Housing Contacts and Useful InfoRmation


Housing Contacts and Useful InfoRmation
Housing Contacts and Useful InfoRmation
Alfred weiss campus
7 quai du Bruckhof et 4 rue du Vieil Armand - 67 100 STRASBOURG
Telephone : 03 88 34 99 00 - Fax : 03 88 34 99 08
E-mail : [email protected]
Opening hours: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon and 1:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Monday through Friday – Closed on Wednesdays
Administrator / Bursar : Carole Thal - Christian Burlett
Administration Office (payment and administrative services): Ground floor of Building C (bât. C)
Telephone : 03 88 34 99 04.
Campus Services (keys, repairs): Main Office - Building A
(7 Quai du Bruckhof - Emergency service evenings and weekends, call 03 88 34 99 00).
moving in
Upon your arrival you will be issued the key for your studio, for the building entrance and for your letterbox key. Your room key is for your personal use and provides access to the building and common
public transportation
Trams - Line D : Tram stop “Aristide Briand” (5 minute walk)
- Line C : Tram stop “Jean Jaurès” (10 minute walk)
Bus - Lines 30, 31 : Bus stop “Aristide Briand,” “Soultz”
Plan out your journey with Vialsace : www.vialsace.eu
parking lots
Cars: Parking lots are accessed from Quai du Bruckhof (for Buildings A and B) and from Rue du Vieil
Armand (for Building C).
The access plan is changing, please refer to the administration.
Bicycles: Bike parks are located in front of Buildings A and C. We recommend you lock your bike with
a hardened-steel chain bike lock.
first aid and emergency services
Laundry facilities
Buildings B and C have laundry rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers. They work with
the Izly card, provided by Unistra. The Laundries are open from 8 am to 11 pm.
trash bins / recycling bins
Residents are responsible for separating their trash and recycling.
Bins are located on the parking lot on the Quai du Bruckhof side in front of the entrance and on the
parking lot on the Rue du Vieil Armand side in front of the entrance :
- Recyclable bins : paper, cardboard and plastic.
- BLUE bins : other non-recyclable trash (put trash in plastic trash bags)
A recycling bin for glass is located on the sidewalk on Rue du Vieil Armand near the bridge.
A clothing bin is located on quai Bruckhof. Use your provided trash bags.
housing contacts and useful information
In the event of danger call emergency numbers directly :
or call SOS Médecins (a network of doctors who make urgent house calls) – 03 88 75 75 75.
Indicate your location. Alert the Alfred Weiss Campus central office (03 88 34 99 00). The staff will be
able to provide directions to emergency services and will alert the administrator’s office if necessary.
You may incur charges for services provided by fire fighters (“pompiers”) (except in cases of fire or
serious injury).
receiving mail
Your new personal postal address should be written as follows :
M. or Mlle
Cité universitaire A. WEISS
Bâtiment (Building) … - Chambre n° (Room number) …
7 Quai du Bruckhof 67 100 STRASBOURG - if you live in building A or B
4 Rue du Vieil Armand 67 100 STRABOURG - if you live in building C
Mail is delivered to letterboxes by the mail carrier. Packages and parcels cannot be accepted by campus staff. A delivery notice will be left for you. Mail forwarding requests should be made directly at
the Post Office. Any mail inadvertently delivered to your letterbox should be left at the main office or
dropped in the administration office’s letterbox.
To ensure security in campus buildings and to prevent intrusions or theft, lock the outside entrance door
with your key. Access and visitor controls may take place during the day as well as at night. Be sure you
do not to leave your key in the door (on the inside or the outside).
If your key is lost or stolen, your lock will automatically be changed, requiring an advance payment of
80€, which will be reimbursed if your key is found/returned within two weeks. You will be charged for
service calls if you lose your key or lock yourself out – hourly rate 50 € + 50 € charge for service call by
Crous staff member.
Do not obstruct smoke detectors in any way (fire hazard). Turn off hotplates, lights, water faucets
and close windows when you leave your room. Guests must stay with you at all times and are not
allowed to stay beyond 11:00 pm.
Your Internet connection will be effective as soon as you register (it could take a couple of days in time
of great affluence, though).
You’ll get all the login codes per e-mail or SMS (number and address you gave in your file).
businesses nearby
Newspaper/tobacco shop / banks / Post Office, doctors, bakeries - located on Avenue Aristide Briand
and Avenue Jean Jaurès.
sports and cultural activities
student residence contact-person
In case of personal difficulties, contact the student residence contact-person for your residence hall.
The email address is posted in the residence hall.
Welcome !
Carole Thal, administrator
and the entire staff.
Crous de Strasbourg - 1 quai du Maire Dietrich - BP 50168 - 67 004 STRASBOURG Cedex
Tél. : 03 88 21 28 00 - www.crous-strasbourg.fr
Consult the resident handbook online in french or in english.
housing contacts and useful information
Music room - Building A: equipped with a piano and a drum set. Can also be used to practice other
instruments (request key at the office). Sign up at the Alfred Weiss Campus Main Office
Television room - Building A
Ping-pong table - Building A basement: Rackets available at the main office - Closed at 10:00 pm
Weight and fitness room: Operated in liaison with the Residence Hall Council. A medical certificate
allowing the practice of sports is required.
Cafeteria: Can be reserved for special events (birthday parties, game evenings...). Reserve the cafeteria with the Main Office. 100€ security deposit required. You may stay until 11:00 pm.
NOTE ! Be sure to clean the facilities before leaving.

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