PK 8500 6stg_ENG - It works!


PK 8500 6stg_ENG - It works!
PK 8500
Its perfect ratio of dead weight to lifting capacity makes the PK 8500 Performance the yardstick for
its class. High-strength fine-grained structural steel and its numerous equipment features result in
precise and flexible performance even under demanding conditions. PK 8500 Performance – a
strong partner to help you handle any job.
Return oil utilisation
The high speed of the extension system is impressive. It results from return oil utilization feature
which is installed as standard, and the generously
dimensioned hydraulic pipes. This makes for increased efficiency during all types of working!
Load-holding valves
They prevent the crane arm from dropping and are
fitted as standard on all cylinders. The valves are
positioned in such a way that they are protected
from damage.
KTL – the cathotic dip painting
The shot-blasted crane parts are covered in zinc
phosphate in an immersion process and coated
electro-statically. The subsequent two-component
top coat- ing of paint provides a surface protection
which in the past was usually only found in the
automotive industry.
Electronically assured safety
The optional PALTRONIC 50 electronic control
system is a real advance in safety and convenience.
Hydraulic overload safety device
Also available as an option is the hydraulic overload safety device. In the event of overloading it
immediately blocks any movements which would
increase the load moment.
Radio control
The optional radio control system with digital
data transmission provides maximum safety and
convenience. The display which is integrated in
the control console informs the crane operator
continuously about the current capacity status of
the crane.
In combination with the radio control system, the
load sensing proportional valve enables the crane
to be adjusted with great sensitively.
Hose equipment for accessories
This option provides the oil supply for accessories.
The hoses are routed in compact hose troughs and
are therefore well protected.
Ergonomic crane control
The operating levers for all crane functions are
arranged ergonomically on the console. This facilitates comfortable, efficient working. The control
console is mounted so that it is easy to service.
Central lubrication
For all bearings in the base frame.
Internally routed oil ducts
The internally routed oil passages make it possible
to have a compact design for the extension system
and ensure perfect protection from damage.
Extension system
• The extension cylinders are guided by using
Jordal rails and rollers.
• Optimal height compensation of the extension
Large outrigger widths
The PK 8500 Performance can be fitted on any
current truck chassis. Outrigger widths of 3.2 m
(10’ 6’’) or 5.6 m (18’ 4’’) are optional.
PK 8500 Performance
PK 8500 Performance
Max. lifting capacities 3300 kg 7280 lbs
4.0 m
13’ 1’’
1920 kg 4230 lbs
5.6 m
18’ 4’’
1360 kg 3000 lbs
PK 8500 Performance A
Max. lifting capacities 3200 kg 7050 lbs
4.0 m
13’ 1’’
1860 kg 4100 lbs
5.6 m
18’ 4’’
1300 kg 2870 lbs
7.5 m
24’ 7’’
1000 kg 2200 lbs
9.5 m
31’ 2’’
740 kg 1630 lbs
11.5 m
37’ 9’’
400 kg 880 lbs
13.1 m
42’ 12’’
150 kg 330 lbs
PK 8500 Performance B
Max. lifting capacities 3140 kg 6920 lbs
4.0 m
13’ 1’’
1810 kg 3990 lbs
5.6 m
18’ 4’’
1250 kg 2760 lbs
7.5 m
24’ 7’’
910 kg 2010 lbs
9.4 m
30’ 10’’
720 kg 1590 lbs
11.5 m
37’ 9’’
400 kg 880 lbs
13.1 m
42’ 12’’
150 kg 330 lbs
The outreaches stated are with a boom angle of 20 °and are therefore not the maximum.
Max. lifting capacities:
PK 8500 Performance
Technical Specifications (EN 12999 H1-B3)
Max. lifting moment
7.6 mt/75.0 kNm
55300 ft.lbs
Max. lifting capacity
3300 kg/32.4 kN
7280 lbs
Max. hydraulic outreach
9.6 m
31’ 6’’
Slewing angle
PK 8500 Performance
Standard crane
Slewing torque
Stabilizer spread standard
Stabilizer spread max
Fitting space required
Widh folded
Max. operating pressure
Recommended pump capacity
with RC- and LS-system
Dead weight standard crane
0.9 mt/9.0 kNm
6640 ft.lbs
5.7 m
18’ 8’’
3.2 m
10’ 6’’
5.6 m
18’ 4’’
0.66 m
2’ 2’’
2.3 m
7’ 7’’
315 bar
4568 psi
from 25 l/min 5.5 6.6 US gal./min
to 35 l/min 7.7 9.2 US gal./min
from 40 l/min 8.8 10.6 US gal./min
to 50 l/min 11.0 13.2 US gal./min
875 kg
1930 lbs
Executions shown in the leaflet are not always corresponding to standard execution. Country-specific regulations are to be observed upon attachment.
We reserve the right to change design and specification without prior notice.
KP-PK8500M1+E, 03/06