The Department of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with


The Department of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with
• Lab, X-ray, or Ultrasound Technician?
• Family Physician
• Physiotherapist
• Pharmacist
• Nurse
• Or other health-care professional?
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The Department of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with
Health Canadaʼs Health Care Policy Contribution Program, provides
partial financial support for training, and assistance with acquiring
Canadian Certification to foreign-trained professionals residing in Nunavut.
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Technicien en radiologie ou en échographie?
Médecin de famille?
Infirmière ou infirmier?
Ou autre professionnel de la santé?
Le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, en collaboration avec le
programme de contributions de la politique de soins de santé de Santé Canada,
offre un soutien financier partiel pour la formation et de lʼaide pour acquérir la
certification canadienne aux professionnels formés à lʼétranger qui résident au
Ihivgiukviit, X-rayligiyit ovaluniit Ukpatait Ihivgiuktit?
Ilakatigiit Taaktiit
Ukpatainik Ihivgiuktit
Ovaluniit aalat aniaktailigiyit munagiyiit?
Munagiyit Aniaktailigiyit ovalo Inuligiyit, ilaukataulutik
Aniaktailigiyit Kanatami Aniaktut Munagiyiit Pikuyakhait Ikayugutikhait Pilihimayuit,
tunivaktut ilanganik kinauyat ikayugutikhainik ayoikhaitjutikhait ovalo ikayugutikhait
piyaanganik iniktigutikhainik Kanatami hilataanit Kanatamit ayoikhaihimayut
nunakaktut Nunavumi.
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In Iqaluit (867) 979-1484 or fax to (867) 979-1487
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