Sample pages from Green Light 7/2014



Sample pages from Green Light 7/2014
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Reviewing a hotel
VANESSA CLARK helps you to write letters, e-mails and more in English.
This month: how to review accommodation for a travel website.
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Seaview Hotel
“Nice hotel, poor service”
34 reviews
18 helpful votes
28 May 2014
•If you review a hotel, you will want
T ip
to comment on its location (the place),
what it looked like, the facilities (what
you could do there) and the service
(from the people who work there).
•Positive words include excellent,
comfortable, “modern”, “friendly”,
“good value” (preisgünstig), “perfect”,
“ideal” and “luxurious”.
•Negative words include old-fashioned
(altmodisch), “dirty”, “uncomfortable”,
“expensive”, “poor quality” and “rude”
•To balance good and bad points, you
can use but: “The hotel is beautiful, but
the beds are very uncomfortable.”
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lounge [laUndZ]
review [ri(vju:]
Wi-Fi [(waI faI]
eine Rezension schreiben
WLAN (drahtlose Internetverbindung)
Use it!
Highlight the key words and phrases that you
would use if you needed to write a review like
this yourself.
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We spent two nights at the Seaview Hotel. The location is excellent — quiet, with fantastic views of
the sea. Everything is a bit old-fashioned, but the
rooms are comfortable, warm and clean. The hotel
doesn’t have many facilities (no car park, no pool, no
Wi-Fi), but it has a comfortable lounge and a very nice
garden terrace. Breakfast was OK. The only problem
was the service. The receptionist wasn’t very helpful
when we had a small problem with our room.
Culture corner | GREEN LIGHT
I like... Amish country
Jeden Monat stellt ein Redakteur etwas Besonderes aus der
englischsprachigen Welt vor. Diesen Monat präsentiert OnlineRedakteur MIKE PILEWSKI eine Glaubensgemeinschaft in den USA.
What it is
Why I like it
The Amish are a religious group from Switzerland who came to the US in the early 1700s.
Their dialect of German is still spoken in
Amish country: in villages and on farms,
mainly in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, and
Indiana. The Amish live without modern
machines or electricity. They are very moral
people who believe that hard work and good
work make someone a better person. People
outside their communities like to hire Amish
workers and buy Amish furniture because of
the attention given to quality.
To visit Amish country is to travel 300
years back in time. Without the sounds of
machines, everything is quiet. Travel takes
longer, and news is more important because
there is less of it. The Amish are known for
being very polite and helpful. If something
needs to be done, the whole community will
do it. For example, if a couple gets married,
everyone will work together to build them a
house. Although Amish life is dominated by
work and Bible study, it also has its pleasures:
Amish cooking uses lots of sugar.
Interesting fact
In order to function well, Amish society
has very strict rules of behavior. A person who does not follow the rules can be
sent away from the community forever.
Teenagers, however, are allowed to experience the modern world in a phase called
Rumspringa. After this, they must decide
to live by Amish rules or leave the community. Most of them choose to return to
Amish society.
Amish [(A:mIS]
attention [E(tenS&n]
Gemeinde, Lebensgemeinschaft
die Regeln befolgen
couple [(kVp&l]
follow the rules
[)fA:loU DE (ru:lz]
get married [get (mÄrid]
hire [(haI&r]
mainly [(meInli]
pleasure [(pleZ&r]
rule of behavior
[)ru:l Ev bi(heIvj&r]
society [sE(saIEti]
anstellen, einstellen
Freude, Vergnügen
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