International Chair of Therapeutic Innovation - CNRS


International Chair of Therapeutic Innovation - CNRS
International Chair of
Therapeutic Innovation
Prof. Jonathan W. LEDERER
Prof. Lederer graduated from Yale University (PhD with
Prof. Richard W. Tsien in 1975, MD in 1976) and did his
postdoctoral training in Oxford with Prof. Denis Noble
(1977-1979). He has been a principle investigator for
about 30 years, receiving his first NIH R01 in 1980 and
has been continuously funded since then. In 1998 he
received an NIH Merit award for work on Ca2+ signaling
in heart and has published extensively on this and
related topics. He has carried out novel work on cardiac
Ca2+ signaling since 1976 and has been particularly focused on the details of cardiac
molecular signaling and on the role of Ca2+ signaling on many scales (molecular,
subcellular, cellular and tissue). He discovered the Ca2+-activated arrhythmogenic
"transient inward current" (ITI) in cells and Purkinje fibers, characterized Ca2+
overload in these cells and tissues, discovered Ca2+ sparks (with Mark Cannell and
Heping Cheng) and has investigated critical features in cardiac molecular physiology
and pathophysiology. His work is marked by advanced cellular techniques (imaging
while doing photolysis and electrophysiology) and much use of state-of-the-art
imaging. Recently he and his colleagues discovered "X-ROS" signaling and
developed novel instrumentation that has made it possible to stretch single
ventricular myocytes while measuring force, doing imaging and patch clamping the
cells. Prof. Lederer has been a consultant or collaborator on numerous grants.
International Chair of
Therapeutic Innovation
Member Laboratories:
Cea iBiTec-S SCBM
Cnrs UMR 8076
Cnrs UMR 8113
Cnrs UMR 8122
Cnrs UMR 8182
Cnrs UMR 8612
Cnrs UPR 2301
Inserm UMR-S 769
Inserm UMR-S 914
Inserm UMR-S 981
Inserm UMR-S 996
Inserm UMR-S 999
Inserm UMR-S 1012
Inserm UMR-S 1030
X-ROS in the heart:
a novel nanoscopic signaling pathway
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Partner Institutions:
Prof. W. Jonathan LEDERER
Professor & Director
Center for Biomedical Engineering and Technology
University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA
Professor of Physiology
School of Medicine, University of Baltimore, USA
Date : vendredi 20 Avril 2012 à 15h30
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Dr. Rodolphe Fischmeister
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