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u/ 03 / 2012
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Today more than ever, the
variety of cultures is called
upon to sustain efforts for
social cohesion. The world
needs to talk, right now - P 2
Web 2.0 may not be a place that was designed for the
purpose of empowering young people but it has
certainly helped empower many and it does have a long
way to go.
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A look at the news, does not
make one optimist about the
theme of this conference:
“Achieving Dialogue and
Development through Cultural
Diversity”. Let’s have a look at
the European case. - P 3
Les parcours sont différents, les
appartenances diverses : coup
de projecteurs sur les
participants à la conférence
Nos deux secrétaires générales
livrent leurs impressions avant
le début de la conférence. - P 9
L ’ Édito
Par Fanny Rannaud
In two days we will get in the Palais des Nations, the working
sessions will have begun and the topics will be debated. The
journalists will join the sessions, follow the debates and meet all
the participants to cover the Conference and to let you inform
what happens during the day – and relay some more informal
information on social events...
But first of all, it is now time for us to meet each other, to get
registered, to attend workshops, to get used to the rules of
procedures, and to visit Geneva ! We hope everyone is fit and
ready for the busy schedule of the following days. The team of
Perspectives would like to wish you all the best for the Conference
approaching, and we hope everyone will have a good time, enjoy
meetings with new people and the experience of GIMUN.
On Saturday afternoon, the opening ceremony will set the tone of
the annual Conference, which topic is « Achieving dialogue and
development through cultural diversity ». The theme of this year
is particularly interesting regarding the variety of countries all
participants are coming from to discuss together international
affairs and find solutions to a sensitive and current question.
Once again, welcome to everyone..
Cultural diversity :
an utopia ?
By Alice Caubriere, for The Dawn
The clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the
Westerner’s makes the cultural diversity hard to uphold
Since the 1990’s the world witnesses a new form of conflict.
The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the death of the ideologies.
Unfortunately it gave birth at the same time to another issue. Thanks
to the globalization, populations are moving throughout the world
and each country has welcomed or some would rather say undergo,
the arriving of many other cultures often very different from their
original one. The borders are now less rigid enabling the meeting of
diverse cultures : religions and cultures interact more than ever. This
aspect raises some issues : some cultures are incompatible and this
lead to the clash of civilization. From this concept, ones can easily
admit that the main issue is between the muslims religion and culture
and the western ones. The Westerners point the finger at the Islamic
world, they see Islam as a rogue religion and culture and both are
permanently in opposition because they misunderstand each other.
Either the Muslims are subject to the racism of the Western people
when they immigrate into their lands or either the Western countries
are trying to model the Muslims way of life for being supposedly in
unadequacy with the human rights. This conduct to a multitude of
conflicts from the tiniest to the vastest ones.
The most scary aspect of this
issue is that it seems to be neverending. Indeed, the ideologies died
with the end of the Cold War but
we all know that the different
cultures and different religions will
never die. In that sense, there is an
urging need to solve this problem
quickly and try to introduce a
dialogue between the various
civilizations in order to coexist
world. Both sides cannot change, they need to coexist and overcome
their differences. Each civilization is contributing to the enrichment of
the universal cultural heritage and all of them are equally valuable.
There is a pressing need to improve the
relationship between the civilizations as we
must avoid another separation of the world
« Each civilization is
in two blocks as the Earth experienced
during the Cold War. The sigmatization of
contributing to the
the muslims must stop.
enrichment of the universal
cultural heritage and all of
them are equally valable »
The 9/11 terrorist attack is the starting point of this issue. By
attacking the United States, Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaeda
created a fake stereotype of the muslims people. Unfortunately, the
behavior of such dangerous people damaged the image of a whole
population. Indeed, due to this event, many tend to label the muslims
as fundamentalists and dangerous terrorists. The problem is that
Islam is spreading very quickly and is today the largest religion in the
From these facts, the purpose of this week’s
debates at the GIMUN is to emphase on
cultural diversity and ideally to try
reaching a cohesion amongst civilizations.
