Black Shadow Smart jammer Full bandwidth coverage 20


Black Shadow Smart jammer Full bandwidth coverage 20
Black Shadow
Smart jammer
Full bandwidth coverage
20 MHz / 2500 MHz
Power amplifier box
Interception & jamming box
Application Field
The black Shadow is designed to ensure
protection against RC-IEDs as well as
for telecommunications jamming (GSM,
DAMPS, CDMA2000, UMTS, Thuraya,
Iridium…), both in terms of interception
(limited to characterization) and
generation of counter measures
Enabling a 80 m security bubble for
convoy protection
Aim of jamming : to prevent
communications by electromagnetic means,
or at least to degrade communications
sufficiently to cause delays in transmission
and reception
Remote control / command software :
Wideband panoramic visualization
Easy mission configuration
Integrated Built In Test
Automatic failure mode management to
ensure the protection function
Technical specifications
System overview
The Black Shadow deals with the following
operational concepts:
 Offensive jamming :
 Main
 Associated key words :
 Jamming Range (up to several 1 km)
 Usually Active or smart
 DOA + GPS point
 Characterization
Defensive jamming:
 Main target
: Radio Controlled
Improvised Explosive Device
 Associated key words :
 Protection bubble (20 to 100 m)
depending on the field application
 Reactivity : adapted to the fastest
 Could be active or reactive/smart
 Detecting a threat + GPS point
No ITAR components
Physical & electrical Environment
Two ventilated cabinets
GAM EG13 for choc and vibration regards to
wheeling vehicle.
IP 53 (dust and rain protection)
Water-resistant under 1 m for transport
Temperature -10 ° C to 55 °C
Weight per cabinet < 35 kg
Form factor 36 cm * 46 cm * 58 cm
Power supply Alimentation : 24 VDC
Power consumption : < 2200W
The operational advantages of the Black Shadow are:
 Counter measure improvement according to:
 The power received (the weaker the reception,
the stronger the emission must be as the shooter
or terrorist is surely hidden)
 The geographical position (if the convoy
changes country, the jammer has to reconfigure
automatically to ensure adaptation to potential
threats of the new country)
 The identified communication
 Reduced exposure of humans as the intelligent
jammer only jams when necessary.
 Furtiveness and non-repeatability: the jammer, by
only reacting when necessary, becomes reactive: it
detects, classifies and neutralizes very rapidly (this
time is the critical data element for this type of
 Cohabitation with other telecom systems. The
jammer is capable of differentiating the various
communications and therefore of classifying them:
friend or foe.
 Continuous spectrum monitoring between 20 MHz
& 2.5 GHz (Options 6 GHz &/or 18GHz)
 Instantaneous engagement of specific counter
measures between 20 MHz and 2.5 GHz
 Optimal management of the protection bubble
(range increase). It becomes totally dynamic as the
jammer automatically manages the available power
according to current threats and threats not detected
 The Black Shadow can operate as an hybrid jammer:
 Active and / or reactive
 Mimicry (operation possible with other jammers
active or reactive)
Technical Data
100 W for 20/100 MHz
100 W for 100/400 MHz
100 W for 400/1000 MHz
100 W for 1000/2500 MHz
The system is able to detect instantaneously more
than 2000 threats
Reactivity adapted to GSM & DECT bursts
Optional compatible AMESYS devices:
Ethernet recording system
Post processing signals toolbox : OSCAR