Commentaires de clients ayant fréquentés une destination



Commentaires de clients ayant fréquentés une destination
 Ocho Rios: Golden Seas Beach Resort: "Paradis"
1. Calicut (Tournai, Belgique)
Nous avons passé 18 jours dans ce petit hôtel sur la côte nord de la Jamaïque. J’étais accompagné
de ma femme et de mes 3 enfants de 14, 8 et 7 ans et ce fut une expérience fabuleuse.
Cet hôtel est un 3 étoiles et correspond plus a notre norme hoteliére européenne de caractère que
tous les 5 étoiles rivalisants de luxe mais plus adaptés a une clientèle américaine.
Nous y avons trouvé le vrai visage de la jamaique, simple, relax, en pleine nature, sans excés de
luxe mais néanmoins avec toutes les commodités (piscine superbe, plusieurs bars dont 1 dans la
piscine, 2 restos, animation en soirée, plage, kayaks, jets ski....) Les enfants étaient dans un vrai
[…] Nous vous conseillons toutefois de négocier le prix des taxis (assez chers) et de privilégier les
transports en communs. A l’est de l’ile, nous visitons Port antonio, au pied des blue montains,
avec son lagon bleu magnifique. Au sud, une petite escapade dans une région de marais habitée
par les crocodiles et repos à Negril, plages paradisiaques et farniente.
Quant à la sécurité, nous n’avons eu aucun problème et avons au contraire été très proche de la
population locale, très chaleureuse et... très fière. Donc, il y a des règles à respecter, ne montrez
pas de signes extérieurs de richesses dans un pays où la population est essentiellement pauvre, ne
soyez pas un "touriste" suffisant et pédant, mais au contraire soyez respectueux et simple...tout
ira bien. Enfin comme partout, ne provoquez pas l’insécurité en vous aventurant dans certains
quartiers de Kingston (ville à éviter à mon avis, trés peu de choses intéressantes) ou de Montego
Bay. [27/6/7]
 Taormina: Victoria Hotel
2. Membre de TripAdvisor (North West England )
I visited Taormina for the first time last year and, travelling on my own, was relieved to find such
friendliness and courtesy of the Sicilian people. The staff at the Victoria Hotel were superb
and so helpful and attentive. I had been warned not to expect huge extravagant rooms in Italy,
but the Victoria was just right and so conveniently located on the main Corso I could watch the
parades from my window. I felt very safe as looked after by the hotel staff and the attendants at
Copacabana beach, I had a wonderful holiday! so much that I decided to make Sicily my
annual solitary holiday. I am now booking my return holiday and have specifically waited for a
vacancy at the Hotel Victoria - I am delighted to be going back!!
 Paris : Hôtel du Ministère
3. A TripAdvisor Member (Houston)
"Nice hotel; polite and friendly staff"
We stayed here 6 days in July 2006. The hotel staff was friendly, helpful and always polite (even
though we can only speak English).
 Rhodes (Grèce) : Luca Cypria Faliraki
4. A TripAdvisor Member (Oxford)
"No entertainment unless you speak German!!!!!!!"
The hotel is nice enough, I would say a 4* hotel if you dont count the rooms. The rooms are very
small, very basic and more a 3* from my point of view, it was around 100 degrees during our stay
and NO air conditioning. Very, very hot, hard to sleep. Had lots of ants in our room and a big
cockroach. That said, the pools are lovely, the maid service good, the food is really lovely and the
staff very friendly. It does state entertainment and kids club but this is run by 123 Fly who are a
german company and ALL the entertainment and kids club is ENTIRELY in German with no
english translation at all. My children would not go back to the kids club after the first time they
went, despite our asking the kids club staff if they could speak English to the kids this did not
happen. All the traditional night, bingo, disco etc is all in German.
A warning about Faliraki itself - if anyone stops you, mainly from a moped, and offers you
scratch cards saying you have won t-shirts, video camera, free holiday or beach radio, WALK
AWAY! Despite what the girl says, this is a timeshare con and they promise you it will take 60
mins of your time - we were there for 5 hours of hard sell and at the end they wanted £3295.00
out of us for a timeshare which is when we promptly made our exit (after getting our cheap t
shirts and our "prize" of a free holiday which is one of those you see on eBay where you get a
week for 4 people inc flights and accom but you have to be a home owner, earn a certain amount
and be prepared to go when and where they put you and pay £32.50 per person, a bit of a con.
So if you want to save yourself an afternoon of hard sell and boredom, walk away from the
scratch cards!!
Overall, we had a great holiday because we made our own entertainment and never really rely on
hotel entertainment, but if we had, as a lot of the english people did, we would have been very,
very disappointed, as they were.
