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PERSONAL DATA KOLTAY, Jenő Phone: 36 1 3092651 36 26
Phone: 36 1 3092651
36 26 312376 (home)
Fax: 36 1 3092650
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Institute of Economics HAS
H-1112 Budapest Budaırsi út 45.
MA in Economics (International Trade) Karl Marx University of Economics Budapest 1966
PhD in Economics (Public Finance) Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest 1974
English, Russian, French, German
Wage determination and industrial relations in transformation
Multinational companies and industrial relations in Central and Eastern European countries
Local government finance and municipalities
Institute of Economics HAS Research director, Deputy director of the Institute (2005 to date),
Director of the Institute (1991-2004), Senior research fellow (1976 to date), Research fellow
(1969-1975), Junior research fellow (1967-1969)
EHESS Paris Visiting fellow (1997)
MIRS – CNAM Paris, Visiting fellow (1986)
LEST- CNRS Aix-en-Provence, Visiting fellow (1980)
Les entreprises francaises et les relations sociales et professionnelles dans les pays d’Europe
centrale et orientale. DARES, Min. de l’Emploi, Paris (2005-2008), Project coordinator
Corporate social responsability in EU member and accesssion countries. European Foundation
for the Imporvement of Living and Working Condititons, Dublin (2001-2002) Project
Local government finance and public policies: efficiency in public services and spatial
inequalities. OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund). (2000-2004) Project director
Local government and public services: property rights, organisation and finances.
OTKA (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund). (1996-1999) Project director
Minimum wage in market and transition economies. PHARE-ACE. (1996) Fellowship
Social and economic function of minimum wage fixing. OKTK (National Fund for Social
Science Research). (1993-1996) Project director
Tax and budget reform is Hungary. PHARE-ACE, KTI, Cambridge University, Budapest
University of Economics (1993-1995) Project coordinator
Tax policy in transforming economics. ICEG New York-San Francisco, KTI, IEN,
Warszawa, CDFE Praha. (1993-1994) Project coordinator
Employment Policies. The Social Costs of Transition. IWM, Wien, Ford Foundation,
(1991-1994) Project coordinator
Régulation macro-économique et ajustement structurel: une analyse comparative. MTA
KTI- CNRS- ROSES. (1991-1994) Project coordinator
Unemployment and Structural Changes in the Labour Market in Central and Eastern
Europe. PHARE-ACE, LICOS Katholieke Univ. Leuven, IE/HAS. (1991-1993) Project
Mutation technologiques, nouvelles formes de régulation, transformation des
entreprises PICS France-Hongrie. MTA-CNRS. (1986-1990) Programme coordinator
Pannon University Veszprém. Associate professor (2006 to date), Member of the Board of the
Economics Doctoral School (2003 to date) Local government finance, Regional economics
ELTE University Budapest Department of Sociology and Social Policy. Széchenyi Professor
(2000-2003), teaching (1993-2005). Local government finance, Industrial Relations.
Université de Marne la Vallée. Visiting Professor (2000) Marché du travail et politique
Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Visiting Professor (1994-1997). Politique
fiscale et politique sociale.
Láthatatlan Kollégium (Invisible College, Budapest). Tutor (1994-1995). Public finance
and the economics of taxation.
Budapest University of Economics.
Member of the Board of the Economics Ph.D. (1993-1997).
Université de Rennes I. Visiting Professor (1993) Transformation économique et
couts sociaux.
Université de Paris II Panthéon-Sorbonne. Visiting Professor (1990) Politique fiscale et
politique sociale.
Fernuniversitat, Hagen BRD. Visiting Professor (1986) Tarifautonomie und
Université de Lille I. Visiting Professor. (1984) L'État et le marché dans l'économie.
ENA - Ecole Nationale de l'Administration, Paris. Invited Lecturer (1984) Réformes
économiques en Europe de l'Est.
Université de Nancy II. Visiting Professor (1980) Dynamique des systemes (économie
Univesité de Paris X Nanterre. Visiting Lecturer (1979-1980) Dynamique des
systemes (économie comparative).
Karl Marx (then Budapest) University of Economics.
Lecturer (1972-1992) Public finance, Wage and Incomes Policies.
Scientific board, committee and association membership:
National Doctoral and Habilitation Council (1997 to date)
Hungarian Industrial Relations Association (1991 to date, vice- chairman 1998 to date)
Labour Sciences Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1991 to date)
Public Finance Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1991 to date)
Board of the Economic Policy Initiative (EPI) CEPR London IEWS New York in cooperation
with the Associated Countries in Central Europe (1995-1999)
Economics Committee of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (1994-1999)
European Association of Labour Economists, egyéni tag (1992-2000)
National Council of Statistics (1992-1994)
Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre Interuniversitaire des Études Hongroises Université
de Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (1991-2005)
European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (1991-2003)
Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, Social Science Section Economics Evaluation
Committee (1991-1996)
Scientific Advisory Board of the Leuven Institute for Central and East European Studies,
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven (1991-1994)
Standing Committee for the Social Sciences of the European Science Foundation (1991-1994)
Fiscal Reform ad hoc Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1987-1988)
Economics Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1985-1990)
Commission for fiscal reform of the Ministry of Finance (1985-1986)
International Industrial Relations Association (1976 to date)
Corporate and NGO board membership:
Board of Directors Budapest Waterworks Ltd. (2002 to date)
Board of Directors Gedeon Richter Ltd. (1998 to date)
Adam Smith Foundation - Budapest (Chairman of the Board 1991-2004)
Joint Hungarian - International Blue Ribbon Commission (1991-1994)
Blue Ribbon Foundation - Hungary (Chairman of the Board 1992-1995)
World Bank Fiscal Decentralisation Programme, expert work (2002)
Project proposal evaluation of PHARE-ACE programmes, Commission of the European
Union Brussels (1995-1997)
UNO – UNIDO international expert team, Algerian economic policy programme evaluation
World Bank Progamme on Restructuring the Hungarian Economy, expert work (1992)
Ministere de l’Industrie et de l’Amenagement du Territoire, Paris, Hungarian industrial
development prospects (1990-1991)
Les obstacles a la modernisation économique et technologique en Europe de l'Est:
Parlement Europeen-CommissionEuropéenne. Science, Technology, Society programme,
report on the constraints to economic and technological modernisation in Eastern-Europe
ILO General Assembly, Employee Delegation expert (1989-1990)
Hungarian Parliament, expert of the Committee for Economic and Fiscal Reforms (19871990)
Széchenyi Professorial Scholarship (2000-2003)
Young Scholars’ Award of HAS (1974)