Dauphine/Institut des Amériques.
21 November 2008 : (with N. Jounin) “Temp Workers’ protests from Paris to Chicago: paradoxes of informal
resistance, limits of formal resistance”, binational conference “Ce que la précarité nous apprend de la société.
Dialogues franco-espagnols”, University of Paris 10-Nanterre.
18 September 2008: Sébastien Chauvin and Nicolas Jounin, “Undocumented Temp Workers’ Informal Careers:
From Precariousness to Paternalism.” Precariat: New Regime of Labor Force Mobilization? Conference, Ecole des
Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
5-8 September 2008: “Union Organizing Without Union Rights ? The Limits of ‘Corporate Accountability
Campaigns Among Undocumented Day Laborers in the United States”, International Sociological Association
First Forum of Sociology, Barcelona.
1-4 August 2008: “Race, Immigration, and Crisis: Day Laborers on a Political Pilgrimage to Washington”, 103rd
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Boston.
27 June 2008: “Hierarchies of Insecurity: Temporal Inequalities and Informal Careers in Chicago Day Labor
Agencies.” International Sociological Association RC02 Midterm Conference, University of Neuchâtel,
17 September 2007: Sébastien Chauvin and Nicolas Jounin, “Outsourcing Illegality: Staffing Agencies as Insurance
Companies in Paris and Chicago”, “Economie Informelle, travail au noir” conference, Centre d’Etudes de
l’Emploi, Marne-La-Vallée, France.
21 June 2007: “To Test, to Reform, and to Punish: Uses and Functions of Time in Chicago Day Labor Agencies”,
Journées Internationales de Sociologie du Travail, Metropolitan University, London.
7 September 2006: “ ‘Organizing’ Staffing Agency Workers: Community Organizing and Nonunion Labor Struggles
in 2000s Chicago”, Congrès de l’Association Française de Sociologie, RT35 – sociologie du monde associatif,
5 September 2006: “The ‘Institutions’ of Precariousness. Uncertainty and Social Control in Chicago Staffing
Agency Day Labor”, Congrès de l’Association Française de Sociologie, RT12 – sociologie économique, Bordeaux.
27 October 2001: “Drag culture, Oakland’s Black ‘Gay Houses’ and American Multiculturalism”, Queer
Grad Conference 2001, UCLA.
Discussant and Chair (selection)
1 October 2014, panel discussant, ‘Politique and Sexualité’ conference, University of Amiens.
17 September 2014, chair for Alejandro Portes, “Institutions and Development in Portugal.” ACCESS-Europe,
5 June 2014: plenary panel discussant, “North American Studies in France and Europe: State of the Art and
Future Prospects” – International Conference for the 30th anniversary of the Centre d’Études Nord-Américaines,
EHESS, Paris.
16 March 2014: Chair and Discussant for the panel on “Transatlantic and Comparative Perspectives on French
Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption”, 21st Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies,
Washington D.C.
13 December 2013: Discussant for Min Zhou “Immigrant Selectivity and Segmented Assimilation.” INTEGRIM
conference, University of Amsterdam.
20 September 2013: chair, ARC-GS opening day panel, “Gender and The Crisis: Economic Transitions, Shifting
Relations” (Sylvia Walby, Susana Narotzky, Akwugo Emejulu), University of Amsterdam.
2 September 2013: discussant, Conference “Brokering Human Security: Access in Times of Heightened Migration
Control,” VU-CERI-NWO, Sciences-Po, Paris.
26 June 2013: (with Regine Paul) co-organizer and discussant, mini-symposium on “Economies of Migrant
Deservingness,” 20th International Conference of Europeanists, Amsterdam.
25 June: 2013, co-chair, Council for European Studies plenary, “European Democracy and the Financial Crisis”
(with Peter Gourevitch), Amsterdam.
18 June 2013: discussant, “Comparaison franco-américaines” conference, Sciences-Po, CERI, session on
‘Divisions et inégalités sociales’ (Michael Stambolis, Pauline Delage, Sylvie Tissot).
21 January 2013: Discutant for Matt Desmond, “Unpolicing the Urban Poor: Consequences of Third-Party
Policing for Inner-City Women”, MaxPo Center, Sciences-Po, Paris.
14 December 2012 chair, culturalization of citizenship conference, panel on ‘the working-class, post-Fodism and
the rise of populism in Europe, University of Amsterdam.
