MIGAS 2013 Handbook



MIGAS 2013 Handbook
MIGAS 2013 - 16th session
Micro & Nano Technologies for
Microwave and Photonic Devices
22–28 June 2013
General Information
Located in the Regional Natural Park of the Vercors Mountains, Autrans is a resort dedicated to
alpine and cross country skiing in winter, and to mountain tourism in the summer. The village of
Autrans and the Escandille resort offer a wide variety of recreational activities: hiking, mini-golf,
mountain biking, swimming, tennis, archery, “pétanque” (bowl game), … Grenoble is only 30 km
East of the Vercors plateau.
There are soccer, volleyball grounds outside the Escandille resort, as well as an indoor swimming
pool, sauna, a gym room and squash court.
Evenings can be cool in Vercors (elevation: 1000m). A warm sweater and rain jacket can be
useful, as well as walking or running shoes. Sun glasses and sun block in case of sunshine, and a
bathing suit !
Links :
How to contact MIGAS Office
MIGAS' 2012 Office – Escandille Autrans, France
MIGAS will be held in Escandille resort in Autrans, 30km away from Grenoble.
Permanent phone of Escandille : +33 4 76 95 32 02
Cell Phone: +33 675 774 584
Permanent address in Grenoble : (the school will not take place there)
MIGAS, IMEP-Lahc, 3 Parvis Louis Néel, BP 257, 38016 Grenoble, France
Permanent phone at IMEP(Grenoble) : 33 4 56 52 95 04 or 33 4 56 52 95 00
Email : [email protected] , [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
Website: http://www.migas.fr/
MIGAS® 2013
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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The school is held in Autrans, 30kms away from Grenoble.
a. By Car (from Grenoble)
Grenoble –> Sassenage – >Engins –> Lans en Vercors -> Autrans
Coming from Grenoble (45min)
MIGAS® 2013
Lans en
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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More info:
MIGAS® 2013
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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b. Airport shuttle
If you arrive at Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport (LYS), the best way to come to Grenoble is to use
the airport shuttle. You will then need to use another bus to go to Autrans.
Please check on fares and timetable LYON ST EXUPERY – GRENOBLE GARE ROUTIERE :
Duration of journey: 65 minutes
Indicative full fare: 23 € one way, 34.50 € roundtrip
c. Bus from Grenoble to Autrans
To come to Autrans, Escandille resort, from Grenoble Bus station (next to the train station), the best
is to come by Bus VFD n° 5100 and 5120
MIGAS staff will help you find your way to the bus on Saturday afternoon.
They will hold “MIGAS” signs and will look for you in the train
and the bus stations and accompany you in the bus to Autrans - Village.
Duration of journey: 1 hour
Full fare : 8.50 € one way, 17.00€ roundtrip
Eco fare (if less than 26 years old) : 6.00 one way, 12.00 € roundtrip
You must change bus at Lans-en-Vercors, the 5100 is 45 mn from Grenoble and 15mn from
Autrans. (5-10 minutes waiting time) This second bus 5120 will stop in Autrans-Village, which is 5
mn walk from the Escandille Resort (see map above). On Saturdays, the bus stops in front of the
Escandille Hotel, only on request to the driver.
Contact VFD: +33 (0)8 20 08 38 38
Timetables on website : http://www.transisere.fr/ri/index.asp?rub_code=4
Departure from Grenoble Gare to Autrans Mairie (via Lans en Vercors)
7h50 – 8h47
17h00 – 18h02
10h10 – 11h12
17h50 – 18h52
12h15 – 13h27
18h30 – 19h27
14h40 – 15h37
Departure from Autrans Mairie to Grenoble Gare (via Lans en Vercors)
8h55 – 11h45
14h53 – 16h45
11h20 – 13h50
17h33 – 18h40
13h35 – 15h50
If we know your arrival time, we eventually could guide at Grenoble bus station on Saturday.
MIGAS® 2013
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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If not convenient, you will need to take a taxi.
d. Taxi information
You can find a Taxi in front of train station in Grenoble
Tel. standard : +33 (0)4 76 54 42 54
Website : http://www.taxi-grenoble38.fr/home.php
Approx. fare: 67 € (from Grenoble to Autrans one way)
Night (20.00 – 08.00) and Sunday fare: approx. 96 €
If you have to stay in Grenoble before or after MIGAS
During the school,
(except for daily fees).
If you plan to arrive before or stay after the school period, you may want to stay in Grenoble. You
will find here is a selection of hotels near the railway station and the tramway where we advise you
to book a room in advance.
Hôtel Suisse Bordeaux
57.34 €
6 place de la Gare
Phone +33 (0)4 76 47 55 87
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.hotel-sb-grenoble.com/
Institut Hôtel
49.90 €
10 rue Barbillon
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 46 36 44
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.institut-hotel.fr/
Best Western Terminus Affair Hôtel
79€ 99€
10 place de la Gare
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 87 24 33
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.terminus-hotelgrenoble.fr/
Hôtel des Alpes
65 €
45 avenue Félix Viallet
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 87 00 71
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : http://www.hotel-desalpes.fr/index.php/english-version
Hôtel Touring
6 avenue Alsace Lorraine
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 46 24 32
Email : [email protected]
Website : http://www.france-touring-hotel.com/
Hôtel Europole
29 rue Pierre Sémard
Phone : +33 (0)4 76 49 51 52
Website : http://www.hoteleuropole.com/enus/accueil.aspx
A few links to find your way in Grenoble City :
Information about the city and its geography
The economic and scientific environment :
Grenoble Universities and Research :
Grenoble Universities general web site : http://www.grenobleuniv.fr/jsp/fiche_pagelibre.jsp?CODE=76867170&LANGUE=1&RH=GUGIPFR&RF=GUGIPEN
Grenoble INP Institute : http://www.grenoble-inp.fr/research/
IMEP-Lahc laboratory : http://imep-lahc.grenoble-inp.fr
MIGAS® 2013
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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Saturday and Sunday Programs
YOUR ARRIVAL on Saturday 22 June 2013
Migas reception opens at 16h00 in Autrans, Escandille.
Saturday evening meal (buffet) served at 19h30
If you plan to arrive late, an other day or if you are delayed, please inform us.
YOUR PROGRAM on Sunday 23 June 2013
Morning : Social Program organised by MIGAS
Mountain Hike
Choranche Caves : http://www.grottes-dechoranche.com/ChorancheUK/indexChorancheUK.php
Departure of the coach at 9h00 towards the Caves of Choranche.
Here you have a unique opportunity to take a trip into the heart of the earth.
The limestone caves of Choranche are a link with Vercors’ history
over the past 70 million years.
Sunday Lunch at 12h30
Sunday afternoon: 14h00 – 18h30: Presentation and Lectures
Sunday Dinner at 19h30 followed by Poster Session
Further program schedule is available on the website : http://www.migas.fr/
Weather forecast:
We wish you a safe journey!
MIGAS® 2013
22–28 June 2013 – Autrans – France
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