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This website uses Cookies to ensure its correct operation and to
improve the experience of the user. This document provides
detailed information on the use of Cookies on this website and how
to manage them.
Cookies are small portions of code stored on your computer (or on
any device used for browsing) when you visit a website on which
they are used; those Cookies allow that website to recognise its
users and to memorise certain information about them, which can
then be used during subsequent visits to provide or to improve the
service offered.
There are different types of Cookies. Some are essential for the
correct operation of the website and without them it would not be
possible to use some of its features; others, on the other hand, are
useful for visitors as they are able to memorise securely, for
example, the user name and language settings. Other Cookies are
used to collect information, in anonymous and aggregated form, on
the number of users and on how they visit the website.
This website uses Cookies to optimise the browsing experience
and to perform other activities that are strictly necessary for the
operation of the same; to monitor sessions and their performances;
and to activate the functions required for the authentication and
registration of users. In no case does the website use profiling
Cookies, i.e. those able to track a user profile in order to send
advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the
user whilst browsing.
This website uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis tool
provided by Google, Inc. ("Google") which helps website owners
understand how visitors interact with the contents of the
website. Google Analytics uses a set of Cookies to collect
information and to generate statistics on website use without
personally identifying the individual users.
For further information, read Google's Policy at the following
address: Google Analytics Policy.
You can also prevent the use of your data by Google Analytics by
installing the special additional component on your browser which
can be downloaded at the following address: Additional browser
component for deactivating Google Analytics.
How to change the cookies settings
You can manage Cookies by changing your browser settings so
that they respect the user preferences. Every browser gives you the
option of whether or not to accept Cookies specifically for
different websites and web applications. In addition, some
browsers allow for different settings to be applied to “proprietary”
Cookies and to those of “third parties”.
Attention: deactivating Cookies may prevent you from using some
features of this website. Disabling “third party” Cookies does not
affect browsing in any way.
The process varies slightly depending on the type of browser you
use. For detailed instructions, follow one of the following links:
• Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Safari (iOS) This policy on the use of Cookies relates to the website managed and operated by Deroma con sede in
via Pasubio, n.17 - 36034 Malo (VI).
Given the objective complexity in identifying technologies based
upon Cookies and their very close integration with the operation of
the web, users are asked to contact the Controller if they wish to
receive any additional information relating to the use of Cookies
themselves and any possible uses of the same - for example by
third parties - made via this website.