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Zentrales Master_Slave.ENG
Door Systems
Central Master/Slave-System
This system primarly was developed for the vehicles of types
411 (ICT), 403/406 (ICE-3) and 605 (IC-TD) of Deutsche
Bahn. The advantage of this system is an extreme flexibility
and place-saving.
The master is the central
device of the system. It
performs the central interface
to the door control system of
the vehicle and to the operator.
There is an application
specified Software. The Master
transfers controlling
commands via an internal bussystem (RS-485) to the slavedevices, which are adjusted at
every controlled door.
The slaves execute the
commands and switch e.g. the
solenoid valve on/out or send
the state datas of a sensor
back to the master.
Due to the high variability the
master/slave system is used
for several vehicle types all
over the world .
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