Fall 2014 - News of Quebec



Fall 2014 - News of Quebec
Volume 69, Number 2, Fall 2014
News of Quebec
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Fall 2014
Volume 69, Number 2
ISSN 0384-5168
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The busy summer months
of 2014 are now behind us
but we dare not fail to give
God the glory for what He
has done among us here in
Quebec. We invite you to
join in swelling His praises
by letting you know what
has been going on here these past several months.
Not only have the regular summer camping programs
been carried on but a relatively new evangelistic tool
has been increasing in its usefulness among us. We’ll
be telling you about that.
For a change, all seems to be pretty calm on the political scene here in the province and we thank the
Lord for that. Open doors are all around us, calling for
more labourers to enter the harvest. Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that He would send forth
labourers... (Luke 10:2).
The annual list of full-time workers and French assemblies as well as the financial report for 2013/14
round out this issue of the magazine.
Please handle with prayer.
Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada
For several years now we have been hearing more and
more about the ministry of The Fellowship of Christian
Farmers Canada (FCFC) as they have begun to reach into
Quebec. A number of our assembly workers, francophone
and anglophone, are actively engaged in the unique ministry opportunities which this organization affords, particularly during the summer months. This includes the training
and equipping of Christians, through local chapters, to
share the gospel in the marketplace.
The FCFC is an affiliate of the international organization
of the same name, headquartered in Lexington, Illinois,
a non-denominational organization partnering with local
churches in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Its
purpose is to build, maintain, and strengthen faith in God
for the farmer, the farm family, and the rural community
through presenting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
Their emphasis is on Marketplace Evangelism. Over the
past eleven years, FCFC members have presented the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people at farm trade shows,
fairs, and festivals through the “Wordless Walking Stick”
ministry, offering a free gift and taking a few minutes to
share God’s Word using the five colors that so simply illustrate the story of salvation.
Thousands of people across Canada are involved through
local chapters. Some prepare materials: string beads, make
walking sticks, mini-hockey sticks, and other items. Many
pray or give financially. Others staff the FCFC booth or
tent at various events, sharing the gospel message in the
marketplace with “whosoever”.
One of those who has been involved here in Quebec is
Rick Kerr from the assembly in Ayers Cliff. Here is his
Eight years ago Sylvain Couture quietly whispered a prayer
asking God to show him how he could reach the people of
the province of Quebec with the gospel and, at the same
time, be able to encourage the saints to become involved
in the privilege of sharing their faith with others. God graciously answered Sylvain’s prayer by introducing him to
a grass roots ministry called The Fellowship of Christian
Farmers or FCF.
The ministry of FCF had been spreading the gospel
throughout the United States and Canada for many years,
but because of the French language, had not made significant inroads in the province of Quebec. After attending the
annual international plowing match, held each September
in Ontario, Sylvain became convinced that God had answered his prayer and was leading him to launch out in
faith to begin a chapter of FCF in the province of Quebec.
The Brome Fair in the Eastern Townships of Quebec was
one of the first agricultural events which opened its doors
to the FCF work. Volunteers were organized to share the
gospel at the FCF tent where they gave away walking
sticks and other small items. A leather cord with five colored beads was tied to each walking stick and each person
who asked for a free stick also received an explanation of
God’s free gift of salvation.
When was the last time that you shared the gospel with
someone and had them say “thank you very much” and
then wanted to shake your hand? That is a typical reaction
of people who stop by the FCF tent. The message that people receive is orderly, scriptural and kind. The five colors
on each of the items that are given away allow us to present
the gospel in a concise way which does not cause people to
feel threatened. We begin with the golden bead telling people the happy news that the God of heaven loves them. The
dark bead reminds us that all have sinned and that no sin
will enter into God’s Heaven. The red bead speaks of God’s
great love for us in sending his Son to become a man and
pay the penalty for our sin by shedding his own blood for
us. White is the color of forgiveness and is available to any
who will place their faith in Jesus and invite him to be their
Saviour. We finish with green because what Jesus offers us
is new life and that life should be characterized by spiritual
growth. Though the presentation is brief it is followed by
the giving of a gospel tract which clearly lays out the way
of salvation. The Gideon’s have graciously provided New
Testaments which are also offered to any who do not already have Bibles. Last summer alone over 5000 Bibles
were given out.
