IAU College Main Hall
2bis rue du Bon Pasteur
Thursday, 29 September - 6 :30pm
Silicon Provence: Founders' Stories in the French Start-Up Ecosystem
Dr. Amaury Khelifi
Senior CTO, Out of Tech
Monday, 3 October – 6:30pm
Ethics in the Corporate World
Professor Caroline Serrano
Institut d’administration des Entreprises, Aix-en-Provence
Tuesday, 11 October – 6:30pm
Traduire La Voix : Textes et Personnages (in French)
Professor Audrey Coussy
IAU College
Thursday, 13 October – 6:30pm
An American Entrepreneur in France
Richard Harrison
Real estate investment advisor and developer
Tuesday, 18 October – 6:30pm
The Climate is Changing: Food and Agriculture Must Too
Materne Maetz
Senior Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Wednesday, 19 October – 6:30pm
Translating Paris’ Marais Neighborhood: A Collaborative Approach
Dr. Catherine Dent, Dr. Lynn Palermo
Susquehanna University
Thursday, 20 October – 6:30pm
Behind the Scenes of the UK Press Coverage of Brexit
Christopher Grimes
Financial Times Analysis Editor
Thursday, 27 October – 6:30pm
Low Cost Airline Strategies and Misadventures
Dr. Richard Lewin
Rollins College
Wednesday, 9 November – 6:30pm
The Rise of Euro-Trash Cinema: Georges Franju's Eyes Without a Face
Dr. Antonio Barrenechea
University of Mary Washington
Tuesday, 15 November - 6:30pm
Passer d'une langue à l'autre: les enjeux de Plurilinguisme (in French)
Dr. Noëlle Mathis
IAU College
Wednesday, 23 November – 6:30pm
One-Man Play: Stefan Zweig’s "The Chess PLayer"
Dr. Richard McElvain
Fitchburg State University
Wednesday, 30 November – 6:30pm
Moonlit Walks with Proust: Alterations of the Perceptible World
Dr. Patricia Locke
St. John’s College
Thursday, 1 December – 6:30pm
Creation of ITER, A Cutting Edge Collaboration
Moustafa Moteleb
ITER Organization
Thursday, 8 December – 6:45pm
Making Films in the South of France
Vassili Meimaris
Director, Paca Regional Commission

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