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Review Database
Review Database
All reviews were published in The Journal of Intelligence History and its
predecessors, the IIHSG Newsletter.
Allen, George W.: None So Blind. A Personal Account of the Intelligence Failure
in Vietnam (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2001). reviewed by Hayden B. Peake
Alvarez, David: Spies in the Vatican. Espionage and Intrigue from Napoleon to
the Holocaust (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2002). reviewed by
Sigurd Hess
Arif, K.M: Khaki Shadows. Pakistan 1947-1997 (Karachi: Oxford University Press,
2001). reviewed by Doron Arazi
Bauer, Friedrich L.: Decrypted Secrets. Methods and Maxims of Cryptology, 4th
revised and extended edition (Berlin: Springer, 2007). reviewed by Wolfgang
Beesly, Patrick: Very Special Intelligence. The Admiralty's Operational
Intelligence Centre, 1939-1945 (London: Greenhill Books/Pennsylvania, PA:
Stackpole Books, 2000). reviewed by Jürgen Rohwer
Blair, Clay: Hitler's U-Boat War. Vol.1. The Hunters 1939-1942 (London:
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1997). reviewed by Jürgen Rohwer
Bower, Tom: The Red Web. MI 6 and the KGB Master Coup (London: Aurum
Press,1989). reviewed by Sigurd Hess
Budiansky, Stephen: Battle of Wits: The Complete Story of Codebreaking in
World War II (New York, NY: The Free Press, 2000). reviewed by David
Calder, James D.: Intelligence, Espionage and Related Topics: An Annotated
Bibliography of Serial, Journal, and Magazine Scholarship, 1844-1998
(Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999). reviewed by Shlomo Shpiro
Cohen, Stan and Don DeNevi (with Richard Gay): They Came to Destroy
America . The FBI Goes to War Against Nazi Spies & Saboteurs Before and
During World War II ( Missoula : Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, 2003).
reviewed by Reinhard R. Doerries
Doerries, Reinhard R.: Hitler's Last Chief of Foreign Intelligence. Allied
Interrogations of Walter Schellenberg (London/Portland, OR: Frank Cass, 2003).
reviewed by Ralph Erskine
Eichner, Klaus, and Andreas Dobbert: Headquarters Germany. Die USA-
Geheimdienste in Deutschland (Berlin: edition ost, 1997). reviewed by Shlomo
Ensign, Eric S.: Intelligence in the Rum War at Sea 1920-1933 (Washington,
D.C.: Joint Military Intelligence College, 2001). reviewed by Jan G. Heitmann
Erskine, Ralph and Michael Smith, eds.: Action this Day (London: Bantam Press,
2001). reviewed by Jürgen Rohwer
Fischer, Benjamin, ed.: At Cold War's End: US-Intelligence on the Soviet Union
and Eastern Europe, 1989-1991 ( [Reston, VA]: Central Intelligence Agency,
1999). reviewed by Henning Crome
Fisher, Louis: Nazi Saboteurs on Trial. A Military Tribunal and American Law
( Lawrence : University Press of Kansas , 2003). reviewed by Reinhard R.
Galérant, Germain and Jacques Heulliard: Le Combat de la Rougemare. Un
Western entre Beauvais et Rouen pendant la guerre 1914-1918 (Luneray:
Editions Bertout, 1989). reviewed by Hilmar-Detlef Brückner
Ganser, Daniele: NATO's Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in
Western Europe (London: Frank Cass, 2005). reviewed by Peer Henrik Hansen
Grimmer, Reinhard, Werner Irmler, Willi Opitz and Wolfgang Schwanitz, eds.:
Die Sicherheit. Zur Abwehrarbeit des MfS, 2 vols. (Berlin: Verlag Neues Berlin,
2002). reviewed by Bodo Wegmann
Harper, Stephen: Kampf um Enigma. Die Jagd auf U 559 (Hamburg: E. S. Mittler
& Sohn, 2001). reviewed Jürgen Rohwer
Herman, Michael: Intelligence Power in Peace and War (Cambridge: University
of Cambridge Press, 1996). reviewed by Sigurd Hess
Kahn, David: The Reader of Gentlemen's Mail: Herbert O. Yardley and the Birth
of American Codebreaking (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004). reviewed
by Emil Levine and Mark Stout
Keipert, Maria, Peter Grupp, eds.: Biographisches Handbuch des deutschen
Auswärtigen Dienstes 1871-1945, [Biographical Handbook of the German Foreign
Service, 1871-1945], Volume 1, A-F (Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 2000).