Each committee’s goal will be to
accomplish two resolutions for the two
topics attributed to them and related to the cultural diversity. As it is
introduced previously, the challenge of this week is to reconcile the
two major civilizations, namely, the Western one and all its underlying
cultures and religions and the Islamic civilization and all its variants.
Today more than ever, the variaty of cultures are called upon to
sustain efforts for social cohesion. The world needs to talk, right now !
Par Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix
It is in times of crisis that identity questions
surface up; the one that strikes Europe now is no
mere a financial crisis: as far as we are concerned,
the financial part is no more than icing on the cake.
The “other” culture is fine, where it belongs: somewhere else,
in its own place; in Africa, in the Maghreb, in the Middle-East.
Minarets are beautiful constructions, but not in Switzerland, because
the Swiss have a culture, values and ways of doing, that does not
incorporate Islamic architecture.
Diversity is a double-edged concept: we look for it, we long for
it, it is often considered part of human nature, as much as we see it
A cake that has trouble defining itself: the average Jean (eh, we
as a cause for many problems. Wouldn't it be much more efficient to
are in Europe, after all) does not care at all about the arcane
have homogeneous countries? No disparities, no differences.
workings of Euro-zone finance. He feels, however, he feels that
Everybody the same, acting in a common
something is not going the way it
great movement? Universal peace, maybe?
should. The recent “scandal” of
While this might be a not-so-hidden
halal meat in France, hinting that
« A look at the news, thus,
objective in some political agendas, such a
every butchery would be selling
statement may appear as definitively
halal meat throughout all of the
dangerous to others. Eutopia or dystopia,
Hexagone (am I eating halal
optimist about the theme
this remains imaginary: diversity is there
meat?!) seems to be wellof
to stay.
established as a core false-debate
of the Présidentielles coming up
in April. A false-debate, because
Development through
How to diminish the problem-side of the
the halal-ness of the meat is not
equation? Knowledge might form a part
Cultural Diversity »
the real matter of concern: the
of the solution to this irreconcilable
real matter of concern is the
duality; with knowledge, fears fade out.
other. This is what disturbs the
And this mutual understanding, this
people the most: its presence, felt
knowledge of the other, can only come out of dialogue.
and seen. Its presence on a soil which is considered as the legitimate
possession of a nation, which membership as its specific conditions.
As I started by splitting the terms of the theme, I end by
reuniting them: because indeed, there can be no cultural diversity
A look at the news, thus, does not makes one optimist about
without dialogue. How could any progress be made by mute and
the theme of this conference: “Achieving Dialogue and Development
deaf nations?
through Cultural Diversity”. The cultural diversity of France, in that
Such a conference is an ideal crucible for understanding, as
case, does not seem to bring dialogue and development to the front,
discussion is the very core of it. We have been given speech as
but rather a deep malaise, a primal fear that expresses itself in
human beings, let us use it to the best!
multiple ways: fear that this other might “steal jobs”, “drain
welfare”, transform this nation we love so much into something we
do not recognize, visibly or spiritually. France is an example, but the
phenomenon is Europe-wide; the example of the minarets in
Switzerland some years ago is quite striking.
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By Monica Akech
'Man defiles girl and gets infected with HIV' read the news
headline. A light conversation with a man seated next to me in a public
service vehicle about this subject surprisingly pointed an accusing finger
at the defiled girl. As more men overheard our discussion they collectively
took the man’s side. Key to note was that the women on board, evidently
the majority, sat silently as I defended the girl.
Shocked, dismayed and disappointed at this reaction I sought
refuge in my phone and Facebooked, Tweeted and Blogged this headline
and consequently received tremendous input from women within
seconds. Would it have been the same reaction if women online were in
this bus with a few outspoken men? The most exciting factor about Web
2.0. is that it is more than technology, an attitude that gives relinquishing
control to set data free as well as communicate in a local yet meaningful
global way, more or less a platform for all.
