Reports - les rapports de la semaine
●  MC’s - Presenters: Mackenzie, Kelly
●  Junior Ambassadors Admissions Table - Kidsfest Ottawa, introducing
prospective families to Ashbury. Thank you to William. Photo in slides
Presenter: William W.
•  Marathon of Hope Celebration Remembering Terry Fox - Sunday April
12th, How did we do? , see Mme Berry at
break with your distances
Presenter: Mme Berry
●  Geographic Society Contest Medal - presented to school champion Serena H.
Reports - les rapports de la semaine
•  Gr. 6 Prepares for Discovery School – gr. 6 reaches out to Discovery
School in Mexico who will arrive in May. Photo in slides, Jon G comments
•  Gr. 4 Museum Visit – students spoke about visiting the National History
Museum, photo in slides
Presenters: Victoria, Ava
•  CIS MusicFest – Roy Thompson Hall Toronto, rehearsals Friday &
Saturday, performance on Sunday. Process began with auditions in October.
See Mr. Sikorski if you are interested for next year. photo in slides
•  Young Round Square Trip – 3 students are off to Vancouver on Saturday
to participate in a week of international activities (Alyssa, Rhea, Caroline)
What’s Ahead – Futurs événements
●  Sports/PE/Games –many details aboout Inside/Outside edge climbing, gr
4,5,6 intro during PE today, gr 7 during games, gr. 8 rugby
Presenters: Mr. MacKinnon
●  Community Events and Camps - e.g., Queen’s ESU, Ontario Leadership
Camp, see JS bulletin ,
Presenter: Karina and Alyssa spoke about their experiences (past
What’s Ahead – Futurs événements
●  Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend –
●  Ashbury Summer Camps - Pro Sports Presentation, brochure/web link
●  Dress Code – shoes polished, shirts tucked in, sweaters, blazers in hall,
Students in the News - Les eleves dans la presse
●  Girls Aloud Conference Friday - Senior School students attending, still a
need to push for equality
●  Canadians in the News
●  Canadian Women in the News this weekend…
●  Oxford Cambridge Boat Race
○  My friend - Chris Wilson
●  Cassandra Brown - Canadian playing NCAA basketball
Club/Teacher Announcements - Annonces pour les
clubes et Messages des professeurs
Club - Monday
World Issues Club – Monday
preparation for Service Trip, used suit cases are
Back for Spring Term !
Lunch break Thursday - Ashbury Robot on Display
Robotics Club –
● Coding Club - Tuesday
Band -Tuesday – Jr Winds,
Wed – Jazz,
Thursday – Concert Band
- House Music and Ashbury Idol, ideas and auditions
see Mr. Sikorski and Mme. Berry
Club/Teacher Announcements - Annonces pour les
clubes et Messages des professeurs
Club – Tuesday
Club - Tuesday
Club - Wed
While You Craft Fridays
Play Club - Wed
- not in term 3
Club/Teacher Announcements - Annonces pour les
clubes et Messages des professeurs
Club - Thursday
Club - Thursday
Tri Club - Thursday
Club - Monday
See Mme. Nally for permission forms
•  Theme of the Month
o  March - Create Postive Energy
o  April Exemplify Citizenship
o  Citizens of the planet
Past Themes
o  Cherish Our Diversity
o  Actively Engage
o  Lead By Example
o  Embody Respect
o  Strive for Excellence
o  Contribute Our Community
Head of School - Mr. Southward
Please consider supporting the Ashbury Team or sign up to fundraise if you are racing!
Our team will be running May 23 (5 and 10k) and May 24(half and full marathon)
Please visit and click here for instructions.
Ashbury Community
Co-ed Spring Basketball League
The Ashbury Basketball Program is offering a Spring League for 10 - 14 year old boys
and girls. We would like to involve both current Ashbury students and students from the
local community.
Fridays for 7 weeks
May 1st – June 19th
Due to exams: The session scheduled for May 29th will be held May 28th and
there will be no session June 5th.
4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Location: Ashbury College
$95.00 (to cover cost of officials / counselors)
Payment: Charged to your Ashbury account
(Ashbury students only)
By cash or cheque payable to Ashbury College (all others)
Each session will begin with 30 – 45 minutes of instruction, followed by 45 – 60 minute
games. With a minimum of 16 players at each level, regular 5 on 5 games will be played;
less than that we will look at playing 3 on 3 games. Members of the Ashbury boys’ varsity
team and University of Ottawa women’s team will help with instruction, coaching and
refereeing the games.
For more information please contact Ian Mac Kinnon at 749-5954 ext. 371 or by email
[email protected]

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