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Technische Daten
72" Rear Projection System for iQ (Pro) Series
A state­of­the­art standard rear projection system that provides the
precise level of integration flexibility for your specific applications and
Creating high­quality images in a rear projection environment is not just about
choosing the right projector and screen. It is about making sure that the
different components are aligned to provide a solution that delivers
exceptional performance.
Technische Daten
72" Rear Projection System for iQ (Pro) Series
The Barco Rear Projection System consists of following high­quality components:
d Rear projection aluminium frame with projector mount
d State­of­the­art rear projection mirror
d 72" Rear projection screen with half gain vertical and horizontal viewing
angle of 35° and a screen gain of 1.0
d Complete tooling and rigging equipment Abmessungen (BxTxH)
Width (1413 mm) x Depth (900 mm) x Height (2095 mm)
Width (55.63 inch) x Depth (35.43 inch) x Height (82.48 inch)
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