Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 14 au 20 janvier



Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 14 au 20 janvier
Revue de presse ANGLAIS
Semaine du 14 au 20 janvier 2013
Time – January 14, 2013
New Scientist – 12 January 2013
Polio And Politics (by Jeffrey Kluger) : A great scourge
Printing out history (by Rowan Hooper) : With a
might soon be gone, but war, mistrust and even the
combination of CT scanning and 3D printing fossil hunters
death of Osama Bin Laden could get in the way...
are moving into the 21st century.
United States
What choice? (by Kate Pickert) : U.S. Abortion-rights
Careers Guide 2013 : The employer contacts book for
activists won an epic victory in Roe V. Wade. They've
been losing ever since.
The Economist – January 12, 2013
Battle of the bottle: How to curb overindulgers (by Peter
Aldhous) : The alcohol industry says it's against excessive
drinking, so why does it neglect the best ways of
encouraging moderation, asks Peter Aldhous.
Scientific American – January 2013
Northern Ireland - Wrapped in the flag : The loyalist
protests in Belfast have almost nothing to do with
politics. That is why they are so alarming.
The Australian heatwave - Up to eleven : An
uncomfortable time for Australians, especially climatechange sceptics.
An ad-block shock - France v Google : Xavier Niel is Healthier ice cream ? (by Cesar Vega) : scientists are
experimenting with unsaturated fats for a rich but less
playing rough with the internet giant.
artery-clogging dessert.
50 100 150 years in the future
Space – Starship Humanity (by Cameron M. Smith) : How
future generations will make the voyage from our earthly
home to the planets and beyond – and what it means for
our species.
The Guardian Weekly – January 11, Courrier International – n°1159 –
Du 17 au 23 janvier 2013
Inside Guardian Weekly
Inside the 11 January edition (by Graham Snowdon) :
Can Afghanistan hold out against the Taliban; Assad's
empty offer; Obama's second-term agenda.
International news
Free comic speaks to Kenya's youth in a language that
mirrors their world (by Clar Ni Chonghaile) : A project
born out of 2007's post-electoral chaos is empowering
and educating young Kenyans ahead of the 2013 poll.
The Guardian Weekly – January 18,
Etats-Unis – Obama, acte II
Une investiture confidentielle (by Fredrick Kunkle et
Inside Guardian Weekly
Annie Gowen) : En 2009, près de 2 millions de visiteurs se
Inside the 18 January edition (By Abby Deveney) : sont pressés à Washington. Cette année, la capitale
Globalisation's waning glamour; Israel's retreat from fédérale n'attend que 800 000 spectateurs. (The
optimism; Jared Diamond's praise for tribal ways.
Washington Post, Washington)
Hi-tech boom allows Detroit to dream of a brighter
future (by Paul Harris) : Blighted Motor City has
rediscovered optimism as a new Silicon Valley.
Financial Times Weekend Edition –
January 19/20, 2013
Priorité au contrôle des armes à feu (by Anna Palmer) :
La réforme de l'immigration devait être le premier
chantier du second mandat d'Obama, mais la tuerie de
Newtown est venue bouleverser l'ordre du jour.
(Atlantico, Arlington)
L'Inde, plaque tournante du blanchiment... de miel (by
Sabrina Buckwalter) : Pour échapper au droit
World News – China economy
antidumping imposé par Washington sur les importations
Questions over growth as age begins to drain labour pool de miel chinois, des négociants font transiter
(by Jamil Anderlini and Ed Crooks) : China's working-age frauduleusement leurs cargaisons par des pays tiers.
population shrank in 2012, marking the beginning of a (Open, New Delhi)
trend that will accelerate over the next 20 years and
have profound implications for the world's second-largest Transversales
Terres d'accueil (par Sofia Noble) : De quels pays
viennent les immigrés ? La réponse dans les nuages de
mots. (Courrier International, Paris)
Technology - Desperately seeking data (by April
Dembosky and Richard Waters) : Facebook and Google Culture
are engaged in a race to find new and useful information En Inde, des milliers de petits nègres (by Annalisa
– then control the way we look for it.
Merelli) : C'est une nouvelle forme de sous-traitance
favorisée par l'essor d'Internet. En deux clics, il est
devenu possible d'embaucher une plume indienne pour
Western values (by Peter Aspden) : From « Jesse James » écrire en anglais le livre que l'on n'a ni le temps ni le
to « Django Unchained », Peter Adspen explores how the talent de rédiger. (Motherland, New Delhi)
movies that shaped America lost their myth-making

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