Debates... And soap operas
It is an open secret that most people in Africa, have limited access
to internet use and the few who do, may not exactly front for resourceful
matters. An example is given of the many women who get glued to their
TV sets watching soap operas from channel to channel. The emotional
attachment is amazing but these women may find it hard to make sense
of the huge amount of information they receive. The same can be said of
the internet especially Web 2.0. Some have used it for emotional benefit
especially young women. However, this is ont a reason to fear for the
future or weep for the past. A sticker on my friend’s door says, “Even if I
let you in doesn’t mean I can’t kick you out!” and clearly points out what
I am driving at. The solution to this can be infotainment,
creatively invoking entertainment and information and by so
doing, many get attracted to the given events while learning so
knowledge, George Burns says, “too bad that all people who really know
how to run a country are busy driving taxi cabs or cutting hair.” Web 2.0
may not be a place that was designed for the purpose of empowering
young people but it has certainly helped empower many and it does have
a long way to go.
Certainly, it has been said that a child educated only at school is
an uneducated child. Web 2.0 has become a learning
environment, a transmission tool for civilization. By virtue of
« It is an open secret that most people in Africa, have limited access to
internet use and the few who do, may not exactly front for resourceful
matters eople but it has certainly helped empower many and it does have
a long way to go. »
Portrait des
jeunes qui
Par Émilie Senn
Les parcours sont différents, les appartenances
diverses et leurs cultures hétérogènes mais la jeunesse
GIMUN 2012 se rallie avec aisance pour ne former plus
qu’un, au profit d’un projet collectif.
Six comités pour douze individus se partagent une simulation
aux allures de réel. Au nom d’un projet ambitieux, chaque individu
chance d’être également étudiant à l’Université pour la paix de
qui participe à l’événement rapporte et offre un peu de lui-même.
l’ONU. Quant à Friederike, il cumule la culture allemande, russe et
Au sein du Conseil de Sécurité (CS), Cécile Pilot joue le rôle de
canadienne dans un seul jeune étudiant en économie à l’Université
la présidente. Munie d’un bagage bien fourni dans le domaine, cette
de Genève.
jeune femme est actuellement Project Manager Intern à l’UNIDO,
Dans le sixième Comité de l’Assemblée Général (LEGAL),
l'agence des Nations Unies pour le développement industriel. Un
Katja Knoechelmann, présidente, détient elle aussi un sacré bagage
master français en Euromed mangement lui a permis d’étudier avec
culturel. L’Allemagne, le Portugal, le Canada, l’Ecosse et l’Israël font
passion les négociations internationales et les stratégies de gestion. Le
parties de ses terres d’accueil. Avec un intérêt profond pour le droit
goût de l’aventure qu’elle cultive lui sera d’un grand service pour
international privé, en particulier humanitaire, cette jeune lauréate
cette conférence.
du concours Jean Pictet brille dans ce comité juridique. Valentina
Alexander Becker, son acolyte dans le comité, emprunte le
Pascale, agent de liaison, est originaire de Naples. Les sciences
poste d’officier de liaison. Ce jeune homme étudie la gouvernance et
politiques et les relations
la politique publique à l'Université
internationales n’ont plus de secret
de Passau, en Allemagne. Les
pour elle ni même la conférence
conférences MUN ne sont pas une
« Au nom d’un projet
qu’elle a déjà fréquentée en 2010.
première pour lui puisqu’il s’est déjà
Au troisième Comité de l’Assemblée
rendu en Allemagne, au RoyaumeGénérale (SOCHUM), Ronja
Uni et en Israël pour les suivre.
qui participe à l’événement
Harder simulera la présidente. A
« Un nouveau défi », selon ses mots,
rapporte et offre un peu de
présent étudiante en sciences
s’ouvre devant lui.
politiques et droit à l'Université de
lui même. »
Au Conseil des Droits de
Lucer ne, cette passionnée
l’Homme (CHR), Okan Uzun,
d’équitation à un grand intérêt pour
suisse-alémanique, préside la
la culture et les langues. Son agent
commission. Originaire de Turquie, la diversité culturelle qu’il porte
de liaison, Christina Joss, étudie les relations internationales. Le
en lui fait sa force. Etudiant à l’université de Genève en relations
proverbe « L’union fait la force » définit la stratégie qu’elle souhaite
internationales, cet évènement est pour lui l’opportunité de mettre
mener pour cette conférence 2012.
en pratique ses connaissances théoriques.
