AATF NWI Newsletter 8-2013


AATF NWI Newsletter 8-2013
AATF-Northwest Indiana
Les Nouvelles – Automne 2013
Le 19 juillet,
pique-nique à
Michigan City
N’oubliez pas...
Première soirée immersion
de l’année scolaire!
vendredi 6 septembre
17 heures: Réunion
IFLTA Oct 17-19, 2013
We have advance word of some of the French-related
sessions scheduled for the annual Indiana Foreign
Language Teachers Association meetings and want to
share them with you. We don't anticipate changes,
but check online when the program is posted.
18-20 heures: Dîner
Apportez un plat, comme
Chez Randa Duvick, Valpo
You'll soon be able to register for the conference at www.iflta.org. Please note
that IFLTA is earlier than usual this year!! It's October 17-19, at the Sheraton
Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing.
Here are some of the sessions you won't want to miss:
• Deb Blaz will talk about the flipped classroom in "Flipping for French"
• our own Cheryl Herman will speak about "Teaching Culture Through Classroom
• Olga Mounayar will do a workshop on Standards-Based Grading
• a session on Integrating Project-Based Learning into the Classroom
• a session on Teaching L2 Pronunciation
• a workshop called "Using Brain Research in the Classroom"
• Carol Goss will speak on "Using Short Films to Engage Students"
• a session called "Diverse Theatre Techniques to Encourage Linguistic Risk-Taking"
• a session on using the iPad in the classroom.
• The French Workshop on Friday morning will feature Ricky Baron and Randa
Duvick talking about Quebec and Senegal, in a workshop called "La
Francophonie: Beyond the Culture Capsule."
www.iflta.org www.frenchteachers.org www.valpo.edu/foreignlanguages/aatf/index.php
AATF National Site
AATF Chapter Site
First Soirée Immersion!
We begin the 2013-14 year with our combined business meeting and soirée
immersion on Friday, September 6.
Please come at 5:00 pm (Central Time) for our brief business meeting, and stay for
our potluck soirée immersion starting at 6:00 pm. We'll be at Randa Duvick's in
Valparaiso. Please see the flyer for instructions.
We will do some important business at our meeting, and we need your input!
We will...
... finalize the process for our two grants--the IFLTA attendance grant and the
National French Week mini-grant
... decide when to have activities in the South Bend area of our region
... establish our activities and calendar for the year (wine tasting anyone?) including
dates for soirées immersion, the VU French Workshop, etc.
... discuss the possibility of a French Day focused on careers, at Valparaiso
University in January or February
L’été, trop vite
On s'est amusé, on a parlé français!
On a célébré la St-Jean Baptiste, fête
traditionnelle québécoise, chez Ricky Baron
au mois de juin. De la poutine bien sûr...
Miam miam!
Au mois de juillet nous avons hissé le
tricolore pour fêter le 14 juillet à Washington
Park à Michigan City.
Et pour finir, un après-midi sur la plage en
août, chez Karen Berrier à Ogden Dunes.
Grand' merci à toutes celles et à tous ceux
qui ont aidé à organiser ces rencontres
Check out our new chapter Facebook page!
And... the national AATF Facebook page:
Why Facebook with AATF? For connections, for teaching
ideas, for webpage ideas, for news of France and
Francophone countries, for exchange among teachers...
Grand Concours
From Ricky Baron:
Bonne Rentrée tout le monde! I hope the summer was
relaxing and pleasant and everyone is ready to begin
another année scolaire. Information about the Grand
Concours will be available soon! On behalf of teachers
who have participated in the past, we are very grateful to
Mme Linda Atwood, former Director, and sad to see her
leave our group, but we look forward to continuing her
great work with the National Contest. Please do not
hesitate to contact Ricky at any point with questions or
advice as we begin to organize the contest for March
2014. Please e-mail Ricky at [email protected] or
call/text 219-730-3851. If you want a sneak peek at
this year’s contest, please attend the AATF NW-IN
business meeting on Friday, September 6!
Conference at Notre Dame (for both high-school and
college instructors!)
October 11-12: "Circulating French in the Classroom / Le Français bouge en classe"
The Indiana University-Bloomington and University of Notre-Dame “French Literature beyond
Borders” research group invites participants to attend an upcoming conference and series of
hands-on workshops to be held at Notre Dame. Our immediate goal is to produce an anthology of
literary texts in French and English translation for teaching purposes for high-school and collegelevel classes in French and World Literature. Our long-term goal is to follow the publication of this
pedagogical volume with a scholarly collection of essays that reveal the gains to be made in this
innovative approach to literature for the 21st century. We invite high school teachers, college and
university teachers and students of French and postcolonial history and literature to help us create
a blueprint for the future. Presentations will be in French and English.
Voir les informations: http://www3.nd.edu/~circfr/index.html
For more information contact Julia Douthwaite ([email protected]) or Alison Rice
([email protected]).
AATF-NWI officers:
Des liens utiles...
President: Randa Duvick
[email protected]
Consulat Général de France: Services Culturels
Liaison Midwest:
Vice President: Karen Berrier
[email protected]
Délégation du Québec (Chicago):
Secretary: Cheryl Herman
[email protected]
Treasurer: Elaine Shumway
[email protected]
Ricky Baron: Grand Concours
[email protected]
Carol Goss: Web Manager
[email protected]
If you received this newsletter only
in paper format and would like to
be on our e-mail list, please send
Randa or Cheryl an e-mail to let us
Grants available to AATF members
Please remember that our chapter sponsors several
grant opportunities for members.
If you plan to attend IFLTA and your school does not
reimburse these professional expenses, you may
apply for the AATF-NWI chapter’s $100 attendance
Are you planning a student or school activity for
National French Week (November 5-11)? Get some
(or all) of your expenses reimbursed with an AATFNWI Small Grant—up to $50.
Contact Randa Duvick for more information!
[email protected] / 219-464-5169
“Le Français en Indiana” is Theme of 2013 Indiana Archaeology
Month (Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology)
This year’s theme for September’s Indiana
Archaeology Month is The French in
Indiana ~ Le Français en Indiana.
In 1679 with LaSalle’s explorations, and
likely earlier, the French have been a part of
this state’s history.
The French had significant influences in
many locations of Indiana, but particularly
three important fort locations: Ouiatenon
[present day West Lafayette], Miamis
[present day Fort Wayne], and Vincennes
[present day Vincennes].
Cultural interaction among peoples was
mutual, affecting many aspects of all of the
groups involved at the time. For
archaeologists, the study of these cultures,
social interactions, and the material remains
that have been left behind, has been
intriguing and exciting.
This year’s poster design highlights various
archaeological artifacts and images that
reflect the French culture in Indiana.
All those in attendance at our September 6 meeting and soirée immersion
will receive a free copy of this poster!
On fête la St-Jean-Baptiste!

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