Since that first event seven years ago the ministry of
FCFQuebec has steadily expanded. Each year God has
opened doors for new events to be added to the ministry. This summer there were 22 events planned, from the
American border towns up into the Gaspé. Each event requires volunteers who are willing to share the gospel. In
each region of the province local assemblies are getting
the opportunity to join with others in the Body of Christ to
reach out to French Quebecers with the gospel.
Just how effective is this ministry? Consider that this past
summer in Quebec City over 100 volunteers were needed
to present the gospel for a 10-day event called “Expo
Quebec”. This was a first time event and so all of the volunteers were new to the work. After the event was over
10,000 people had been given the gospel face to face. We
estimate that by the time the summer and fall seasons are
finished that over 50,000 people will have heard the gospel
and received a small gift bearing the five colors.
My own connection with Sylvain and the Fellowship of
Christian Farmers began six years ago when we set up the
gospel tent at our local agricultural fair in the small town
of Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec. We were privileged that first year
to present the gospel to over 1200 people. Friends and
neighbors were stopping and receiving a walking stick and
the gospel message. It was and has continued to be a great
source of blessing to know that my own community has
had the opportunity to hear of our great Saviour and Lord.
People sometimes ask about the work of follow up. That
is a legitimate question unless only asked for the purpose
of excusing oneself from the responsibility of witnessing.
One thing we know for sure is that if there is no sowing,
then we will not need to worry about follow-up or reaping!
The church needs to take the gospel to the world.
Consider this:
- Of our Lord’s 132 public appearances in the New
Testament, 122 were in the marketplace.
- Of 40 divine interventions recorded in Acts, 39 took place
in public areas of daily commerce.
- Jesus told 52 parables, of which 45 had a workplace
- 54% of Jesus’ reported teaching ministry arose from issues
posed by others about the scope of daily life experience.
- The word “work” is mentioned more than 800 times in
the Bible.
Please join us in prayer for the ministry as it expands
throughout the province, and understand that Quebec is not
closed to the gospel. There is a new generation of teenagers and young adults in this beautiful province that listen
intently and respectfully as the gospel is presented to them.
Thank you for bringing them before the throne of grace.
Further information can be found at www.fcfcanada.org
Thank you
Rick Kerr
- Paul Jolin It’s a pleasure to share about this past summer’s 51st
camping season at Joli-B during which we conducted six
different periods of camp together with some brand new
In Junior Camp “A” there were 60 campers ages 7-9 and
Annie Francis from CEF in Sherbrooke was the teacher.
Junior Camp “B”, ages 10-12, welcomed 90 campers, having Errol Savard from the Quebec City area as speaker.
Then followed two weeks of family camps, one in English
attended by some 75 persons and the other in French. JeanPierre Cloutier from Sorel was the speaker for the second
of these. A one-week camp for adolescents from 13-17
years of age, with option of an additional three days, was
ministered to by Joseph Aubut and Marc-Olivier Martin. It
was decided to offer an English immersion camp for those
interested and we were delighted to have forty campers,
aged 9-14, of whom some came from the nearby native reserve at Notre-Dame-du-Nord. The speaker that week was
Mark Gibbons from Montreal and it proved to be a very
successful endeavor.
We thank the Lord for more than meeting our needs at
camp by providing dedicated and capable people for such a
unique ministry as camping. As usual, we were challenged
in finding a cook for the season but God provided in the
person of Karine Monderie. We welcomed as counsellors
several who had been former campers who, coming from
unsaved families, had trusted Christ as Saviour. It was a
real encouragement to see the Lord work through these devoted volunteers.