13 December 2012, chair with Paul Bouffartigue, “Bourdieu and Work” conference, session on “Managerial
policies,” CNRS, Paris.
24 November 2012. Discussant of Pr Stephen Ellis, “A history of Nigerian 419 fraud”, Global Encounters
Research Seminar, Free University, Amsterdam.
30 September-1 October 2009: plenary chair at the “Droit d’enquêter, droits des enquêtés” conference,
University of Limoges, France.
15 January 2009: Discussant of Pr. Jaap Dronkers, “Educational Systems as a Resource or Hindrance for
Immigrants? The effects of educational system characteristics of both countries of origin and destination on the
scientific literacy of immigrant children in Western countries.” University of Amsterdam.
20 June 2003: Plenary chair at conference “Pierre Bourdieu: les champs de la critique”, Bibliothèque Publique
d’Information, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (scientific director: Philippe Corcuff).
Op-Eds, Magazine Articles and Press Interviews
1 December 2014: Interview in Le Provincial (Algeria) about race and civil rights in the United States:
31 October 2014: Interview in Libération (France) on the significance of Tim Cook’s coming out (title chosen by
Partial translation in Croatian:
26 June 2014: Interview in Sciences Humaines (France) on the history of gender identity :
15 August 2013, Anne Revillard, Laure Bereni, Sébastien Chauvin, Alexandre Jaunait : “Il faut d’urgence parler du
genre à l’école”, Op-Ed (title chosen by editor), Le Monde.
13 August 2013: Interview on homophobia today in Le Soir, Brussels:
11 August 2013 Sébastien Chauvin, “Grèves des fast-food: ‘La figure du travailleur précaire a changé aux EtatsUnis’”, Interview on national online newspaper Médiapart :
“La sexualité comme jeu de rôle” (title chosen by magazine), Le Point, special issue on gender and sexuality,
July-August 2013, p. 83-85.
Sébastien Chauvin, Arnaud Lerch, Interview with Philippe Cazier on our book Sociologie de l’homosexualité,
Médiapart, July 26th, 2013.
Anne Revillard, Laure Bereni, Sébastien Chauvin, Alexandre Jaunait : “Théorie du genre : réponse au ministre
Vincent Peillon”, op-ed, Libération, June 11th, 2013.
Sébastien Chauvin (2012), “Sans papiers: La circulaire Valls reste dans l’arbitraire du cas par cas”,, November 29th.
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papiers, de la précarité à la grève”, Revue du projet, April.
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l’hypocrisie générale.” Le Monde, February 4th.
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 Spanish version: “Pulso a la política de inmigración francesa.” Diagonal, 80, June 2008.
Sébastien Chauvin and Bruno Cousin, “Saint-Barthélemy: une île française sans impôts.” Le Monde diplomatique,
january 2006, p.22.
 German translation : “Ein Paradies wird unabhängig.” Le monde diplomatique Deutsche Ausgabe, Zeilen.
 Slovene translation : “Milijarderji, a nič davkov na otoku Saint-Barthélemy”
(with Dan LaBotz), “Renace el progresismo norteamericano”, Punto Final, November 2000.
(with Baptiste Coulmont) “Notre compromis national”, Online article, May 2004.
Interview of Historian George Chauncey (University of Chicago), Têtu Magazine, May 2004.
Interview of Victoire Patouillard about “The Experience of Act-Up”, ContreTemps 7, May 2003: 127-135.
Media Interviews and General Audience Talks
17 November 2014: Public discussion with Edouard Louis and Didier Eribon over class mobility, sexual
subjectivity and literature, Institut Français, Amsterdam.
3 June 2014 : Public discussion with Andrew Diamond over his book with Pap Ndiaye, Histoire de Chicago
(Fayard, 2013), “Le Genre Urbain” bookstore, Paris.
11 April 2014 : Public debate on ‘Frankrijk, de conservatieve republiek?’, Institut Français, Amsterdam.
19 July 2013: E. Avidja, S. Chauvin, C. Giraud, A. Lerch S. Tissot, M. Trachman, panel on “Homobanalisation? Les
gays et les lesbiennes dans la ville”, researcher panel during EUROPRIDE week, Marseille.
13 July 2013, S. Chauvin and A. Lerch, interview-debate on Sociologie de l’homosexualité, “Les Mots à La
Bouche” book store, Paris.
