Cluster presentation


Cluster presentation
Competitiveness Cluster: ALSACE BIOVALLEY
Thematic: Biotechnologies / Health
Main interests
Drug discovery
Medical Devices
58 Members
Keys Figures
2008-2011 period
9 intermediate-sized and large enterprises: Sanofi
Aventis, Roche, Novartis, Transgene, Menicon,
Ventana, Prestwick Chemical, Lilly, Brucker, Millipore,
NéoMPS, etc.
Financed projects: 37
Total cost of the projects: 104.4 M€
- FUI projects: 57.2 M€
- NRA projects: 27.2 M€
Achieved projects: 16
Patents (2010): 13
Scientifics articles : 21
Poly+Transfection, Firalis, Protip, Kallycell, etc.
11 academic research centers: University of
Strasbourg, CNRS and INSERM, Ecole Supérieure des
Biotechnologies de Strasbourg (ESBS), Ecole
Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg
(ENSPS), Research Institute on Digestive Tract
Cancers (IRCAD), CEIPI, etc.
(From evaluation 2012)
Figures : Dec. 2011
Cluster Strengths
Number of employees at cluster members: 4 300
A tri-national environment at the heart of the BioValley: a unique concentration of resources
dedicated to life sciences and therapeutic innovation. For more information:
• 50,000 internationally focused employees in the sector, 15,000 scientists and 100,000
university students
• 600 life sciences enterprises : 350 “pharma/biotech” and 250 “medical technologies”
• 10 universities and academic institutes dedicated to life sciences
• 30 technological platforms serving the scientific community
• 11 technology parks dedicated to life sciences
World-class research in Alsace with the University of Strasbourg, the France’s 2 largest
university, the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg or the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
de Chimie de Mulhouse
Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Prof. Jules Hoffmann, Nobel Prize in
Medicine, Prof. Pierre Chambon, Lasker Award winner, Prof. Jacques Marescaux, President of
IRCAD (Research Institute on Digestive Tract Cancers)
European Pharmacopoeia, European foundation for Science
FUI : Single Interministerial Fund provides support for R&D projects between firms and laboratories from French cluster.
NRA : French National Research Agency provides support for academics projects.
Services and free support for international companies and laboratories
A team of experts with sophisticated skills (business and scientific) providing free support to foreign
companies in the life sciences sector wishing to expand in Alsace, in the heart of Europe.
A range of services dedicated to life sciences companies and laboratories : designing R&D projects,
creating and setting up subsidiaries, identifying partners and technologies, etc.
Examples of R&D Projects
Anubis: scar-free surgery
Making France number one in the
world with a new non-scarring
surgical technique, developing new
surgical tools and training surgeons
from around the world.
Aramis: new ways of treating Parkinson's disease
Existing collaborations
Severals European projets: Interreg
BioValley with BioValley Deutschland
(Switzerland), projet ABC Europe 13
europeans clusters
Partnership with CQDM (Consortium
Québécois sur la Découverte du
Discovering and developing new
Parkinson's disease, a chronic
central nervous system disorder
that leads to shaking, rigidity and
slowness of movement.
RT Fluo: rapid detection of contaminants during
pharmaceutical manufacturing
Effectively monitoring pharmaceutical
manufacturing phase, thanks to a new
technology that uses the principle of
fluorescent colouring of undesirable
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Update : 24/01/2013

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