G r e n o b l e - I s è r e - F r a n c e
The hydrogen advantage
and the energy transition
AEPI 2015
One of the world’s
top 3 research centers
CEA-Liten and more than 200
researchers in the hydrogen
A large concentration
of companies...
... involved in hydrogen:
production, storage, distribution
and fuel cells. An industrial
leader (Air Liquide), 70 SMEs
... for application markets:
mobility, portable solutions,
isolated sites
Discover exceptional European expertise
Basic research in condensed matter physics and
Institut Néel and LEPMI (Grenoble INP) have respectively developed an
exclusive expertise in:
• Chemical engineering of metal hydrides for reversible hydrogen storage
• Conception of metal hydride tanks, the most efficient in terms of energy
• Advanced PEM materials, components and systems
CEA-Liten: 3rd-largest patent applicant in France
McPhy: the leading provider of
hydrogen production solutions at
point of consumption - Onsite hydrogen
solutions for the gas industry market and
energy market (mobility, power to gas and
energy storage) based on water electrolysis
technology for hydrogen production and solid
state technology for hydrogen storage
CEA-LITEN’s fully-integrated approach covers all levels of the hydrogen
value chain including: Production, Storage and Fuel Cells. This full-service
technological approach allows the institute to develop optimized technologies
for a large number of industrial markets centered primarily around energy and
transport segments.
CEA LITEN demonstrates significant levels of expertise in:
• High Temperature Electrolysis
• Solid/hydrid and high pressure storage
• PEM and SOFC systems for electrolysis and fuel cell
Grenoble INP, engineering schools, #2 in France
Grenoble INP trains more than 1,000 engineers per year in energy, environment, ICT, materials, micro-nanotechnology and production systems.
Unique and inn
HyWAY: the first large-scale captive-fleet
implementation in France!
50 hybrid electric/hydrogen-powered utility
vehicles (range extenders) and 2 hydrogen filling
stations in Lyon and Grenoble (the extenders give
the vehicle a total range of 300 km (~200 miles),
7 industrial partners, early users (companies
and public authorities), supported by regional,
national and European public funds
HyPulsion, a Plug
alliance for H2 forklift
2013: synergy with the
in France, # 3 in Europe
Tenerrdis: boosting collaborative R&D projects
Member of the International Cleantech Network, the Tenerrdis cluster enhances the
R&D collaboration between research and industry and offers access to national
and European funds.
Since 2005, in hydrogen energy:
• 43 member companies in the hydrogen program
• 56 projects funded
• €197,000,000 total budget; including €94,000,000 in public funds
across the complete energy value chain
Air Liquide: world leader in gases,
technologies and services for Industry
and Health - Innovative solutions for
the hydrogen energy market: stationary
applications, captive fleets, cars and buses,
hydrogen storage technology
Air Liquide is contributing to the emergence
of this industry in the transport sector by
supporting the creation of the necessary
distribution infrastructures at global scale
Ad-Venta: innovative
company - Solutions and products for in
pocket (new patented micro-flow reducer for
aerosol can) or on-bord hydrogen
McPhy: One very promising alternative is to
store hydrogen in the form of metal hydrides,
offering safe, reversible hydrogen storage,
with an excellent energy efficiency (no
Systems manufacturers
and fuel cells
Tronico: innovative electronic solutions
- The French electronic expert in Hydrogen
systems (DC/DC converters for Kangoo H2
range extenders, Battery management systems)
Atawey: anytime, anywhere, energy
Stand-alone power generators for off-grid sites
such as housing or communication equipment
(telecom or broadcasting)
Paxitech: fuel Cell manufacturer
Fuel cells (1 to 500w) for portable and
stationary applications, such as USB chargers,
range extender and fuel cell components
(Membrane Electrode Assemblies)
manufacturer and integrator for
transport markets
Range extenders and high-power PEM-based
fuel cell systems ranging from 5kW to 300kW
Axane: specialized in PEM-type Fuel
Cells (Proton Exchange Membrane)
systems on a large range of power from
0.5kW to 10kW and on a large temperature
range (-10°C to +40°C)
n ova t i ve p r o j e c t s
Poma: H2 cable car
Power and Axane
deployed in France in
largest logistic platform
Poma, world leader in cable transport, presented
a prototype of the «H2» cable car, powered by
hydrogen fuel cells. Poma wants to develop and
market a new generation of air conditioned and
connected cable cars, with zero greenhouse gas
e programs
Institut Carnot: the #1 European research organization in new energy
With more than 1,000 researchers and a €130 million annual budget,
“Carnot Energies du Futur” aims to accelerate scientific and technological
transfer to industry, particularly to SMEs. A strategic axis targets hydrogen
energy components from production to conversion, through storage and
DC/DC converter
Hydride wafer for hydrogen storage
Grenoble-Isère, France:
the smart move
AEPI’s locations around the word
ÂÂ Grenoble ranked fifth in Forbes’ World’s
15 Most Inventive Cities (July 2013)
ÂÂ No.1 in France for R&D (as a % of total jobs)
ÂÂ International dimension: 7 of the top 10
employers are foreign-owned companies;
the US, Germany and the UK are the leading
investors in Grenoble-Isère
The Grenoble-Isère
Economic Development Agency,
Provides businesses seeking to explore business opportunities in the area with
complimentary advice and support tailored to the needs of their specific projects.
Your contact: Fabienne Chèze-Ceroni
[email protected]
AEPI - February 2015
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