Our desire is to see the use of the camp facilities maximized as an evangelistic tool for the benefit of campers as
well as for that of the area assemblies. This year we redid
the volleyball court, built an amphitheatre at the campfire
site as well as renovating several of our buildings. We hope
soon to construct a camp office for the reception of campers and the general administration of camp affairs. Lord
willing, we would also like to have a new dining facility
to serve up to 200 campers. These improvements are all
aimed at making the camp more usable for a greater variety
of activities being conducted by the assemblies of the area.
In conclusion, our heart’s desire is to make the Saviour
known and see Him glorified through this ministry. We
recognize the strategic importance of this open door that
God has given us to reach the people of the Abitibi region. As many as 90% of our campers come to us without
a knowledge of the Saviour. We are cast upon Him alone
Who knows how to supply and direct in order that we may
accomplish His will. Amen.
- Pierre Munger –
The 2014 summer camping season has now drawn to a
close. Nine weeks of programming were aimed especially
at evangelism for children and youth between 7 and 18
years of age. In addition, there were programs for the edification of the Body of Christ aimed at young adults as
well as older believers during the month of August. As
usual, the season wrapped up with the annual Labour Day
Good attendance picked up after the first two weeks with
only 48 campers. At first we were somewhat disappointed
but we soon saw the hand of the Lord, not only in that first
camp but all throughout the summer months. Once again
several campers testified to and gave evidence of having
put their faith in the Saviour. Others, particularly among
the adolescents, consecrated themselves to a closer walk
with the Lord.
One reason for God’s blessing upon us has been the quality
of the workers. Dedication to the task on the part of our program directors, teachers and even general staff persons was
remarkable. Each summer we have the privilege of serving
together with more than a hundred individuals who come
for one or more weeks, youth as young as 16 years of age
as well as mothers, fathers and even grandparents. Some
teachers came from the United States (Nate Bramsen) and
others from as far away as France (Jean Koumarianos).
Young, dynamic leaders were present for our youth camps
along with experienced ones for the younger campers. For
my part, I was ably seconded in my responsibilities by my
wife, Suzanne, as well as Renaud and Renée Larrivée from
the Quebec City area. The four of us were all together for
the entire camping season.
Even though the summer is over, much work carries on.
Presently we are constructing a new welcome centre for
Christians from the Saguenay and other regions of the
province. This is a major project which we began in the fall
of 2013 and hope to complete by next autumn. This will
allow us to more adequately welcome arriving campers,
provide better working conditions for our camp directors
as well as housing for the Larrivées who spend their entire
summer with us. We are counting on the financial support
of the Lord’s people for the realization of this project.
Come see us. We would love to welcome you to Camp
Report on the Annual Conference at Rivière-du-Loup
May 3, 2014
For the first time in a number of years, it was the editor’s
privilege and pleasure, together with his wife, to attend
the annual conference for believers held at the Cegep in
Rivière-du-Loup. The attendance was good and we had the
joy of meeting many believers whom, in our travels around
the province, we had not seen for some time.
The “open platform”
approach provided
the opportunity for a
number of brethren in
attendance to minister
the Word on the chosen theme of “God’s
Church or the People’s
Church,” the latter option being linked with
the Laodicean church
of Revelation 3. As one way of identifying an assembly
belonging to the Lord rather than to the people, brother
John Sinclair suggested that one might look at the kind of
ministry being sought and/or given there. Other valuable
insights and applications were shared throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. Brethren participating included
Danny Dugas, John Sinclair, Georges Voyer, Joël Lapierre,
Denis Simard, Richard Strout, Gérald Saint-Laurent, David
Grenier and André Verroneau.
