DUBOST Emmanuelle [email protected] Nationality



DUBOST Emmanuelle [email protected] Nationality
DUBOST Emmanuelle
[email protected]
Nationality: French
Date and place of birth: August 22nd, 1984 (Bayeux)
Post-doctoral position: Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche sur le Médicament de Normandie (CERMN)- Caen
C-H radio-iodination of (bio)molecules
Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Cailly ([email protected])
Post-doctoral position: Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL) – University of Oxford – United Kingdom
Towards access to trifluorinated and perfluorinated alkyl compounds - Radiosynthesis of PET biomarker
[18F]EF5 from fluoride
ARC grant and Marie-Curie fellowship
Supervisor: Pr. Véronique Gouverneur ([email protected])
Post-doctoral position - Comissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA)-Saclay-France
Synthesis of new cryptophanes as biosensors for 129Xe MRI of oxidative stress
Supervisor: Dr. B. Rousseau ( - [email protected])
(4 months)
Post-doctoral position – CERMN- Caen
Development of new Multi Target Directed Ligands (MTDLs) with both anti-acetylcholinesterase and
serotoninergic 5-HT4 receptor agonist activities for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
Supervisor: Pr. P. Dallemagne ( - [email protected])
(8 months)
Research assistant in analytical and medicinal chemistry - Caen
Development of a new and direct synthesis of substituted indazoles
Supervisor: Pr. V. Collot ( – [email protected])
Ph. D. in Organic and medicinal chemistry - CERMN- University of Caen
Developement of an efficient access to substituted phenanthridin-6(5H)-ones using Suzuki-Miyaura crosscoupling and anionic ring closure
Development of a regioselective ortho-monobromination of benzaldoximes through palladium catalyzed
C-H activation
Application of these methodologies on the synthesis of 5-HT4 receptors ligands.
Ph. D. Supervisor: Pr. F. Fabis ( – [email protected])
(6 months)
Training course - Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire et Thio-organique (LCMT) -Caen
Organocatalysed synthesis of Imperanene- Application of asymetric decarboxylation
Supervisor: Pr. J. Rouden (02 31 45 28 93 – [email protected])
(10 weeks)
Training course – CERMN – Caen
Synthesis of 7-piperazinylsteroids as anticancer agent
Supervisor: Pr. L. El Kihel ( - [email protected])
Academic achievements and others informations
(8 months)
Tutorials in organic chemistry – Merton College – University of Oxford
Teaching and research assistant in analytical and medicinal chemistry – Caen
Practical works of analytical and medicinal chemistry for students in Pharmacy,
(6 months)
Teaching and research assistant in medicinal chemistry – Caen
Practical works of organic and medicinal chemistry for students in Pharmacy
Supervision of 8 students: 2A pharmacy, L2 DUT chemistry, 2* M1 chemistry, 3*M2 chemistry or equivalent, D3
Funding: Writing of French (ARC, FRM) and European (Marie Curie fellowship) funding proposals - 2 successful.
Ph. D. in Organic and medicinal chemistry - CERMN- University of Caen
Conception, synthesis and biological study of new phenanthridines as serotoninergic receptor 5-HT4 ligands
Master Research Diploma in Organic Chemistry - University of Caen
Baccalauréat in Science, option Physique-Chimie - Lycée Jean-François Millet - Cherbourg
10. O’Duill, M.; Dubost, E.; Pfeifer, L. ; Gouverneur, V. Cross-Coupling of [2-Aryl-1,1,2,2tetrafluoroethyl]trimethylsilanes with Aryl Halides. Org. Lett. 2015, 17(14), 3466-3469.
9. Kotera, N.; Dubost, E.; Milanole, G.; Doris, E.; Gravel, E.; Arhel, N.; Brotin, T.; Dutasta, J.-P.; Cochrane, J.; Mari,
E.; Boutin, C.; Leonce, E.; Berthault, P .; Rousseau, B. A doubly smart probe for the detection of Cys4-tagged proteins.
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8. Rochais, C. ;Lecoutey, C. ; Gaven, F. ;Giannoni, P. ; Hamidouche, K. ; Hedou, D. ; Dubost, E.; Genest, D.;
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7. Dubost, E.; Stiebing, S.; Ferrary, T.; Cailly, T.; Fabis, F.; Collot, V. A general synthesis of diversely substituted
indazoles and heteroaromatic derivatives from o-halo-(het)arylaldehydes or –phenones. Tetrahedron 2014, 70, 8413-8418.
