The turning circle



The turning circle
Session 3
Chair Preston Singletary (Tlingit artist)
14:30 One collection, many perspectives. The Johan Adrian Jacobsen Collection
in the future Humboldt Forum in Berlin
Viola König, Director, Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin
15:00 Creating Mutual Heritage. North American Collections and St. Petersburg Kunstkamera
Yuri Christov, Director, and Julia Kupina, Deputy Director, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Saint Petersburg
15:30 Beyond the partnership, the dialogue between Boulogne and Kodiak
Céline Ramio, Director, musée de Boulogne-sur-mer and April Laktonen Counceller, Director of the Alutiiq Museum
16:00 Coffee break
Session 4
Chair Marie Mauzé (CNRS)
16:15 Two Museums for one Heritage. A Comparative Perspective on the Aleut
Collections from Unga Island
Marie-Amélie Salabelle, Affiliate researcher, Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale, Claire Alix ,Assistant professor, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
16:45 Displaying Heritage and Identity at Sealaska Heritage Institute
Chuck Smythe, History and Culture Director, Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau
17:15 Discussion
International symposium:
The turning circle
Boulogne-sur-Mer, June 25th
Paris, june 27th 2016
Organizers : Céline Ramio, director, Musée de
Boulogne-sur Mer, Aron Crowell, Alaska director, Arctic
Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution at Anchorage,
and Marie Mauzé, Senior Researcher, Laboratoire
d’anthropologie sociale (CDF-CNRS-EHESS).
Alaska Native artists live and create with the full
consciousness of indigeneity – of belonging to a
place, a history, a turning circle of generations.
Their works - so diverse and individual in
conception - draw energy and meaning from the
collective essence of community. The rediscovery
of ancestral art, dispersed in centuries past to
museums around the world, has been a powerful
impetus to the contemporary arts movement in
Alaska, for such pieces speak to indigenous
identities in the present. As the Musée de
Boulogne-sur-mer celebrates the unprecedented
European debut of new works by twenty Alaska
Native artists from across this Arctic region, it
convenes The Turning Circle as a forum for
reflection on art, indigeneity, and the evolving
relationship between museums and source
Université du Littoral (ULCO)
Amphithéâtre 1,
34 grande rue
62200 Boulogne sur Mer
Entrée libre
Renseignements : Musée de Boulogne-sur-Mer, ou
[email protected]
Institut National de l’Histoire
de L’art (INHA)
Auditorium, Galerie Colbert,
2 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris
Université du Littoral, Amphithéâtre 1
Boulogne-sur-Mer, samedi 25 juin 2016
Institut national de l’histoire de l’art, auditorium
Paris, lundi 27 juin 2016
9 h : accueil
9:00 Welcome
9h 30: Art, Museums, and Identity on Kodiak Island, Alaska
Gordon Pullar: Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Alaska Fairbanks
9:15 : Opening address, Marie Mauzé, Senior researcher, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale (CNRS)
10h: : La mise en place du partenariat entre Boulogne et Kodiak (titre à préciser)
Anne Claire Laronde, directrice de la Cité internationale de la dentelle de Calais
et Will Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of KIC in Kotzebue Alaska
Session 1
Chair: Joëlle Rostkowski (ethno-historian)
10h30 : pause-café
10h45: Du passé au présent, les enjeux d’une collection d’art contemporain autochtone au Musée de Boulogne sur mer
Céline Ramio, Directrice du Musée de Boulogne-sur-Mer
9:30 The Alaskan collections in the musée du quai Branly.
André Delpuech, Senior Curator, musée du quai Branly and Guénaële Guigon, lecturer at the Ecole du Louvre
10:00 Some early ethnographic Estonian collections from Russian America
Jean-Loup Rousselot, Guest Lecturer at the Culture Academy Viljandi
11h45: discussion
10:30 Ivory and Intellect – the role of British Inupiat collections in the history
of ideas
Jonathan King, Von Hügel Fellow, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,
University of Cambridge
12h : repas
11:00 : Coffee break
14h : Museums and Alaska Native Artists
Aron Crowell, Alaska Director, Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution at
Session 2
Chair Alvin Amason (Sugpiaq artist, Professor of Alaska Native Art, University of
14h30: Where We Come From: Lifeways, Art and Education
Alvin Amason, Sugpiaq artist, Professor of Alaska Native Art, University of Alaska
11:15 The new museum paradigm of Indigenous collaboration
Aron Crowell, Alaska Director, Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution at
15h: Modern Heritage Art: Injun-uity in Glass
Preston Singletary, Tlingit artist
11:45 The Etholén collection in the Museum of Cultures – Contents and Contributions
Pilvi Vainonen, Curator, Museum of Cultures, Finland
11h15: Museum Partnerships: Building Meaningful Relationships
Perry Eaton, Sugpiaq artist
15h30: Beyond Materials: Contemporary Artistic Expression in Alaska Native Art
Sonya Kelliher-Combs, Inupiaq artist
16h : pause-café
16h15: Giving Voice: Conversations with Alaska Native Artists (Video presentation)
Dawn Biddison, Museum Specialist at the Alaska office of the Smithsonian Arctic
Studies Center
16h45: discussion
12:15 Out of the silence: Alaskan and Canadian Collections in the National Museum of Denmark
Martin Appelt, Curator, the National Museum of Denmark
12:45 Discussion
13:00 Lunch