Hospitality and overnight accommodations
were graciously provided in the homes of
the local believers for
those coming from out
of town. Lunch and
supper, supplied at the
expense of the local
assembly, were served
in the spacious cafeteria where the meetings were also held. A book table was
sponsored by the Librairie chrétienne de Québec (formerly
Service d’orientation biblique).
in full-time service with assemblies
of Christians in French Canada
Luc Arel (Manon)
671, rue de la Vaudréal
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Noël Aubut (Francine)
1623, avenue des Pins
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Gaston Jolin (Margot)
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Gérard Jolin (Angéline)
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Assemblée chrétienne évangélique
de Baie Comeau
15 Michel Hémon
G4Z 2A3
a/s L. Dugas
214, av. Champlain
Baie Comeau (Québec)
G4Z 1M2
Tel. 418-589-4936
Église évangélique
de Chibougamau
100 rue Jaculet
G8P 2G1
c/o M. Robert Gagné
129 Obalski
Chibougamau (Québec)
G8P 2E8
Tel. 418-748-3963
Groupe biblique du Richelieu
(occasional meetings in homes)
c/o M. Fernand Saint-Louis
567 Iberville
Beloeil (Québec)
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Fax 450-467-2233
Église évangélique
de Chicoutimi
265 Malraux
G7H 6T4
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691 Gravel
Saint-Honoré (Québec)
G0V 1L0
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Assemblée chrétienne
de Cookshire
125 rue Principale Ouest
J0B 1M0
c/o M. Lévi Gendron
723 Route 210, R.R. 3
Cookshire (Québec)
J0B 1M0
Tel. 819-875-5166
Assemblée chrétienne
de Grand-Mère
1751 - 18e Avenue
G9T 5K5
[email protected]
c/o M. Jocelyn Descôteaux
1751 - 18e Avenue
Grand-Mère (Québec)
G9T 5K5
Tel. 819-376-7632
HEARST (Ontario)
Assemblée chrétienne
de Farnham
1901 rue Principale Est
J2N 1N5
c/o M. Julien Gosselin
1901 rue Principale Est
Farnham (Québec)
J2N 1N5
Tel. 450-348-4895
Assemblée chrétienne
de Hearst
1721, Hwy 11 Ouest
P0L 1N0
c/o M. Réjean Boulanger
C.P. 1387
Hearst, ON
P0L 1N0
Tel. 705-362-7124
Assemblée évangélique
de Girardville
1081 rang Notre-Dame
G0W 1R0
c/o M. Régis Néron
1081 rang Notre-Dame
Girardville (Québec)
G0W 1R0
Tel. 418-276-8468
Groupe biblique
de l’Outaouais
60 rue Carillon
(angle Les Braves du Coin)
J8X 2N9
c/o Jacques Dubreuil
C.P. 79187
Gatineau, Secteur Hull (Québec)
J8Y 6V2
Tel. 819-771-2125
Assemblée chrétienne
de Granby
324 rue Denison Ouest
J2G 4E4
[email protected]
c/o M. Claude Vachon
155 boul. Fortin, #4
Granby (Québec)
J2G 3Z8
Tel. 450-378-6539
Assemblée chrétienne
de Jonquière
1985 Price
G7X 5S2
C.P. 2244
Jonquière (Québec)
G7X 7X7
Tel. 418-695-0355
Assemblée chrétienne
de La Baie
1652, Saint-Marc
G7B 2T7
c/o M. Denis Simard
1282 François-Tremblay
La Baie (Québec)
G7B 2G7
Tel. 418-544-5798
Assemblée chrétienne
de Montmagny
419 boul. Taché Est (Rte 132)
G5V 1E4
c/o M. René Lavoie
291 St-Ignace
Montmagny (Québec)
G5V 1S4
Tel. 418-248-1867
(Center South)
