Jean Marie Dou Jr



Jean Marie Dou Jr
Jean – Marie DOU
Born: 30th of September, 1969 in
Marseilles (France)
Email :[email protected]
PhD University Paul Cezanne, AixMarseille III – Information Science and
Manager: Chargé d’affaires CIME with
English – fluent
Portuguese – spoken and written (intermediate)
German – notion
Professionnal visits :
Poland (Warsaw) – 1997
Russia (Moscow, Nijni-Novgorod) – 1998
Armenia, 2003, 2004, 2005
Brazil (Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Brasilia) – 1997
1998, 1999, 2000
Tourist visits:
U.S.A., England, Germany, Spain, Caribbean
General cursus
¾ Since October, 2004 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille. CIME (Centre de
Développement et d’Innovation Méditerranéen)
Management Master Innovation and Quality
¾ Since October, 2001 - Education Advisor, University of Southern Europe (Monaco) – Development of the
University, finalization of new programs - Information
¾ May, 2001
- Manager of the company, IMCS
- Information, Management, Consulting and Solutions
¾ Since 2nd of October, 2000 - Technical Director, sté MEDICAL PROCESS
- Internet Products for Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
- E-learning in the Medical Sector
- Information
¾ May, 2000 – Creation of IMCS (Information Management Consulting & Solutions) SARL - Manager
from its creation – Conception, Development and Commercialization of Internet Facilities "Internet" for
distance learning, Information services online. Patent research and analysis – Bibliometric analysis.
¾ 2000 (1st of March - 30th of August) – Associate Lecturer (Maître de Conférence associé), University
of Provence, Sciences of Education Department
- In charge of Online publication of various teaching subjects of the Department (via Internet) (Licence and
- 1997 – 2000 (until 29th of February) – Co-ordinator of European Project (PIC ADAPT) for the IDS
- Co-head of specialized MBA « Knowledge Management » for the Association « Information pour le
Développement Stratégique » (IDS)
¾ 1994 – 1997 Teaching and Research, University Paul Cézanne, CRRM
- PhD in Information Science and Communication, University Paul Cézanne (Aix Marseille III) – Strategic
Information Systems – New Technologies Integration for the Development of SMEs. 1993 – 1994
- In charge of research at the Délégation Générale pour l’Armement for the cell Asia – Far East - DGA Minister of Défense - Paris
1992 – 1993 - DEA « Technology Watch, Strategic and Critical Information » CRRM, University Paul
Cézanne, Aix-Marseille III
Until 1992 – Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Maîtrise de Mécanique), Licence de
Mécanique, DEUG SSM.
Teaching Activities
These teaching activities are structured around several principal topics: Network and Internet Technologies,
Technological Survey – Competitive Intelligence.
Participation in training programs via distance learning made through the creation and installation of platforms
of co-operative work. These devices are all based on the basic model pertaining to the company, IMCS (see
documentation on www.imcsline com).
For each teaching or training program, the device is adjusted and modified in relation to the people in charge of
teaching various units. Modifications can vary from simple personalization, to designs for specific applications.
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Méthodes et outils
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