Dernier comité, celui du Programme des Nations Unis pour le
Dora Rencoret simule l’agent de liaison du conseil. Originaire
Développement (PNUD). Heinrich Nolte et Sandrine Chabbey sont
de Finlande, c’est en région Lyonnaise que cette voyageuse grandit.
à ses commandes. La présidence revient à un jeune allemand du
Actuellement en for mation à l’école de Traduction et
nord, étudiant en affaires internationales à l'Institut des hautes
d'Interprétation de Genève, Dora souhaite devenir interprète de
études internationales et du développement à Genève. Il a déjà
conférence pour une organisation internationale.
travaillé pour une ONG à Belfast, en Irlande, mais aussi en Arabie
Le Conseil Economique et Social (ECOSOC) se voit adresser
Saoudite pour German International Cooperation. Des atouts
Joseph Kahinda comme président et Friederike Seifert comme agent
pratiques pour la conférence. Sandrine, étudiante en relation
de liaison. Le premier se dit « accro aux MUN » alors que le
internationale à Genève, s’investit fortement dans les MUN et à un
deuxième avoue une passion pour les enjeux mondiaux. Joseph
intérêt certain pour le domaine.
étudie les sciences actuarielles à l’Université de Nairobi mais a la
Meet the Bosses
Propos rapportés par Fanny Renaud, pour
Allessia et Fanny sont les deux
secrétaires générales de la conférence
GIMUN 2012. Rencontre avec les
architectes de la conférence !
Comment vous sentez-vous aujourd’hui ? La
conférence commence dans deux jours, vous êtes
surement un peu stressées...
Tell us a little about yourselves, what do you do
in life ? / Dites nous quelques mots sur ce que
vous faite dans la vie à coté du GIMUN
Alessia : C'est assez difficile de décrire ce que je ressens…
Après avoir travaillé presque un an sur cette conférence, c’est
normal d'être un peu stressées. On espère que tous les efforts que
nous avons fait pour satisfaire même le plus petit détail seront à la
hauteur de vos attentes.
Alessia : Je suis italienne mais depuis 5 ans j’habite à
Genève où je finis cet été mon Master en Traduction spécialisée
en droit et économie. J’aime lire, voyager et ma grande passion
est la danse classique. Mon deuxième rêve : devenir traductrice !
Fanny : I finished my master on 15th March! I graduated in
comparative romance linguistics and political science at the
University of Zurich, and I have been participating/organizing
MUNs since four years. I am also a
ski-teacher on weekends in the
Swiss Alps, and during the week I
am a TV weather forecaster.
Could you explain us what is exactly your
responsibility at
We had almost daily
F a n n y : A s t h e
Secretaries-General, we have
had to organize the entire
conference from A to Z. We
started recruiting Under
Secretaries-General last
summer to help us with the
job, and then we split the
tasks. I was in charge of the
"content" of the conference,
and Alessia the "framework",
because we both
experimented these positions
in previous conferences.
Indeed, the position of
Secretary-General can be compared to a 20% part job until midJanuary, and it slowly increases until 100% in the last couple of
contact with all the staff by email: it is sometimes difficult
to let them understand what
How did you meet the
universe of GIMUN? /
Comment avez vous
rejoint le GIMUN ?
Alessia : Il y a quelques années,
une copine me demande si j’étais
disponible à participer à GIMUN
en tant que Secrétaire. A l’époque,
je ne connaissais pas les MUNs
mais plusieurs copines y
participaient et j’ai donc accepté.
C’était une expérience tellement
inoubliable et riche d’émotions que je n’ai plus pu me passer d’y
you mean, what you imagine,
in a couple of lines!
What was the most difficult to coordinate?
Both : The most difficult aspect is organizing the conference
via email. We had almost daily contact with all the staff but most
of these people live abroad, and it is sometimes difficult to let
them understand what you mean, what you want and what you
imagine in a couple of lines!
