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Elegant Resume - Fordham University
History Department/Urban Studies Program
Fordham University Lincoln Center
113 West 60th Street
New York, New York 10023
(212) 636-7359
[email protected]
Ph.D. History, University of California, Davis, 1985
Graduate Study, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociale, Paris,
M.A. History, University of California, Davis, 1973
B.A. University of California, Davis, 1971
Current Projects:
Practicing Utopia: An Intellectual History of the New Town Movement.
Forthcoming University of Chicago Press, 2015.
Monographs and Edited Collections:
The Heroic City: Paris 1945-1958 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009).
Guest Editor, Special Dossier: "Les Halles: Politics, Planning, and Urban Space in
Paris," French Politics, Culture & Society, 25(Summer 2007).
Guest Editor with Thierry Paquot, "Dossier New York," Revue Urbanisme,
350(September-October 2006).
Guest Editor with Charles Rearick, Special Issue: ''New Perspectives on Modem
Paris," French Historical Studies 27(Winter 2004).
Editor, Themes in Modern European History, 1945 to Present, Michael Biddiss,
General Editor, (London: Routledge Press, 2003).
Modernizing the Provincial City: Toulouse 1945-1975 (Cambridge, Mass.:
Harvard University Press, 1997).
“Was There an Ideal Socialist City?: Socialist New Towns as Modern Dreamscapes,”
in Transnationalism and the German City, Jeffry M. Diefendorf and Janet Ward,
eds. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).
“Rethinking Postwar Planning,” Planning Perspectives 29(April 2014): 153-164.
“Le World Trade Center dix ans après,” Revue Urbanisme, no. 380(SeptemberOctober 2011).
“Toulouse: d’un modernisation à l’autre,” Revue Urbanisme, Numéro special sur
Toulouse, no. 40 (September 2011).
"Veblen Redivivus: Leisure and Excess in Europe," Oxford Handbook of Postwar
European History, Forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2010.
"The Fourth Republic," in Edward Berenson, Vincent Duclert and Christophe
Prochasson, eds., The French Republic, Forthcoming, Cornell University Press,
"Le grand New York: une mega-région?" Revue Urbanisme 368(Sept.-Oct.
"Presse américaine: place à la critique" Revue Urbanisme 367(July-August 2009):
"La Spécificité de l'urbanisme parisien des années 1950," Paris, alchimies d'une
métropole, Thierry Baudouin, François Laisney, Annie Térade, eds. (Paris: Editions
Recherches, 2008).
"Fascinating Les Halles," French Politics, Culture & Society 25(Summer 2007):
"Street Noises: Celebrating the Liberation of Paris in Music and Dance," The City
and the Senses, Alex Cowan and Jill Steward, eds. (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007).
Participation in multi-lingual historical dictionary, Christian Topalov, ed. Le
Trésor des mots de la ville, Forthcoming (Paris: UNESCO, 2010).
"Un Tramway sur la 42e rue?" Revue Urbanisme 350(Sept.-Oct. 2006):54-55.
"Aéroport Kennedy, New York: Rehabilitation du terminal d'Eero Saarinen," Revue
Urbanisme 341 (Mars-Avril 2005).
"Nostalgic Modernism and the Invention of Paris in the Twentieth Century," French
Historical Studies 27(Winter 2004): 115-144.
"Dreaming the New Atlantis: Science and the Planning of Technopolis in France,"
Osiris, Journal of the History of Science Society, 18(July 2003).
"Le Port comme acteur du développement durable en Amerique du nord," Villes
Portuaires dans le Développement Durable, Michele Collin, ed. (Paris: Harmattan,
"La Grande Motte: French Regional Development, Tourism, and the State," with
Ellen Furlough in Being Elsewhere: Tourism, Consumer Culture, and Identity in
Modern Europe and North America, E. Furlough and S. Baranowski, eds.
(Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2001).
"The Urban Infrastructure" with Nicholas Papayanis. The Encyclopedia of European
Social History, Peter N. Stearns, ed. (New York: Charles Scriber's Sons, 2001).
"Quel Avenir pour Ground Zero?" Revue Urbanisme 321 (Nov.-Dec. 2001).
"Le Nouvel Urbanisme," Revue Urbanisme, 308(Sept.-Oct. 1999).
"Reconstruction and the Self-Help Housing Movement: the French Experience,"
Journal of Housing Studies, 14(May 1999).
"Times Square," Revue Urbanisme 300(May 1998).
"Composing a Landscape: Coastal Mass Tourism and Regional Development in
Languedoc, 1960s-1980s," with Ellen Furlough, International Journal of
Maritime History (Fall, 1997).
"La Ville en Vol: Toulouse and the Cultural Legacy of the Airplane," French
Historical Studies 17(Spring 1992): 769-790.

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