Play-List complète BackWest


Play-List complète BackWest
Play-List complète BackWest
Lʼordre ci-dessous est aléatoire
Il Etait Une Fois Dans lʼOuest
Apache - The Shadows
Apache - Wild Stallion
Home To Louisiana - Ann Tayler
Home to Louisiana - Louisiana Strut
Chiken Fried - Zac Brown Band
PRIORITY – Knee Deep for 2 – Chiken Fried
Summertime Blues - Alan Jackson
Tall Trees - Summertime Blues- Wishfull Thinking
The Trail - Slapin Leather - Foot Boogie
No One Needs To Know - Shania Twain DHSS – People are Crazy – Twist & Shake - JOANA
1929 - Tara Oram
He Drinks Tequila – Sammy & Lorrie
Galway Girls –
Steve Earl
Sweet Caballero
Galway Girls
Any Mine Of Mine – Shania Twain
Easy Come, Easy Go
Oh Boy – Buddy Holly
Go Cat Go – Clickety Clack - Amber - MARTI
Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry
C’est La Vie - VERDI WEST
Jack Daniels – Miranda Lambert
Hearts & Flowers
Toes – Zac Brown Band
As If - Sara Evans
As If - Western Barn Dance - FOREVER LITTLE
Shift Work – Kenny Chesney
All Shook Up – Elvis Presley
All Shook Up
Joy’s Gonna Come – The Samaritains
All You Ever Do – The Mavericks
Cucaracha - I Love This Bar (P)
Stand By Your Man – Tammy Wynette
Rumba – California Blue – Blue cha
Louisiana Saturday Night – Mel McDaniel Get down the Fiddle – 8 BALL
Every Little Thing - Carlène Carter
Tush Push - APERO
The Gambler – Kenny Rodgers
The Gambler – Rumba Stroll
98.6 Degrees – Jill King
DHSS – Billy’s Dance – 98°6 degrees
Little Yellow Blanket - Dean Brody
La Maman à Marie - Woody
La Maman à Marie - Oh Suzanna
Sud in the Bucket – Sarah Evans
Sud in the Bucket- Cowgirl Twist
Cowboy Sweet Heart – Lee Ann Rimes Ten step – Picnic Polka
Sweet Emmylou - Joey & Rory
Angie – The Sway
Girl from Texas – Ry Cooder
Bandidos Last Ride - Guacamolle
Rock this Town – Stray Cats
Rock Around the Clock (Rapide)
La Route de Memphis – Eddy Mitchell
El Paso
One Bud Wiser - Gretchen Wilson
Western Barn Dance – Rumba Stroll– Love Joan
Whites Roses - Toby Keith
It Happens - Sugarland
Rhyme or Reason - Sugar Kane - IT HAPPENS
Wiskey In The Jar - The Dublinners
Irish Stew - Celtic Connection
Dirty Old Town – The Pogues
Stealing The Best - Wayfairling
Fais dodo - Charlie Daniels
Fais Dodo
Hallelujah I’m Ready - Traditionnel
Halleluyia (Yvonne Verhagen) - Polka (au choix)
Travailler c’est Trop Dur
Valse au choix
Mama DonʼtʼAllow - The Jives Aces
Skiffle Time
Mary, Mary – Zac Brown Band
Settle Down - The Mc Clymonts
Settle Down
Senior - Tim O’Brien
Senor Senor
To More Bottles of Wine – Emmylou Harris
Cowboy Boogie
City Of New Orleans – Joe dassin
City New Orleans - Country 2 Step – STOP CRYING
Skoal Ring - Gretchen Wilson
Western Barn Dance – Where I Belong – 16 step – Western
Write This Down - Georges Strait
Beer & Honky Tonk - Cheyenne
Sud in the Bucket – Sarah Evans
Sud in the Bucket- Cowgirl Twist
MargaritaVille – Alan Jackson
Stroll Along Chacha – Cabo San Lucas – El Paso
Wrapped Around The Finger - Brad Paisley
Wrapped Around- Alligator rock – Good Time – First Baby
It Happens – Sugarland
Rhyme or Reason - Sugar Kane - IT HAPPENS
Wrong Night – Reba Mc Entire
Love Trick – Solar power - BIBLE BELT
Cafe Noir
Sky Bumpus – I Love this Bar – Island in the Stream
– Eddy Mitchell
Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash
Rodeo Princess
Number 34 - Adam Brawn
Number 34
My Dear Juliet - G Mc Anthony
My Dear Juliett
Leaving Stephenville - Kyle Park
Bad Thing - Jace Everett
Bad Thing
Comme Early Morning - Don Williams
Messed Up In Menphis - Daryl Worley
Messed Up In Menphis
Driven - Casey James
Drive - Driven
1-2-3 - Ann Tayler
Country As Can Be - Brady Seals
Country As Can Be
Wayfairing Stranger - E Harris
Wayfaring Stranger
Get A Little Thirsty - Hank Williams Jr
Get A Little Thirsty
Cajun Hoedown - Karen Mc Dawn
Please Mama Please - Go Cat Go
Go Cat Go

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