Professor Richard Thomson - PUBLICATIONS



Professor Richard Thomson - PUBLICATIONS
Toulouse-Lautrec, London (Oresko Books), 1977 (104 pp.).
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(Flammarion), 1990].
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Edited Books:
(Editor) Framing France: The Representation of Landscape in France, 1870 -1914 (226 pp.) Manchester University
Press, 1998.
(Co-editor, with Frances Fowle) Soil and Stone: Impressionism Urbanism Environment (176 pp.)
Ashgate, 2003.
Exhibition Catalogues and Organisation:
Harold Gilman, 1876-1919, Arts Council, October 1981-April 1982. Stoke-on-Trent, City Art Gallery; York City
Art Gallery; Birmingham City Art Gallery; Royal Academy, London. With Andrew Causey. (96 pp .)
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The Private Degas, Arts Council, January-May 1987. Manchester, Whitworth Art Gallery; Cambridge, Fitzwilliam
Museum. (144 pp.)
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City Art Gallery; Glasgow, The Burrell Collection. (128 pp.)
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Station Gallery. With Colin Harrison. (164 pp.)
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Scotland. With essay by Michael Clarke (pp.169-76). (200 pp.)
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Michael Clarke. (176 pp.)
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and Washington D.C., The Phillips Collection. With Anna Gruetzner Robins (232 pp.).
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Museum; Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland; Helsinki, Ateneum Art Museum. With Rodolphe Rapetti,
Frances Fowle, Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff. (208 pp.).
Collection Catalogues:
French Nineteenth Century Drawings in the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 1981 (34 pp.).
Contributions to the catalogue of a major international private collection, under the auspices of the Museum of
Modern Art, New York, 2006 (8 entries on Toulouse-Lautrec, vol 1, pp.202-237; 13 entries on Van Gogh, ibid,
(articles in refereed journals indicated with an asterisk):
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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: drawings from 7 to 18 years,' in Six Children Draw, ed. Sheila Paine, London
(Academic Press), 1981, pp. 38-48.
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