 Paris: Le Relais Saint-Honoré
5. Siti14, Birmingham (Alabama)
"We loved the French people and the hotel Relais St. Honore!"
My experience with this property took place in July, 2007 .
On July 5 and 6 we stayed in the cozy Relais St. Honore hotel. The day clerk was especially
helpful to us through out our stay giving us a map to find the places we wanted to see and getting
us a Taxi, ordering our breakfasts. The room we stayed in was conveniently laid out for a small
space. Our breakfast was always on time and the hotel was quiet enough during the day for a nap
when we had exhausted ourselves. As senior citizens, the location was close to so many major
sight-seeing places that we could go back and forth easily. We were very gratified to experience
the hospitality and courtesy of the French people all through out our stay in Paris and Provence.
 Lille: Etap Hotel Lille Centre:
6. A TripAdvisor Member (Prestwich, Manchester, UK)
"Lovely french people!!"
Hi came here 4 one nite was bloody brilliant. The French are such a nice race, not a single one I
met had bad breath, smelly armpits or were trying to blockade anything. As for the hotel it was a
good standard, cheap and just what we had hoped for. Would recommend it to others wanting to
stay here.
 Palia Parque Don Jose Hotel Club (Tenerife / Canaries)
7. Hannie_HS (NW London)
"Hotel was OK"
We went all inclusive for the first time, and was very impressed at the fresh selection of salads,
fruit, pasta, paella etc etc... There are a lot of french people at this hotel, as it is part of a french
hotel chain. Many of the activities and entertainment shows were in French, but the staff knew
we were english, so...
 Tenerife: Palia Parque Don Jose Hotel-Club
8. balloonhead (England)
"English not welcome!!!!!!!!"
Do not go there.The food is for french people, the entertainment is for french people,the all
inclusive is a joke!! They took our pint glasses off us and gave us plastic half pints and then
refused to serves us 10mins before last orders! They don’t really understand english and don’t
really speak english. We were there for Christmas and New Year.
9. A TripAdvisor Member (Wimblington, Cambs, England)
"Lovely Complex only cater for the French"
Hotel Palia Parque Don Jose is a nice complex with good swimming pools and play park for
children with a childrens club which appeared to be fairly good shame about the disco at night it
was the same 3 songs the whole week we were there. Entertainment was all for the French with
very little English speaking. In fact if you are French, this is great but if you’re English, I would
not recommend.
10. liketotryit (Weston super Mare)
"Even better if you are French!"
We have just come back from a lovely week in Tenerife - Costa de Silencia - and we were very
impressed with this hotel. The pool was lovely, the rooms/apartment cleaned daily and the food
was amazing! We were ‘all in’ so this was a big bonus. The food was ‘buffet style’ but there was
always a good selection of meat, fish, vegetables, and salad and some wonderful desserts! The
staff were all very friendly, helpful and polite - but French seemed to be the first language for all
activities (mainly I suspect because of the high volume of French holiday makers at this particular
hotel) The activity staff did their best to relay the same messages in broken english!
 Club Med Columbus Isle (San Salvador)
11. dignplant (Louisville, KY)
"Very Nice Resort"
First time at Club Med. My wife and I were very pleasantly surprised. [...]Beach was outstanding!
Clean, caribbean blue, pretty calm. The all-inclusive is excellent. Some of the best variety and
quality of food we’ve seen at an all-inclusive. Drinks were great, never much of a wait at any bar
or restaurant. Yes, the clientele is 90-95% French/French Canadian. Although we couldn’t
converse with a lot of people, everyone was extremely nice and friendly. Most spoke at least a
little English and would make conversation even though we couldn’t get beyond ‘merci’. And
there was never a bunch of 30 something loud and obnoxious Americans monopolizing the bars,
and that was rather refreshing. [...] We don’t really have an opinion of the G.O.’s. Wilbur was one
that met us at the airport, spoke English and gave us the rundown how everything works, even
showed us to our room. We always got a table for two for meals but the G.O.’s were everywhere.
Never bothered us, we didn’t bother them. Many guests seemed to enjoy their company and their
unbelievable energy! Here’s the best example of why we’d visit Club Med Columbus Isle again.
[...] We’ve been to resorts that just want to get you out of there, even when they know full well
we’re going to be sitting at the airport, but not Club Med. We were very grateful and very
12. BajaMermaid67 (Riverside, California)
"Beautiful and Relaxing - Top Notch Service"
We visited Club Med Columbus Isle San Salvador June 29th – July 7th 2007.
What a truly beautiful island. [...]