Le Centre chrétien évangélique
540 rue Saint-Antoine
G9X 2Y4
[email protected]
c/o M. Daniel Braga
24, Laflèche
LaTuque (Québec)
G9X 1A2
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Assemblée chrétienne
centre-sud de Montréal
4205, St-Zotique Est
H1T 2T2
[email protected]
c/o M. Yvon Audet
1092, av.de Normandie
Mascouche (Québec)
J7L 1Y8
Tel. 450-477-1264
(bilingual assembly)
Assemblée chrétienne
de Quévillon
(meetings in homes,
57 des Mélèzes)
c/o M. Serge Labrie
C.P. 1232
Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Ungava
J0Y 1X0
Tel. 819-755-4083
(South Shore, Montréal)
Groupe biblique de la Rive Sud
530 Saint-Jean, Longueuil
J4H 2Y4
c/o M. Noël Aubut
530, rue Saint-Jean
Longueuil (Québec)
J4H 2Y4
Tel. 450-671-9196
Bethel Bible Chapel
116A des Vétérans
G0C 2B0
c/o M. Daniel Dugas
124 rue Robichaud, #5
New Richmond (Québec)
G0C 2B0
Tel. 418-392-5723
Assemblée chrétienne évangélique
de Notre-Dame-du-Nord
14 rue Principale
c/o M. Paul Jolin
675 rang 6
Angliers (Québec)
J0Z 1A0
Tel. 819-629-9433
[email protected]
(bilingual assembly)
Assemblée chrétienne
de Rollet
rue Principale
J0Z 3J0
c/o Mme Agathe Jolin
C.P. 141-Rollet
Rouyn-Noranda (Québec)
J0Z 3J0
Tel. 819-764-6481
Assemblée évangélique Grâce
50-5e Avenue, Pincourt
J7V 5K7
[email protected]
c/o Mr. Stephen Johnston
Box 40533
2963 St. Charles Blvd.
Kirkland (Québec)
H9H 5G8
Tel. 514-630-1168
Assemblée évangélique
de Sainte-Foy
3033 rue de Dompierre
G1X 3W4
[email protected]
c/o Jean-Paul Gosselin
Librairie chrétienne de Québec
2750, chemin Sainte-Foy, local 18
Québec (Québec)
G1V 1V6
Tel. 418-651-1477
Fax 418-653-5200
Assemblée chrétienne
Bonne Nouvelle
215 rue Caron
G1K 5V6
[email protected]
c/o M. Sylvain Saint-Jean
215 rue Caron
Québec (Québec)
G1K 5V6
Tel. 418-653-1791
Assemblée chrétienne
de Rouyn-Noranda
35, rue Frédéric-Hébert
J9X 1V3
[email protected]
c/o M. Tony Bissonnette
2145, rue Saguenay
Rouyn-Noranda (Québec)
J9X 2H5
Tel. 819-797-3151
Assemblée chrétienne
de Sainte-Anne-des-Monts
447 - 1ière Avenue Ouest
G4V 1G4
c/o M. Martial Cyr
157, Route du Village du Cap
Cap-Chat (Québec)
G0J 1E0
Tel. 418-786-2516
Chrétiens réunis au nom
du Seigneur Jésus-Christ
850 Route Jacques Cartier
G0J 2L0
c/o M. Valmont Dupont
2-53 de l’Église, C.P. 21
Les Hauteurs (Québec)
G0K 1C0
Tel. 418-798-4726
Assemblée chrétienne
de Rivière-du-Loup
472 Lafontaine
G5R 3C2
c/o M. Georges Voyer
472 Lafontaine
Rivière-du-Loup (Québec)
G5R 3C2
Tel. 418-898-3927
Église Béthanie
3925 Bel-Air
J2S 7N8
c/o M. Nil Labrecque
791 Caplan
Granby (Québec)
J2H 2N1
Tel. 450-375-7195
Église chrétienne évangélique
de Saint-Michel-des-Saints
390 rue Matawin
J0K 3B0
c/o M. Pierre Charette
211 rue Chagnon
Saint-Michel-des-Saints (Québec)
J0K 3B0
Tel. 450-833-6671
Assemblée évangélique
de la Rive Sud
1029, de la Prairie Ouest
Saint-Jean-Chrysostome (Québec)
G6Z 2M3
[email protected]
[email protected]
c/o M. François Fréchette
4036, Louise-Fiset
Québec (Québec)
G1X 0C3
Tel. 418-871-2482
Cell. 418-265-3311
Assemblée chrétienne
de Saint-Timothée
