Cancellation Insurance



Cancellation Insurance
Your campsite has selected Campez
Couvert to offer you the best insurance
in case of cancellation or early
interruption of your trip.
The cover to be
fully refunded in the case
of an unforeseen event!
Everyone is covered,
without needing
to be related
Campez Couvert
more effective
than your bank card!
Quick and
95% of claims
Campez Couvert insurance covers all
cancellations which are not caused by you.
In plain language, everything is covered, except changing your mind!
What we cover:
• Death, accident or serious illness, hospitalisation
of the insured person, a relative or a close family friend.
• Material damage or substantial theft.
• Complications of the pregnancy for the insured person.
• State of pregnancy contraindicating the trip due to the nature
of the trip.
• Redundancy / contractual termination.
• Tourist visa refusal.
• Summons: in preparation of adopting a child, as either a
witness or jury member or for an organ transplant.
• Natural disasters (according to the Law No. 86-600 of 13
July 1986, as amended).
• Site access prohibited.
• Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying the
insured person (maximum 9 people).
• Summons to a retake exam.
• Contraindications or consequences of vaccinations.
• Depression, psychological, emotional or mental illness.
• Serious vehicle damage.
• Separation (civil partnership or marriage).
ind all the insurance terms and conditions at
• Getting a job.
• Cancellation or change to paid leave.
• Professional transfer.
Some bank cards will cover your trip
cancellations in the event of death or serious illness
only. In addition, the conditions and the processing
times vary greatly. Read your bank card contract terms
and conditions carefully.
What should you do if
you cancel your trip?
You can also quickly and easily to take out our
comprehensive quality insurance, with an
unprecedented processing time!
 Report your trip cancellation or interruption:
- online:
- by email: [email protected]
- by post: Gritchen Tolède & associés - Service Sinistres
27 rue Charles Durand - CS 70139 - 18021 BOURGES Cedex (France)
 You will be refunded 48 hours after receipt of your claim!
Gritchen Tolède & Associés - Insurance brokerage company
SIEGE SOCIAL : 27 Rue Charles Durand - CS 70139 - 18021 BOURGES Cedex - France
ORIAS 15000426 - - SIRET 807 925 441 00014 - Companies Register FINA02569 - Share capital: 10 000 €
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 Notify the campsite of your discontinuance or early departure

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