This was our first trip to a club med and I won’t spoil it for others but they really treat you very
well. From the time you arrive at the San Salvador airport to the time you leave the staff is very
accommodating. [...]
The accommodations were really nice and WAY BETTER than when we stayed at Viva
Wyndham Fortuna Resort Grand Bahama Island. [...]
The housekeeping staff is marvelous and they come everyday. Actually, the locals were the BEST!
They are so friendly and willing to help in anyway. (Friendlier than the French tourists, that’s for
Speaking of the French….. I would say 80% of the GMs and GOs were French, 10% American
and 10% Italian/other. This resort does cater a lot to the French being that they are French
owned and operated. However, they have hired English speaking GOs that are fabulous.
Our favorites being Jennifer, Vinny and Andrew. Laurent was the village chief while we were
there and he really was on top of things and very friendly. He is very good at what he does.
The food was absolutely fantastic!!! [...]
All in all this trip was heaven and we would definitely go back again.
13. ClubMedTraveler07 (Mt.Kisco, New York)
"Just a Great Experience"
[...] With respect to the "overabundance" of rude French people, we did not experience anything
that would deter us from returning. You have to remember that Club Med IS a French company
(they are not Walt Disney). There were a lot more French people than English speaking people
but we both felt it lent itself to a more international flavor and we found that the French
speaking GOs were quite willing to speak English once they were aware that you did not speak
any French. My boyfriend and I met a wonderful French couple who should be goodwill
ambassdors for the U.S. They told us that they love the American people and it was truly
wonderful to hear that. His wife and I bonded over a rousing discussion of the exploits of "Sex
and the City". Okay, so it wasn’t over U.S./France foreign relations but we bonded nevertheless!
One French woman was also heard to have exclaimed that she felt there was too many French
people at the resort - she was quite dismayed. ( so another perspective). There was also a small
contingent of Italian tourists who led us all in a rowdy songfest at the airport on our departure
day. All in all we had a great, great trip. Go with an open mind and simply enjoy! It really is that
easy. Club Med does a great job mixing various cultures in a beautiful fun loving and friendly
atmosphere. Bravo Club Med! We plan to return again with our respective kids in tow to share
what we so loved and experienced! and Bravo to the people of San Salvador who were our hosts
as well.
 The Bund Wai Tan (Shanghai)
14. A TripAdvisor Member (Atlanta, GA)
"Enjoyed the Bund, except for the aggressive beggars"
The Bund is something that you must visit on your trip to Shanghai, however. I was somewhat
dissapointed at the volume and aggressiveness of the beggars. As soon as my taxi came to a halt it
was surrounded by people wanting to sell me a watch or asking for money. One guy actually
followed me down the street trying to shine my shoes as I walked. Aside from this irritation, it’s a
great place for pictures and sight-seeing
 Point Village Resort- Negril (Jamaica)
15. A TripAdvisor Member (Central Illinois)
"Not up to Expectations"
My husband and I went to Point Village with our friends at the beginning of May. From the
reviews, we expected it to be quite nice. Honestly, it was not an expensive vacation, but I
expected some things to be nicer. [...]
Things to know about this resort that bothered us was the lack of air-conditioning and
comfortable seating. [...]
The other thing that we didn’t like was the aggressiveness of the male employees. My friend and I
are in our late 20s, and when our husbands weren’t with us, some of the guys hit on us (nous
dragaient), very overtly. It made the environment sort of unpleasant. All in all, I relaxed and got a
great tan, but I don’t expect to return to Jamaica, and certainly not Point Village.
 Office of Nature-Negril (Jamaica)
16. dice974 (Dunlap, IL)
I posted a while back asking if The Office of Nature is still open, it is, but has changed! The
vendors are very very aggresive. I looked at a couple of stands as I do every year. Saw something
at one of them and made a small purchase. Had one of the other vendors get in my face and start
yelling at me that I must not like him because I purchased from someone else.
My good friend TeTe has moved several hundred feet down the beach, he says they want to fight
all of the time and try to Bully people into buying. One day was so bad he even escorted us down
the beach and they were yelling back and forth. That is to bad, that used to be my favorite thing,
drinking red stripe and hanging out at the Office all day. I guess times change.
17. 1965slyrobbie (San Diego)
I went to the Office based on the positive feddback I gleamed from this forum. When I went in
April Icruised around while the girls had their hair braided. I was really turned off by the
aggressiveness of the other vendors. I was under the impression based on info from Jamaica
Steve and others that the office was a cool place to just "hang and chill." I did not get that
impression at all in April ‘05.