reviewed by Reinhard R. Doerries
Kinsman, Gary, Dieter Buse and Mercedes Steedman, eds.: Whose National
Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies (Toronto:
Between the Lines, 2000). reviewed by Michael Salter
Kohnen, David: Commanders Winn and Knowles. Winning the U-Boat War with
Intelligence, 1939-1943 (Krakow: The Enigma Press, 1999). reviewed by Jürgen
Klooz, Marie Stuart: Japanese Diplomatic Secrets (1933 Manuscript). The Only
Publication Ever Seized by the U.S. Government with Analytical Articles from
Cryptologia Ed. Emil Levine. Published as a CD at Laguna Hills, California, by
Aegean Park Press, 2001. reviewed by David Kahn
de Lastours, Sophie: La France gagne la guerre des codes secrets 1914-1918
(Paris: Tallandier, 1998). reviewed by Hilmar-Detlef Brückner
de Leeuw, Karl and Jan Bergstra, eds.: The History of Information Security. A
Comprehensive Handbook (Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007). reviewed by Ralph
McKay, Craig G., and Bengt Beckman: Swedish Signal Intelligence 1900-1945
(London, Frank Cass Publishers, 2003). reviewed by Sigurd Hess
Meulstee, Louis and Rudolf F. Staritz: Clandestine Radio. Wireless for the
Warrior , Vol. 4, (Ferndown/ Dorset : Wimborne Publ. Ltd., 2004). reviewed by
Bernd Lippmann
John H. Morrow, Jr., The Great War: An Imperial History ( London : Routledge,
2004). reviewed by Reinhard R. Doerries
Delo Penkovskogo. Moscow: TERRA, 1997. reviewed by Jürgen Schmidt
Peretruchin, Igor K.: Agenturnaia kli … ka – Trianon. Vospominaniia kontrrazved
… ika [Agent Cover Name Trianon – Memoirs of a Counter-Espionage Officer]
(Moscow: Zentrpoligraf, 2000). reviewed by Jürgen Schmidt
Prados, John, ed.: America Confronts Terrorism: Understanding the Danger and
How to Think About It (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2002). reviewed by Giles ScottSmith
Prados, John: Combined Fleet Decoded. The Secret History of American
Intelligence and the Japanese Navy in World War II (Annapolis, MD: Naval
Institute Press, 2001). reviewed by Gerhard Krebs
Ritchie, Sebastian: Our Man in Yugoslavia . The Story of a Secret Service
Operative ( London : Frank Cass, 2004). reviewed by Ljuba Dornik Šubelj
Roewer, Helmut, Stefan Schäfer, and Matthias Uhl, eds.: Lexikon der
Geheimdienste im 20. Jahrhundert [Dictionary of Intelligence Services in the 20th
Century] (München: F.A. Herbig, 2003). reviewed by Reinhard R. Doerries
Sales, Leigh: Detainee 002. The Case of David Hicks (Melbourne: Melbourne
University Press, 2007). reviewed by Frank Cain
Scalia, Joseph Mark : Germany‘s Last Mission to Japan. The Failed Voyage of U
234 (Annapolis, MD: U.S. Naval Institute Press, 2000). reviewed by Jürgen
Scott-Smith, Giles and Hans Krabbendam, eds.: The Cultural Cold War in Western
Europe 1945-1960 (London: Frank Cass Publishers, 2003). reviewed by Frank
Schirmann, Léon: Mata-Hari. Autopsie D'Une Machination (Paris: éditions
italiques, 2001). reviewed by Hilmar-Detlef Brückner
Shishkin, Oleg: Bitva za Gimalai. NKVD: Magiya i spionazh (Moscow: Olma
