New Year`s Eve Menu 2011



New Year`s Eve Menu 2011
New Year’s Eve
An orchestral year-end at the Opera
An unforgettable party at Paris Opera Garnier
for New Year's Eve.
On December 31st in the heart of Paris, in one of the most
monumental monuments of the capital, celebrate New
Year's Eve on a musical notes in the new restaurant
designed by Odile Decq. A mezzanine with organic forms
and a glass veil with sinuous curves, marry without
contact the forms of Charles Garnier's Rotunda.
Renowned Michelin two-star Chef Christophe Aribert and
Executive Chef Yann Tanneau will bring a magic menu
centered on authentic and contemporary cuisine which
mixes high quality local produce and welcome
Also at the party, Martini cocktails and Champagne will
flow like a stream at the Martini Bar !
New Year at the Palais Garnier
An evening of sumptuous decor
and unique atmosphere !
From the city, the first customers will admire from 8:30 pm
the last moments of the year with a view of Place Jacques
From the Opera, after Oneguine, the final Opera
spectators of the year will have direct access to the
restaurant at the bottom of the main staircase.
John Cranko Onegin has centred the Oneguine story of
Alexander Pushkin on the feelings of its four main
characters. Unfinished love and regrets form the rhythm
of this ballet, in a gentle melancholy and deeply
theatrical way.
L'Opéra Restaurant
Palais Garnier
Place Jacques-Rouché,
75009 Paris – France
Information and reservations on :
[email protected]
Crédits :
logo : Mathieu Jouhet / photos du restaurant : Rolland Halbe / photo des chefs : Antoine Lorgnier / photo
d’Onéguine : Christian Leiber - Opéra national de Paris / architecte salle : Odile Decq – Agence ODBC
New Year’s Eve Menu
Martini Royal
mise en bouche
Duck Foie Gras
pressé aux pommes et brioche au beurre demi sel
sorbet truffe et roquette
Sea Bass
citron caviar, amandes et noisettes
Granité des Pères Chartreux
Veal Medaillon
pomme de terre et truffe noire
Fresh Cow Cheese
sureau et antésite
symphonie de minuit
New Year’s Eve Coffee
buffet de mignardise
Champagne Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial
Mineral Water Evian or Badoit
Vegetarian alternative available, please ask when booking.
200 euro TTC without champagne
300 euro TTC no limit champagne
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