When we returned in December 05 I vowed to give the office a second chance. The hair braiding
experience was again, fabulous. I was able to enjoy a lobster and a stripe with Sunny, very tasty
lobster! Purchased a cool necklace and bracelet but was still hounded by other vendors.
I am trying to drive home a point to all. Some of the vendors at the Office are overly aggressive
and chase away tourists. That is a fact. I have observed it first hand in April and December of
‘05. It is an interesting experience for some who are strong enough to blow off the aggressive
vendors and make the best of the Office.
Final plug for the Office. Roydel who offers the glass bottom boat snorkeling excursions is great!
 Mykonos Palace, Cyclades 84600, Greece
18. MarkEMark (NewYork)
After our nightmare in Italy (robbed twice and treated like animals), we were so pleasantly
surprised with the hospitality and kindness of the locals. The gentleman who picked us up,
Marinos, greeted us like long lost relatives. Courteous and welcoming the whole way.
Once we got to Mykonos Palace, the staff, all with a sincere smile, were very helpful in assisting
us to our room and getting us all set up. The beautiful deep blue sea was at our doorstep. The
restaurant was charming and very affordable. The food was fantastic and the live music made for
a very authentic experience.
By the end, we were having anxiety attacks at the thought of leaving this paradise. The staff
became our family and Mykonos became our home.
 Imperial Borj Hotel, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
19. albert26 (Marseille)
« Souvenir souvenir 2007 »
Restauration: personnel nerveux agressive ; proprete chambre sale; nouriture;la cafeteria de mon
cartier cest un delice a cotèboisson ;trop cher...
 Ali Shungu Mountaintop Lodge: Otavalo 33102, Ecuador
20. liloandwaldo (Maple Valley, Washington)
"Fantastic retreat!"
We spent five nights in Otavalo recently. The first two at the Ali Shungu Hotel in town (because
we wanted to experience the animal market early on Saturday), then transferred to the
Mountaintop Lodge.
We loved the hotel: it was clean, simple, friendly and in a good location for repeated visits to the
market. The food at the restaurant was excellent.
As good as the hotel was, the Lodge was even better. Our host, Francisco, made us feel really
welcome and the staff was friendly and professional. Breakfast and dinner were included in the
price ($54.00 p.p. cash, plus 22% taxes). The food was plentyful, delectable and beautifully
It was easy to have contact with the staff and the indigenous people in the area. We love to walk
and were not disappointed. A five hour roundtrip hike to the rainforest was most rewarding.
On one day, Francisco arranged for us to be picked up and driven to neighboring villages and
lake cuycocha, allowing us to meet local weavers and view more of the splendid country.
Not only do we recommend this retreat highly to anybody, but sincerely hope to be able to return
some day.
 Bahia Princess Hotel (Tenerife / Canaries)
21. dorsetrose (Bournemouth)
This was our first visit to this hotel and we were very pleased with the friendliness of all the staff.
The restaurant staff were attentive and pleasant whenever you went there. The food was various
but the same each night except for a change of main meat,grill. The weekly menu is changed and
the same each week just repated for the following weeks. But what we had was very good.
22. Videoeye (Scotland)
My wife and I have just returned from a week in the Bahia Princess, Costa Adeje. We were there
4 years ago and enjoyed our stay; this time it was even better. Top of the list has to be the staff,
genuinely pleasant, smart and very attentive. Next would be the food - greatly improved from our
last visit. Bottom of the list would be the entertainment - very poor, and no change from 4 years
Highly recommend this hotel - good location, clean, friendly with excellent food and facilities.
23. Tommy72 (cinqueterre, Italie)
We stayed in this very nice hotel from 12th to 19th november 2007. Our room was large enough
for me, my wife and our 21 months old baby. Hotel is just 300 mt from the beach just back of his
twin guayarmina princess, that lies just on the beach. Beach here is volcanic, so black with little
bit of white of the shells. Hotel bulding is well maintained, very scenografic. Food was good
enough for us, good variety also if not extra.
Restaurant staff is absolutely something of extraordinary for who has a baby. they always are
helpful and kindy to you baby even if there is the room full of guests. We will come back for
 Heritage Golf & Spa Resort (Île Maurice - Bel Ombre)
24. Boucan083 (Le Beausset, France)
Nous avons appréciés la gentillesse et la compétence du personnel (à part un couac sur le réveil le
dernier jour, la réception nous a réveillé une heure avant l'heure demandéel), l'hotel est neuf (3
ans) et super propre (et pourtant je suis exigeante), la qualité de la nourriture au balafon nous a
25. xu87 (Caluire et Cuire, France)
Une chambre avec vue sur la mer comme nous l'avions demandé. En fait, avec 2 pièces et 70 m²,
on peut appeler cela une suite... avec un gigantesque balcon très équipé pour le farniente ou pour
prendre le petit déjeuner.
