PPG Approved by Volvo Car Corporation as one of


PPG Approved by Volvo Car Corporation as one of
PPG Approved by Volvo Car Corporation as one of the preferred suppliers for global
dealership and independent repairs.
Automotive Refinish has been
named as one of the preferred suppliers by Volvo Car Corporation for
its worldwide network of dealership
as well as for independent collision
centers around the globe. The designation includes PPG’s innovative and
advanced waterborne Envirobase
high performance and Delton GRS
Volvo’s objective is to provide its
customers with premium level repair
quality in the aftermarket. Consequently, Volvo rigorously tests all
materials to make certain they meet
the company’s strict standards before they are approved. This approval is now detailed in the Volvo’s
VIDA “Vehicles Information and Diagnostics for aftermarket”.
“Being Designed as one of the preferred suppliers by Volvo is something to take great pride in” said
Christoph Rieser, OEM Aftermarket
Director for PPG Automotive Refinish
Europe. “Volvo is well known for its
quality and to be one of their approved suppliers is recognition of the
quality of the products. We will, of
course, work closely with them to
provide complete support to Volvo
dealerships and independent shops
around the world.”
PPG continues to demonstrate
high quality and commitment for
its paints products and processes. I am very pleased to say
this collaboration will bring benefits to our international network.”
PPG will continue assisting Volvo
with global service readiness and
enhanced technical support, aiming to increase capability, thus
productivity for Volvo’s network
and increasing customer satisfaction.
Peter Larsson, Volvo’s Deputy Director, painted body engineering, said,
“One of the major criteria for selecting preferred suppliers is quality assurance which will safeguard the
Volvo repair quality in our network.
PAINT met a disposition
de ses clients un service de Livraison.
Envoyez nous vos Bons de Commande et nous vous livrons.
Emmanuel vous répond au standard au 0993
Utilisez l’adresse email:
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nous faire parvenir vos commandes.
Pour nos clients concessionnaires, Garages et autres sociétés ayant leur propre
atelier de peinture.
Du 19 au 28 Mai, pour tout achat de peinture, un peintre formateur PPG assistera
et conseillera votre peintre durant l’exécution du travail.
Merci de nous contacter pour toute information complémentaire
Nos produits disponibles:
- Peintures PPG DELTRON Acryliques, Métallisées et Pearls
- Apprêts Nono et Bi composants
- Durcisseurs Standard et Medium Solid
- Diluants Lents, Standard et Rapide
- Vernis
- Mastics
- Papiers à poncer, pistolets de peinture, Masques, lunettes de protection, Combinaisons,
protections roues, cales à poncer...
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