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« Diaspora »
France 2005 ; 16’48’’, colour, ov French/English/Arab ; fiction
Director: Ula TABARI
Script & dialogue: Ula TABARI
Image : Julie GRÜNEBAUM
Festival Selection 2006
EEvveennss FFoouunnddaattiioonn AAwwaarrdd Trieste (Italie), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Montpellier
(France), Milan (Italie), Biarritz (France), Nantes
ffoorr VViissuuaall AArrttss 22000044,, AAnnttwweerrpp (France), Rome (Italie), Archipelago (Italie), Biennale
Editing: Eve BARREIRE
Sound: Olivier PERIA / Ghanem AL MEIR
Actors: Lorenzo CHAROY, Hélène PIEDOR, Ula TABARI
Shooting format: DVcam
Projection format: 35mm, Digibeta
Sound System: DTS SR
Production Company: ERIS Production, Paris
Artistic Consultant: Julia BIDERMANN
Executive Production Company (general): NADA, Paris
Producer: Charles GILLIBERT
Executive Producer: Marie ETCHEGOYEN
Executive Production Company Jordan: Jodan Pioneers
Producer: Khaled HADDAD
Institut du Monde Arabe (France), International film
festival of Dubaï (Emirats Arabe Unis), International
Film Festival of Rio (Brésil), Short Film Festival Brest
(France), Film Festival of Tanger (Tunisie), Schort Fil
Festival Festival of Kérala (Trivendrum - Inde), First
Arab Film Festival de Bruxelles (Belgique), « Weeks of
Film festival » (Maroc).
Festival Selection 2005
Festival Israeliens Palestiniens, Paris (France)
Venezia Corto Cortissimo, Special Event (Italy)
« A foreign woman in a foreign country, waiting to receive news from home… a woman
who lives on the edge of two societies, languages and love stories. »
Ula TABARI, palestinian, born in Nazareth 28/07/1970.
2002: « Private investigation» (documentary, 90’ colour),
ADR Production, ZDF TV
2002: « www.pleasure.ch » (video diary, 13’, colour)
2002 Selection for « Private investigation» :
Germany: Leipzig, Housebourg
2002 Selection for « www.pleasure.com » :
Switzerland: Special order for the National Exhibition
2004 Selection for « Private investigation» :
France: Vezoul, Paris Arab Institute
Palestine: Dreams of a nation
2005: actress & dialogues coach assistant in « Munich »
by Steven SPIELBERG. Dialogues coach in « Few days
in September » by Santiano AMIGORINA
2004: translation and subtitles for « Atash » by Tawfik
2003: translation and subtitles for « Route 181 » by
2002: actress in « Les visages » by Christophe
2000: actress in « Sacré tabac » by Jean-Bertrand
1999: production assistant and stage setting in « Les
pieds » by Christophe LOIZILLON
1998: production assistant and actress in « Le rêve arabe »
by Elia SULEIMAN. Assistant in stage setting in « Forget
Bagdad » by Samir JALLAL EDDINE
1996: casting director and first actress in « Chronique
d’une disparition » by Elia SULEIMAN
Contacts :
Anne Davidian [email protected]
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Tel: +33 1 44 54 83 90 / Fax: +33 1 44 54 83 80

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