Then the house would settle down in a mood of warm



Then the house would settle down in a mood of warm
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There are experimental ways of investigating stereotypes. One of the most
obvious is to ask a group of people what traits characterise the Germans, the
Italians, the Americans and so forth. Results of such studies on the whole
agree fairly well with what might have been expected; there is considerable
agreement between different people in any one nation regarding the most
characteristic haits of other nations. There is even agreement between
different nations; for instance, tlle Americans and the English agree with
respect to other groups, and even, though less markedly, tïemselves.
H. Eysenck, Uses and Abuses of Psychologt
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Once there was a British gov€mment. It lived in an alley at the
bottom of a coal mine. There, every evening, the Grand Duke
and his retinue passed pompously by, accompanied by forty
septuagenarian cornet players. They grew houblesome in
winter because of the frost getting into the pipes. But law was
passed all the same. Then tle moon rose backward over the
House of Parliament, while tlree princes of the blood royal
were being tumed into frogs.
Creating Texts,W. Nash & D. Stacey, Longman
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Once there was a neighbourhood movie-house. It stood near
the meat and vegetable market on one of the town's shabbier
comers. There, on Sahnday nights, old fihns would be shown
to the market haders and tleir families. They could be restive if
the movies were in French, because very few of them spoke
any foreign languages. But as a rule the show was greatly
enjoyed, particularly if the filrn starred Douglas Fairbanks.
Then the house would settle down
in a mood of warm
appreciation, while boys cuddled their girls on the back rows.
Creating Texts,W. Nash & D. Stacey, Longman
Et que
pensez-vous de
Ia cohésion et de Ia cohérence dans
Summer was a good time. The boys bought pup tents and
trudged off into the wilderness. The fish jumped high and
handsome, snapping up the proffered bait, whatever it was.
Canoes were desired and bikes were a must. The little icecream man kept a bottomless bucket of Chocolate Ripple. The
sun was still up at half past nine at night. School was out for
weeks and weeks and weeks.
Creating Texts,W. Nash & D. Stacey, Longman

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