6. Dubost, E.; Dognon, J.-P.; Rousseau, B.; Milanole, G.; Dugave, C.; Boulard, Y.; Léonce, E.; Boutin, C.; Berthault,
P. Understanding a Host–Guest Model System through 129Xe NMR Spectroscopic Experiments and Theoretical Studies.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 9837–9840.
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3. Dubost, E. ; Dumas, N.; Fossey, C.; Magnelli, R.; Butt, S.; Ballandonne, C.; Caignard, D.H.; Dulin, F. ; Sopkovade Oliveira Santos, J. ; Millet, P. ; Charnay, Y. ; Rault, S. ; Cailly, T.; Fabis, F. Synthesis and Structure-Affinity
Relationships of Selective High-Affinity 5-HT4 Receptor Antagonists: Application to the Design of New Potential Single
Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Tracers. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55, 9693-9707.
2. Dubost, E.; Fossey, C.; Cailly, T.; Rault, S.; Fabis, F. Selective ortho-bromination of substituted benzaldoximes
using Pd-catalyzed C-H activation: application to the synthesis of substituted 2-bromobenzaldehydes. J. Org. Chem. 2011,
76, 6414-6420.
1. Dubost, E.; Magnelli, R.; Cailly, T.; Legay, R.; Fabis, F.; Rault, S. General method for the synthesis of substituted
phenanthridin-6(5H)-ones using a KOH-mediated anionic ring closure as the key step. Tetrahedron 2010, 66, 5008-5016.
Oral communications
6. Conception and synthesis of cryptophanes for hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI. Oxford Cancer Imaging Center seminar,
2015, Oxford, United Kingdom.
5. Selective ortho-bromination of substituted benzaldoximes. Application to the synthesis of substituted 2bromobenzaldehydes. Groupement des Pharmacochimistes de l’Arc Atlantique (GP2A), 2011, Cork, Ireland.
4. Synthesis of new 5-HT4 receptors ligands through palladium catalyzed bromination and KOH mediated anionic ring
closure. GP2A, 2010, Rouen.
3. Application à la synthèse de ligands des récepteurs 5-HT4. Journée thématique Crunch « Organométalliques et
Hétérocycles », 2009, Rouen.
2. Synthesis of substituted phenanthridinones for the development of new 5-HT4 receptors agonists. GP2A, 2009,
Dublin, Ireland.
1. Décarboxylation - reprotonation énantiosélective par organocatalyse. Préparation d’acides alkyl-hémimaloniques
pour la synthèse de l’impéranène. Journées des Jeunes Chercheurs de l'Ouest – Société Française de Chimie (JJC-SFC),
2007, Caen.
Poster presentations (selection)
8. Synthesis of Cryptophane-111 derivatives usable for hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI. Journées de Chimie Organique,
2013, Palaiseau.
7. Synthèse d’un nouveau cryptophane-111 hexa-fonctionnalisé. Vers de nouvelles biosondes pour l’imagerie IRM
Xe. Journées des Jeunes Chercheurs de la Société de Chimie Thérapeutique(JJC-SCT), 2013, Romainville.
6. Selective functionalization of indazole: a rapid access to aza-analogues of psilocine. GP2A, 2011, Cork, Ireland.
5. Synthèse et évaluation biologique de nouveaux ligands des récepteurs 5-HT4. JJC-SCT, 2010, Paris
4. Synthèse de phénanthridinones substituées par cyclisation anionique. JJC-SCT, 2009, Paris.
3. Efficient synthesis of substituted phenanthridin-6(5H)-ones. Application to the development of new 5-HT4 receptor
ligands. Rencontres chimie-biologie-santé, 2009, Rouen.
2. Study of KOH mediated anionic ring closure for the synthesis of substituted phenanthridinones. Application to the
synthesis of thiophene analogues. Journée de l’Ecole Doctorale Normande Biologie Intègrative, Santé et Environnement,
2008, Le Havre.
1. Synthesis of substituted phenanthridinones by a KOH-mediated anionic ring closure. ANORCQ IX, 2008, Le Havre.
-Languages: french, english and scholar spanish.
-Organic synthesis (multistep synthesis, fluorine chemistry, radiolabelling), heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry
(pallado-catalyzed cross-coupling and C-H activation, ortho-lithiation, synthesis of boronic species, microwave reactions),
medicinal chemistry (serotoninergic receptors, Alzheimer disease), supramolecular chemistry (cryptophane), imagery (Xe
MRI, PET imagery).
-Analytical skills: NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 2D HH & CH, 129Xe), LC-MS, MS, HPLC, IR.
-Computer technology: Windows Office and other usual softwares, SciFinder, Reaxys, Isis Draw, ChemBio Draw.
Culture: movies, novels, concerts and music, travels.
Sports: badminton, jogging, swimming.

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