Press Publishers, 1999). reviewed by Jürgen Schmidt
Sibley, Katherine A. S.: Red Spies In America. Stolen Secrets and the Dawn of
the Cold War (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2004). reviewed by
Robert O. Kirkland
Sinagra, Filippo, ed.: La Crittografia nel Movimento di Liberazione Italiano
(Cryptography in the Italian Liberation Movement), 2007. reviewed by Augusto
Smith, Michael: Killer Elite. The Inside Story of America 's Most Secret Special
Operations Team ( London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006). reviewed by Eric
Smith, Michael: The Spying Game. The Secret History of British Espionage
(London: Politico’s, 2003). reviewed by Ben de Jong
Steele, Robert David: On Intelligence. Spies and Secrecy in an Open World
(Fairfax, VA.: FCEA International Press, 2000). reviewed by Wolfgang Braumandl
Stephan, Robert W.: Stalin's Secret War. Soviet Counterintelligence Against the
Nazis, 1941-1945 ( Lawrence , KS : Univ. Press of Kansas , 2004). reviewed by
Clayton D. Laurie
Stafford, David: Spies Beneath Berlin (London: John Murray, 2002). reviewed by
Frank Cain
Stripp, Alan: The Code Snatch (Cambridge: Vanguard Press, 2001). reviewed by
Jürgen Rohwer
Turbergue, Jean-Pierre, ed.: Mata-Hari. Le Dossier Secret Du Conseil de Guerre
(Paris: éditions italiques, 2001). reviewed by Hilmar-Detlef Brückner
Ulfkotte, Udo: Verschlußsache BND (München: Koehler & Amelang
Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 1997). reviewed by Sigurd Hess
Unverhau, Dagmar, ed.: State Security and Mapping in the German Democratic
Republic. Map Falsification as a Consequence of Excessive Secrecy? (Berlin: Lit
Verlag, 2006). reviewed by Wolfgang Krieger
Velidov, Aleksey: Pokhozhdeniya terrorista. Odisseya Yakova Blumkina
(Moscow: Sovremmenik Publishers, 1998). reviewed by Jürgen Schmidt
Wegmann, Bodo: Die Militäraufklärung der NVA (Berlin: Verlag Dr. Köster,
2005). reviewed by Gerhard Schmid
Weiser, Benjamin: A Secret Life. The Polish Officer, His Covert Mission, and the
Price He Paid to Save His Country (New York: Public Affairs, 2004). reviewed by
Peer Henrik Hansen
White, Jeffrey: “Shakespeare for Analysts. Literature and Intelligence.”
Occasional Paper No. 10. Joint Military Intelligence College. Center for Strategic
Intelligence Research. Washington, July 2003. reviewed by David Kahn
Wilkie, Andrew: Axis of Deceit. The Story of the Intelligence Officer who Risked
all to Tell the Truth About WMD and Iraq (Melbourne: Black Inc, 2004).
reviewed by Frank Cain
Winer, Stan: If Truth Be Told: Secrecy and Subversion in an Age Turned
Unheroic (Eastbourne: Antony Rowe, 2004). reviewed by Anja Becker
Wise, David: Spy. The Inside Story of How the FBI's Robert Hanssen Betrayed
America (New York: Random House, 2002). reviewed by Ken Campbell
Yuriko, Onodera: An den Gestaden der Ostsee. Onodera Makato als
japanischer Heeresattaché in Riga und Stockholm, 1936-1938, 1940-1945. ed.
Gerhard Krebs. Tokio 1999. reviewed by Jürgen Schmidt

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