Too Old to Drive


Too Old to Drive
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Too Old To Drive ?
(MSNBC, 2012)
As we mentioned earlier, the moment is always so tough for older drivers and their adult children when
the time comes and the judgment of those around you to stop driving. Well, the good news is, the accident
rate for older drivers is actually down of late. The chance of older drivers being involved in a fatal crash
has been rising.
NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports tonight on a tough subject for a growing number of Americans.
Don’t brake, keep your speed up.
With sixty-one years of experience behind the wheel, Joan Johnson never thought she’d need to go back
to driver's ed. (Go when it’s safe, good!) Johnson has never been in an accident, (has) never had a ticket.
But when the eighty-one-year-old suffered a stroke, her driver's license was restricted by the California
The physician told me that he was required by law to report to the state that I had had a stroke, and that
meant that they would -- they may take my car keys. And that to me was like a death sentence.
When it comes to older drivers and the DMV, requirements for driver's license renewals vary from state
to state, whether it's a vision, written or driving test, there is no standard national guideline.
California and five other states require physicians to report patients who may be a risk on the road. But
experts say with more Americans driving into their nineties, more scrutiny is needed.
Put your brake on.
Healthcare providers are not really knowledgeable about driving and what are the circumstances in
which somebody should not continue to drive.
AAA is trying to avoid accidents involving senior drivers. In 2003, an eighty-six-year-old plowed through
a Santa Monica farmer's market killing ten (people). Two months ago in Los Angeles, a one-hundredyear-old driver hit a group of school children.
And these serve as wake-up calls, not just for older drivers, but also for their families to have the
conversation and to plan ahead.
Joan Johnson's family is beginning to have that conversation.
You don't want to be the person that takes away someone's freedom and independence.
Their grandmother remains determined to drive well into her golden years.
I'm glad they're concerned, I'm glad to know that they care.
But she's now willing to listen when her family and doctors say, it's time to talk.
Miguel Almaguer, NBC News, San Diego.
1. so tough
2. the time comes
si difficile
the moment arrive
page 2/2
3. of late
4. don’t brake, keep your speed up
5. behind the wheel
6. driver’s ed.
7. a ticket
8. suffered a stroke
9. was restricted
10. DMV
11. he was required by law
12. to report
13. a death sentence
14. requirements
15. driver’s licence / license renewal
16. no standard national guideline
17. more scrutiny is needed
18. healthcare providers
19. not really knowlegdeable
20. AAA
21. plowed / ploughed through
22. these serve as wake-up calls
23. drive well into her golden years
24. she’s now willing
ne freine pas, maintiens ta vitesse
derrière le volant
= driver’s education / cours de conduite
une amende
a eu une attaque
était limité
= Department of Motor Vehicles
la loi l’exigeait à
un arrêt de mort
les conditions requises
le renouvellement du permis de conduire
pas de directives nationales communes
on a besoin d’y veiller / contrôler davantage
personnel de santé (les médecins, etc.)
ne s’y connaissent pas vraiment
(‘triple A’) assurance auto
a fauché
cela sert d’avertissement, de rappel à l’ordre
continuer à conduire jusqu’à un âge avancé
(âge d’or de retraite)
elle est maintenant prête à

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