8 April 2011 : Guest speaker at the Festival Raisons d’Agir – Faire et défaire la mondialisation, Poitiers.
4 June 2010 : France Culture, “La suite dans les idées”, 30-minute interview.
3 June 2010: France Culture, “A plus d’un titre”, 30-minute live interview.
3 June 2010: Public Lecture on Les agences de la précarité, librairie de l’Atelier, Paris.
20 September 2009, interview with Radio France International (Grands Reportages) on undocumented migrants’
access to health care in the United States.
18 July 2009, “Travail en Intérim” (with Nicolas Jounin and Dominique Glaymann), Microscopie, Radio France
International (30 minutes).
18 June 2008: (with Nicolas Jounin): Special program on undocumented workers’s strike in the Paris region,
Fréquences Paris Plurielles (1 hour).
23 April 2008: One-hour interview about undocumented migrant protests in the United States, Fréquences Paris
15 February 2008, “Sans-papiers as workers”, Talk for Association Autremonde, Paris.
9 December 2007, Conference on the movie Boys Don’t Cry, Cinema MK2 Quai-de-Loire, Paris Festival Etats
Alain Gras, Sébastien Chauvin and Bruno Cousin, « E-entretiens. Quand les sociologues tchattent sur
l’Internet… » [collective interview about the sociology of the Internet], Dedicate Magazine 4, 2004: 98-99
Funding acquisition
2012: ZOGRIS projet / Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France). €2,400 .
2010: Dutch Royal Academy of Science, conference grant. €4,000.
2010: European Science Foundation workshop. €12 000
2010: IMISCOE grant. €1,000.
2011: IMISCOE grant. €3,000.
2009: Dutch Royal Academy of Science. €4,000
PhD & Post-Doc Supervision
Jill Alpes, Bush a tout prix: Anglophone Cameroonians’ risky quest for mobility (co-supervisor with Peter
Geschiere). Defended in 2011.
Apostolos Andrikopoulos, The Politics of the soil and blood in a global city: West African and Afro-Caribbean
migrants in Amsterdam (co-supervisor with Peter Geschiere, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, and Jan Willem
Jitse Schuurmans
Longing and Belonging: A Comparative Study of Seduction Communities in California and East Asia (co-supervisor
with Jan Willem Duyvendak).
Daily supervisor, committee member & 8-month paper
Ayşen Üstübici
The governance of international migration in Turkey and Morocco: irregular migrants’ access to rights. Koç
University and University of Amsterdam. Exp. 2015. (with Jan Rath and Ahmet Icduygu).
Sylvia Holla (8-month paper), University of Amsterdam (with Annemarie Mol). Exp. 2015.Supervisor: Pr.
Giselinde Kuipers.
Mienke Nouwens (8-month paper), Changing Faces of Masculinity in an Uncertain World: A Study of Young
Sāmoan Rugby Athletes in Sāmoa and New Zealand. University of Amsterdam. Exp. 2017. Supervisor: Pr. Niko
Phd committees:
Quentin Delpech (Defense committee), A puro Golpe! Mobilisations syndicaltes transnationales, luttes locales et
repressions au Guatemala, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. Supervisor: Pr. Joanna Siméant. 2011.
Mathieu Bonzom (Defense committee), Mobilisations d'immigrés latinos à Chicago (années 2000): migrations de
travail, mouvement ouvrier et politisation, Université Paris Est-Créteil. Supervisor: Pr. Donna Kesselman. 2012.
Pauline Delage (Defense committee), “Violence conjugale / Domestic violence : Sociologie comparée d'une
cause féministe (France, États-Unis, 1970-2013).” Supervisor: Pr. Eric Fassin. 2014
PostDoc supervision:
Bojan Bilić, EU Marie Curie Post-Doc 2014-2016, “(Post-)Yugoslav LGBT Activism: Between Nationalism and
Europeanisation (LGBTQYU).” Grant number PIEF-GA-2013-627520 (€176,000).
Research , Conference, and Panel organization
2010-2013: Director of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality
2010-: Board member of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality
2014: (with Bruno Cousin, Shamus Khan, Ashley Mears and Rachel Sherman), “Sociologies of the One
Percent: Transatlantic Perspectives,” 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Washington D.C.
2013: (with David Paternotte and Virginie Guiraudon), semi-plenary on "Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of
Borders", Amsterdam, June 27th.
