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He always drinks tea for breakfast.
It freezes in winter.
I like grammar.
1- pour décrire une action qui est en train de se dérouler.
2- pour exprimer la position du corps.
3- Il peut avoir valeur de futur.
1- une habitude :
2- une vérité générale :
3- une caractéristique :
Le présent continu est souvent employé avec des adverbes
précisant le moment où l'action se déroule : Now, at the
moment, tomorrow, in a week, soon, next month, on
Look! They're fighting.
She's sitting.
I'm coming tomorrow.
I'm going now.
Le Présent simple est souvent employé avec des adverbes de
fréquence : always, usually, generally, often, sometimes,
rarely, never.
I usually have coffee for breakfast
I often go to the cinema.
I never do the washing.
I sometimes help my father in the garden.
1- They never (to work) on Sundays. 2- She (to play) ? I think she is. 3- When you (to watch) TV?
4- She (to answer) sometimes correctly? 5- It's 6 o'clock. They (to get up). 6- Every Christmas he
(to bring) us a present. 7- Look! Only Fred and Jane (to listen) attentively. 8- Listen! The children
(to sing). 9- What are they doing? They (to dance). 10- I not (to want) tea now. 11- You (to love)
me? No, I don't. 12- It often (to rain) in England. 13- They (to arrive) tonight at 11:30. 14- We
(to leave) Tokyo on Friday evening. 15- Every year, he (to spend) his holidays in Venice. 16- I no
(to agree) with you. 17- Keep quiet! I (to think) the phone (to ring).