40 Rosella
J6S 4T1
[email protected]
[email protected]
c/o M. Jean Théoret
1686, ch. du Lac St-Louis
Lery (Québec)
J6N 1B3
Tel. 450-429-7051
Assemblée chrétienne
de Shawinigan
1763, 69e Rue
G9N 7G3
[email protected]
c/o M. Gaetan Bellemare
1763, 69e Rue, C.P. 73
Shawinigan (Québec)
G9N 7G3
Tel. 819-539-5190
Assemblée chrétienne évangélique
de Saint-Jean
(meetings in homes)
c/o M. Normand Gélinas
C.P. 638
(Québec) J3B 6Z8
Tel. 450-358-4586
Assemblée chrétienne évangélique
de Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce
525 Route Saint-Elzéar
G6E 3A7
[email protected]
c/o M. Jacques Kirouac
1340, rue des Frènes
(Québec) G6E 2J4
Tel. 418-386-2993
Assemblée chrétienne
de Sherbrooke
715 Des Ormeaux
J1G 2T6
c/o M. Denis Grenier
890 Laviolette
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1G 2V1
Tel. 819-823-2110
Assembée chrétienne
Source de Vie
267, rue de Montréal
J1H 1E4
c/o M. Jacques Houle
C.P. 93, Succ. Lennoxville
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1M 1Z3
Tel. 819-993-4577
Assemblée chrétienne
de Thetford Mines
725 Simoneau
G6G 1V3
c/o M. Norman Bilodeau
1050-7e Avenue
Thetford Mines (Québec)
G6G 2G7
Tel. 418-335-6539
Assemblée chrétienne
de Sorel
294, rue de la Rive
J3P 1K4
[email protected]
c/o M. Jean-Pierre Cloutier
294, rue de la Rive
Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel (Québec)
J3P 1K4
Tel. 450-746-0084;
Off. 450-746-0409
(formerly Cabano)
Église évangélique
du Témiscouata
805, rue du Centre
G0L 1E0
[email protected]
c/o M. André Lepage
805, rue du Centre
Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac (Québec)
G0L 1E0
Tel. 418-854-6894
Église chrétienne évangélique
des Moulins
60 boul. J-S. Archambault
J6W 4R6
c/o M. François Boudreau
60, boul. J-S. Archambault
Terrebonne (Québec)
J6W 4R6
Off. 450-471-8888
Assemblée chrétienne de
225, rue Lupien
G8T 6W5
[email protected]
c/o M. Michel Pedneault
67 rue Guay
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
G9A 3B4
Tel. 819-375-9510
Assemblée chrétienne
de Trois-Rivières-Ouest
3310, boul Saint-Jean
G9B 2M1
c/o M. Michel Tremblay
831 chemin des Petites Terres
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
G9B 7G5
Tel. 819-377-1387
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As of April 30, 2013
We are presently in the process of writing a history of the Lord’s work among the French assemblies of the Lord’s people in Quebec. The
project is well underway but we would welcome
any information that our readers might be able
to add to what we have already gathered. Old
newsletters and correspondence received from
early, pre-1970 workers, back issues of the magazine, pictures of workers, of assembly buildings or of events would all be welcome. Names
and addresses, email and/or postal, of any contact persons who might provide information
would also be appreciated. Please send to News
of Quebec, C.P. 1054, Sherbrooke (Québec) J1H
5L3 or contact us at [email protected]
Don’t forget to visit our website at newsofquebec.org