Guernsey Church to Church Walk to be held on Sunday 7 September



Guernsey Church to Church Walk to be held on Sunday 7 September
Guernsey Church to Church Walk to be held on Sunday 7th September
Start and finish
The event is organised by the Sarnia Walking Club and starts and finishes at the South Esplanade,
close to the Town bus terminus and almost right outside the Guernsey Brewery, Havelet Bay.
Start times for the walk are: women – 9.00am / men – 9.30am.
The entry fee for the walk is £5.00.
St. Peter Port,
The course
The walk covers a distance of 19.4 miles, passing all of the parish churches. Starting in the east of Guernsey, the walk
climbs through the narrow roads out of town heading towards St. Martins Church where traditionally walkers touch the
Gran Mere statue standing at the church gates to wish themselves luck.
The route then hits the main road heading west towards the airport skirting the Forest Church on the way, before
heading to the country parish churches of Torteval (6 ¼ miles), St. Peters and St. Saviours. The famous Little Chapel
can be seen en route as the 10 miles point is passed with the walk moving down to St. Andrews Church. A short climb
and long descent sees the walk pass the Castel Church from where you can see the north of the island and the
general direction of the walk. The Vale Church marks the 15 miles point and the walk heads towards the area of St.
Sampsons with its harbour, and just inland, its parish church.
The walk is now into its final few miles as it heads south towards the finish along the main coast road, from where the
islands of Herm, Jethou and Sark can be seen. Through the town roundabout, along the town seafront, past the Town
Church and the finish is in sight.
Water / feeding
Water stations are at 6 ¼ miles, 10 ¼ miles, 13 ½ miles, 15 miles and 16 ¾ miles (some may be unmanned). Feeding
also allowed at any other point.
Course markings / Facilities
The route is marked with white arrows and all mile marks are painted on the road. Walkers are to keep in to the left
hand side of the road or the footpath if wished as the walk is held on the public highway. Marshals (if available) are
also on the course. Many junctions are unfortunately unmanned.
There are no showering facilities at the end of the walk but toilets are nearby. Clothing can be looked after during the
walk. Parking facilities at the start / finish. Public toilets en route.
medals and SWC certificates to all finishers
Trophies to be won are in some cases only for locals but at veteran level the awards are open with special awards
going to a visitor winning the mens or womens sections. Awards for the first 3 to finish. For teams of 3 walkers the
Fletchersports Perpetual Overseas trophy is on offer.
Travel to Guernsey is by air from many UK and Eire airports or by sea from Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth. Travel
information and accommodation is available from the Guernsey Tourist Board on 01481 723552 / 723555 or see your
local travel agent.
Evening Presentation
There will be an evening presentation (with food at an extra cost) at Les Rocquettes Hotel at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.
More information from:
Jayne Le Noury - 01481 246865 or e-mail [email protected]
Rob Elliott
- 01481 247216
Dave Dorey
- 01481 244765
START at South Esplanade – past buses and Picquet House – Cornet Street- Hauteville – Les Vardes – Havilland
Road – Havilland Vale – Les Traudes – past St. Martins Church – La Rue Maze – Cornus Road – Forest Road – Le
Chene Hill – Route des Landes – left into Rue de la Villiaze – past Mallard Hotel – New Road (Rue du Manoir) – Route
de la Palloterie – Route de Pleinmont (Route des Laurens)(Le Marais) – right into Rue de la Belle (past Torteval
Church) – Rue de la Planque – left into Rue des Coutures – Route des Sages – Rue de L’Eglise – left into Rue de
Longfrie – right (across main road) – Route des Domaines – Route de sous Eglise – past St. Saviours Church – Les
Buttes – Les Prevosts Road – Route du Houget – left into Route de L’Issue – Bouillon Road (Little Chapel) – left then
right into Rues Frairies – St. Andrews Road – left into L’Ecluse – Le Monnaie Road – left into Route de la Croix au
Bailiff – Rue Piette – Catel Church – Rue du Presbytere (Rectory Hill) – Rue du Friquet – right into Landes du Marche
–Route du Camp du Roi – Petites Capelles Road – left into Route Carre – right into Sandy Hook – past Vale Church –
Ville Baudu Road – Maisons au Compte – Maraitaine Road – Croix de Bois Road – right into Route des Coutures –
Vale Avenue – Bridge – South Quay – right into Church Road past St. Sampsons Church – Grand Maison Road – Les
Banques – St. Georges Esplanade – Glategny Esplanade – North Esplanade – The Quay –
FINISH at South Esplanade.