Le room service est très efficace.
L'ensemble du personnel est aimable souriant et réagit très vite pour faire de vos vacances sur
place un très beau moment.
26. ines974 (Côte Ouest Ile de la Réunion, France)
J'ai déjà séjourné deux fois (2006 2007) dans cet hôtel pour des sejours de 5 jours habitant à la
Réunion, on peut y aller facilement. Je viens de faire une nouvelle réservation pour 2008. C'est
vraiment un produit d'un très bon rapport qualité/prix, le cadre, la décoration sont magnifiques,
le personnel comme tous les mauriciens sont très gentils, très avenants, le service est vraiment
parfait que ça soit de l'accueil, en passant par les chambre qu'en restauration.
27. ddelphinium (Paris)
L' heritage est un trés bel hotel, les chambres, les restaurants, le spa et les installations en général
sont trés réussis.
Par contre il est situé sur une côte extrêmement "venteuse" ce qui peut être parfois génant.
De plus nous avons eu quelques véritables motifs de déception.
D'abord l'accueil dans les différents restaurants, où certains serveurs manquaient franchement de
gentillesse à l'égard des clients (il ne s'agit pas d'une généralité, mais l'attitude de certains nous a
vraiment empêché d'être totalement détendus)
 Club Amigo Marea del Portillo (Sierra Maestra Mountains - Cuba)
28. DouceMelodie (Québec)
Les gens de la place sont très gentils et attachants. C'est très différent des endroits touristiques
comme Varadéro. On voit l'arrière-pays, les villages, les gens du peuple. Les paysages sont
magnifiques (montagnes, chutes d'eau).
 Brisas Sierra Mar (Guama – Cuba)
29. ElPollo (Gatineau, Québec)
Je savais que les gens étaient pauvres à Cuba, et la province de Santiago est même la plus pauvre,
à ce qu'il paraît, mais je ne m'attendais pas à ça. Les locaux sont très agréables, quoique quelques
uns soient plus décidés à exploiter la ressource touristique à fond. Mais en matière d'exploitation,
elle se fait beaucoup plus dans l'autre sens... Disons que la majorité des touristes mâles qui ne
sont pas en couple font preuve de bien peu de scrupules avec ces pauvres et jolies Cubaines
désespérées de leur sort.
 Hotel Oasis Punta Cana
30. Bronzette (Genève)
Les gens sont toujours souriants, à votre service et je n'ai pas rencontré un seul
dominicain qui a été "méchant" avec moi. Parmi les rares personnes qui m'ont fait ch...
(désolé pour le mot:-)) c'était des Européen ou des Américains. Mais heureusement il y en avait
peu, car là-bas les gens sont en vacances et sont plus ou moins de très bonne humeur.;
 San Andrés
31. Guenieve (Laval, Québec, Canada)
San Andrés est vraiment une belle île où les gens sont très sympathiques, accueillants et
chaleureux. C'est une très petite île (semblable à l'île d'Orléans), mais avec une plus grosse
population répartie en petites agglomérations un peut partout sur l'île genre campagne et une
grosse partie dans le centre-ville.
[…]Ce qui est vraiment intéressant sur cette île c'est la facilité de se déplacer partout ! Les gens
sont gentils et pas achalants (un peu comme ici au Québec ils ne sont pas toujours après nous
comme ils le sont en République Dominicaine, par exemple).
 Paris
32. JulieC (Wigan, GB)
On Saturday evening we walked up the Champs Elysee and stopped to eat. We checked the
menu prices for a pasta dish and it seemed reasonable. BEWARE!!!! The menu prices for drinks
are not displayed. I was charged 39 Euros for 2 "medium sized" glasses of lemonade and a small
glass of wine. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! When I queried this with the waiter, who was rushed off his
feet, he apologised and said the drinks are usually more expensive than the food! If you look at
the menu (in small print at the bottom!) you MUST order a drink when purchasing food. It’s sad
really that they have to treat tourists like this. They are already making a massive profit, it’s just
pure greed.
 Paris
33. CariChristian (GB)
Upon arriving in this quaint town, a resident couple saw us looking at a map trying to figure out
exactly where it was we were to go. The lovely French couple politely asked if they could help us
with something. We communicated to them that we were staying at La Guriniere and this couple
who were on their way into the metro train, took the time to walk us straight to the front gate.
Then they cheerfully said "enjoy France’ and hugged us. Wow what a reception!