2013-2014: member of the 2014 Program Committee, 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Council
for European Studies, Washington D.C.
2012-2013: (with Peter Gourevitch) co-chair of the Program Committee, 20th International Conference of
Europeanists, Council for European Studies, Amsterdam.
2011: (organizing committee) International Conference on “Sexual Nationalisms: gender, sexuality and the
politics of belonging in the new Europe”, University of Amsterdam.
(with Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas), Co-organizer of European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop EW09-269 on “Migrant Legality, Work, and Employment in Contemporary Europe,” June 10-11th 2010
2010-2012: (with Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas) Coordination of the IMISCOE research group “Employment and
Migrant Legality in Contemporary Europe.”
(with Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and Albert Kraler), 2nd workshop “Migrant Employment and Legal Status in
Europe”, Vienna.
(with Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas and Albert Kraler) 1st workshop “Migrant Employment and Legal Status in
Europe,” IMISCOE annual conference, Liège, 13-14 September 2010.
Professional Service
Supervision of over 30 master theses in sociology, political science, anthropology and geography since 2008.
2010-2013: Founding director of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS).
2010-: Member of IMES Program Board.
2011-2012: Chair of the sociology PhD club, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research.
2011: Chair of the Graduation Ceremony, Amsterdam Graduate School for Social Science.
Member of Sociology Teaching Commission, University of Amsterdam (2010-2011).
May 2009: Royal Academy of Arts and Science hearings for the re-accreditation of the Research Master Social
Sciences (GSSS), The Netherlands.
2005: Grants Committee, France-Chicago Center, University of Chicago.
2004-05: Panels for the DocFilms program, University of Chicago (chair).
2004: Director of the Laboratoire de Sciences Sociales Internet Newsletter, ENS-EHESS, Paris.
Scientific Committees of conferences and projects: “Droit d’enquêter, droits des enquêtés” (University of Limoges,
2010); “Bourdieu and work” (CNRS, Paris, 2012); Effets de Communauté (ENS, Paris, 2013); 20th Conference of
Europeanists (Amsterdam, 2013, Chair of Program Committee); 21st Conference of Europeanists (Washington, 2014,
Program Committee); “Monitoring Xenophobic Discourse”, GRITIM, University of Pompeu-Fabra, Barcelona (2013);
“Sexualities and Diversities and Diversities in the Making” (NL, 2013-2015, project leader: Amade M’Charek); “The
sociology of elites in contemporary India” (New Delhi, January 2016).
Journal Committees
(2011-) : Nouvelle Revue du Travail
(2008-2011) Associate editor and webmaster for Le Mouvement Social (Social history, France).
(2011-) Editorial committee at large, Le Mouvement Social.
(2008- ) Tracés journal (review committee)
(2008-) Genre, sexualité et société (international committee)
(2002-2008) ContreTemps (editorial committee)
(2009-2014): Editor of the gender-themed book review section of the Revue Française de Science Politique (with
L.Bereni, A. Jaunait, and A. Revillard).
Manuscript Evaluations
Ethnography; American Journal of Sociology; Journal of Contemporary Ethnography; Economies et Sociétés; Le
Mouvement Social; Theory, Culture & Society; Ethnopolitics; Champ pénal / Penal Field; Sociologie (NL); Body and
Society; Population (FR); Ethnic and Racial Studies; Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales; Ethnicities:
Anthropological Quaterly; The Journal of Urban Politics; Critique Internationale; Journal of Common Market
Studies; Policy Studies; Raisons Politiques; Terrains & Travaux; Journal of Homosexuality; Genre, sexualité et
société; Travail et Emploi; Gouvernement et action publique; Participazione e Conflitto; Current Sociology;
International Political Sociology; Migration Letters; Citizenship Studies; Transfer: European Review of Labour and
Research; Law & Policy.
La Découverte; Routledge; Berghahn Books.
Hiring Committees and Proposal Evaluations:
 European Science Foundation; Swiss National Science Foundation; Czech Science Foundation; Ecole Normale
Professional Associations
 (2001- ): American Sociological Association [Sections: international migration; economic sociology; law; labor
and labor movements]
 (2013- 2014): Eastern Sociological Society
 (2008-2010): International Association of French-Speaking Sociologists
 (2008-2012): French Association of American Studies
 (2006- ): French Sociological Association
 (2012- ): Council for European Studies [RNs: immigration; gender and sexuality]