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BKC JUDO - Bushido Kai Canada
Seiryoku Zenyo – Maximum Efficiency
Ude-Hishigi-Juji-Gatame (腕挫十字固)
Kesa-Gatame (袈裟固)
Learn throws, take-downs,
sweeps and submission
fighting techniques.
Prevent injuries by learning
to fall safely.
Build confidence, discipline
and respect.
Enhance physical strength
and cardiovascular fitness.
Harai Goshi (払腰)
Deashi Harai (出足払)
Judo is based on the principle of Seiryoku
Zenyo (精力善用). It teaches the judoka to
use the least amount of physical and mental
strength necessary to accomplish a task.
Through proper use of technique and timing,
a judoka can upset the opponent’s balance
and use leverage to gain an advantage.
Tani Otoshi (谷落)
Kata-Gatame (肩固)
“Judo is a sport that is deeply
entrenched in respect and
discipline. Oscar teaches his
students about all the rules
and traditions of the sport in a
fun and interesting way. “
-Mark Berger, 84 Olympic
bronze medalist and Judo
Manitoba head coach
Tate‐Shiho‐Gatame (縦四方固) Judo ( 柔道), or the 'Gentle Way', is derived
from the samurai fighting art of jujutsu (柔術). It
is a tremendous and dynamic combat sport that
demands both physical prowess and great
mental discipline. There is no punching or
kicking in judo. It is a grappling martial art that
teaches balance, coordination, agility, spirit and
no fear of body contact.
Oscar Li sensei is a NCCP II certified instructor
AGES (14+)
Tuesdays & Thursdays
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm REGISTER @ BUSHIDO‐KAI CANADA 194 Taché Avenue, Winnipeg, MB PH: 204‐990‐7887 Info: www.bushido‐kai.ca/bkc‐judo Email: [email protected]‐kai.ca TECHNICAL INQUIRIES Oscar Li sensei Email: [email protected] « Oscar est l'un des judokas
les plus respectueux avec
lequel j'ai eu le plaisir de
travailler. Une personne
souriante, disciplinée et
toujours prête à partager son
riche savoir. Je crois que
Oscar est un atout dans
n'importe quel Dojo. »
-Louis-Philippe LeBlanc,
Kosoto Gake (小外掛)