Fanny : I joined GIMUN two years ago as a Chairperson, I
sprang in by chance because a Chairperson dropped out in the
last minute, and I came back last year as a Deputy Secretary
General. I am very active in Switzerland in the field of
sensibilization of civil society for United Nations, I have been the
President of the United Nations Youth Association of
Switzerland, and I am currently a board member of the United
Nations Association of Switzerland. As Switzerland is a rather
small country, GIMUN was pretty easy to reach. 17/03/2012
17 / 03 / 2012
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17 / 03 / 2012
« fondue »
de la
Par Anna Ardent
today sunday monday
12° 1°
today (max - min)
que le pain ça à l’air peu, mais qu’il l’entoure de
fromage et il va revoir ses estimations.
Oulah attention caquelon : ça crie « chaud devant,
attention j’arrive ! » Aïe, voilà qu’on m’attribue un
morceau de pain, toujours le plus gros pour commencer,
là aussi, il faudra corriger, un trop gros morceau est très
difficile à mâcher, souviens-toi s’en.
C’est parti, le grand huit, comme chaque fois, je
tourne dans tous les sens dans ce mou fromage chaud,
chacune l’une après l’autre, en cercles suivis, pour
continuer de mélanger et pour éviter que le fond du
caquelon brûle. Je les connais ces grandes théories,
tourner en rond, comme leurs têtes qui se grisent de plus
en plus, être régulier pour remplir leurs estomacs qui
s’ankylosent… Reuh reuh ça fait tousser tout ce poivre
dont on m’asperge abondamment !
Très bien, lançons-nous, et la conférence avec.
Oh zut, à digresser, j’ai perdu mon compagnon de
Thème diversité, objectif débattre, volonté apprendre,
baignade, et je ressors seule du caquelon ! Les voix
au final partager du temps. Et, chez les Helvètes, tout
scandent : « Dans le lac, à poil dans le lac » je ne
ceci se fait autour d’un caquelon - casserole en terre
comprends pas très bien… mais on continue de me
cuite ou en fonte normalement remplie de fromage
tourner dans tout les sens, heureusement que je n’ai pas
fondu et dans laquelle s’entrechoquent de bon cœur des
d’estomac parce que…vous avez déjà vomi de la
fourchettes piquées de morceaux de pain un peu secs en
fondue ? Ah ah, je crois qu’on fait
quête d’ail grillé, de fond de caquelon –
moins les malins, les pauses se
prononcez « religieuse » - et de
prolongent ! Mon instant favori, c’est
« C’est primaire,
fromage. C’est primaire, certes, mais
quand on me gratte au fond de la
certes, mais ne
ne résumons pas la fondue à un simple
casserole pour recueillir la religieuse…
résumons pas la
plat bourratif. Pour les novices : du
Voilà, c’est vide, enfin un peu de repos.
fondue à un
point de vue d’une fourchette.
Un œuf ? Pourquoi faire ? Ah oui,
simple plat
encore une idée saugrenue : pour bien
Nous voilà, toutes au garde à vous
bourratif »
finir une fondue, casser un œuf dans le
à côté d’une assiette vide, devant un
fond du caquelon. Laisser cuire en
panier de pain, cachée par un verre de
mélangeant à la croûte et au reste de
vin blanc qui n’attend que d’être vidé !
fromage. Tremper votre morceau de pain et délectezAutour de nous les gens s’assoient, trinquent et
vous !
attendent ! On discute, on rit, on s’amuse quand
soudain, une main impatiente m’attrape et se met à
Et moi, on me laisse choir sur dans de l’eau froide
frapper ma tête contre la table en criant « le caquelon,
pour décoller tout le fromage qui reste collé à moi.
le caquelon, le caquelon… » Et oui, il faut être patient,
Repos bien mérité, et… je sens que tout le monde va
une fondue ça se prépare…. Les verres s’entrechoquent
faire pareil.
et les morceaux de pains s’amoncellent dans les assiettes.
Tu me passes le poivre s’il-te-plait ?
Je le sais moi, qu’il ne va pas tout manger, quand il n’y a
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Fanny Rannaud,
Ian Florin
Graphic designer
Tristan Boursier
Allegreza Théo
Röthlisberger Prisca
Beauregard-lacroix Raphaël
Berret Léandre
Pires Tiago
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